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XDE130Electric Drive Dump Truck Highlights


The third generation of XCMG-patented AC drive technology is adopted, boasting more advantages over the second generation of DC drive technology mainly as the follows:


The AC squirrel-cage motor features good reliability, low maintenance rate, large output torque and various other advantages over the DC motors;


The AC electric drive dump trucks feature high transmission efficiency, high control level and fast reaction;



In the heavy-loaded climbing, the AC motor will be subject to no voltage limit, with no excessively high current produced; moreover, the motor can achieve a lower malfunction rate and a greatly higher working efficiency;


The modular design features easy and convenient maintenance and low operating costs.





The frame adopts a box girder and ring beam structure, with cast steel components used in the stress concentration area to adapt to the adverse working conditions with the load frequently changing; the CAE software is adopted for analysis and optimization of the frame strength, stiffness and fatigue failure to minimize the weight under the condition that higher strength and stiffness can be guaranteed, so that the working efficiency of the complete vehicle could be improved as far as possible.





The suspension system uses four gas-oil ratio variable nitrogen/oil cylinders to reduce the impact from the transportation road and load, so that the frame service life could be extended.  The  dump  truck  front  adopts  candle-type  independent  suspension  to  have achieved higher steering stability, better stability under transport conditions and more comfortable driving. Its rear uses a vertical triangular swing-arm suspension, allowing oscillation of the rear axle housing to effectively absorb the bending and torsion stress in case of bad pavements.




XCMG-patented intelligent brake system - When the vehicle speed is higher than 5 km/h, the electric braking is applied and will be maintained when the speed falls below 5km/h to realize simultaneous electro-hydraulic braking. This system can effectively alleviate the pressure of the mechanical braking and thus extend the service life of the mechanical braking system.





Flow-amplified steering system - Full hydraulic control and a variable plunger pump canachieve less energy loss and an auxiliary steering system is also equipped. It features a small turning radius and good vehicle stability, competent for poor working conditions.




Imported Cummins electronic control diesel engine provides good fuel economy and sufficient power. It equips with the advanced modular common rail fuel system, delivering the hig combustion   efficiency low   emission,   and   sufficient   dynamics.   Its   advanced fully-electronic control system, with the double electronic-control modules, can ensure the best performance of the engine at various altitudes and load conditions.



 open visual field, with all kinds of display instruments, alarms, lighting devices, control switches, radio and relevant devices completely provided, including an adjustable air-suspending damping high-backrest driver seat, a front passengers seat, a vehicle computer, electric windows, a tilting and telescoping steering wheel, electric windshield wipers, colored glass and an air-conditioning system. The vehicle running data and fault alarm contents are displayed by means of LCD display plus controllable instruments. The cab uses a composite structure with the bottom plate consisting of a thickened steel plate and rubber sponge to isolate and reduce noise, prevent tire explosion and thus ensure the safety of the driver.



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