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right now im trying to decide if i should get a cold air intake or exhaust on my mx5 first, i only have enough money for one or the other right now. whatt one would help the performence the most
The cold air intake system will give you the most improvement immediately. You will get more power and better gas mileage by installing a cold air intake. Later, you can install an exhaust system, then you will notice another boost in performance. They work well together, but the intake will give you the best bang for your buck.
i have a 2002 sentra spec v and im trying to install a CAI i have everything done but there are two problems. there is a small hose that looks like its connected from the transmission to the stock air filter do i pull that off and throw away? and ? 2 the intake is specially made for my car but the intake is to fat to fit through the whole beside my battery the directions say shave off 3/4 of a inch from the METAL. i have tried everything sand paper power tools can someone PLEASE tell me how to shave that off and what to do about the hose thank you
first the tube is the vent for the trans just wire tie it to brake line from master cylinder and the holes issue get a cut tool like a dremell it will do the job
What is the difference between short and the longer air intakes. what are the positive and neg of them. I drive a Acura integra.
its not the length. its if its getting cooler air.
Or is it so unlikely to occur that I should just have it put in in and not even worry about it?And are those bypass valves that are suppose to prevent water from getting into the intake even effective, or are they just a waste of money?--I also heard that they could even hinder the performance of the CAI, is this true?
Nah my buddy brad have been given one and me him and my buddy tom placed on chilly air and it became down there. so like 2 days later his dad takes it out and he instructed his dad beware for puddles b/c of the chilly air. and the mum ****** drives it threw this huge *** puddle and the engine have been given hydrolocked. we had to pull it out and get yet another d15 engine and get the stable factors from the hydrolocked one and placed them on the different one and it took us 2 days to get it working back and it took a month and a a million/2 to locate the engine. so im my opion till u have yet another motor vehicle on stand by its no longer nicely worth it. in any respect.
i just bought an Injen SRI for my ‘06 accord. took all the stock piping cases and tubes off, put the injen in and realized it was made for a car with a MAP sensor not a MAF. honda stopped putting MAP‘s on in 04. now i have an intake that doesnt work properly because i cant put the MAF in. i have a small hole in which to inster the MAP would it be worth my time to try to position the MAF in this hole just right so it will work or should i send the whole unit back and get my money back for another one? will it even function correctly like this?
If you're able to send it back and get your money refunded, that's the best way to go. Put your stock intake back on and run with that since it's been designed to work with your engine, the computer is programmed based on it's airflow and it's the best you can get for your car. Cold air intakes really aren't useful on today's computer controlled cars. For detailed information on the problems with cold air intakes just read the article referenced at the link below.
like the brands,etc. which is more better?!
it would give you a little bit more power and make it sound a lot better. if you get an intake make sure you get a cold air intake they are way better than the short ram intake. and for the exhaust if you get the entire thing starting from the headers to the end it will help a lot and make it sound deeper. how that helps oh and if your not always flooring it you will get better gas mileage because it makes your car breathe better.
Hi i have a 97 jetta and is wat i did considered cold air intake or wat is it. I took the stock box out and added a high performance filter then i ran an air duct tube from the other side of the filter and ran it down so it sucks the air from the ground. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
bypass with cover induction, supplies you chilly air and and comparable effect of ram air too. it relatively works on physique aerodynamics which creates a intense-rigidity cellular at section between the returned fringe of the air scoop and the windshield base. Airflow Over and around the Hood Hump makes turbulence and drag which forces air returned in in direction of the interior music. Rain water is not any project because of the fact it relatively is plenty heavier than air. Vacuum operated gate opens to bypass air filter out to get much extra circulate as we communicate into intake. The extra air you have the extra gasoline you may blend with it equals extra potential. i do no longer preserve chilly air intakes, there have been too many engines ruined with water being sucked into engine inflicting hydro lock.
What do you think of this Air Intake system?
KN makes good cold air intakes. That seems kind of expensive though with the one on OKorder. Take a look at AEM also they make good ones.