Respiration Oxygen Tubing

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10000Pc/Pcs pc
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50 Million Pc/Pcs Per Year pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Specification Of Respiration Oxygen Tubing:

Size of prong: XS(neonatal, extra soft), S(infant), M(paediatric), L(adult);

Type of prong: standard, extra soft;

Kink-proof tube: 7ft(2m);

Color: transparent, light green

Material: medical grade PVC

Unsterile or EO sterilization

1.Oxygen Tubing 7ft/ 14ft/ 25ft/ 50ft;

2.Nasal Oxygen Cannula: Adult/ Pediatric/ Infant;

3.Oxygen Catheter 8Fr/10Fr/12Fr/14Fr;

4.O2+CO2 Sampling Cannula: Adult/ Pediatric/ Infant;

5.Oxygen Connection Tubing 
    Made of medical PVC.
    Anti-crush 7 ft.tubing.
    The length of tube could be at customer's reguest

Packing Details of Respiration Oxygen Tubing:

PE Bag for Individual, Inner label;

200pcs Per Outer Box, Size 48cm*36cm*29cm;


Our products have passed ISO, CE &ROHS certificate. 




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 Respiration Oxygen Tubing

Respiration Oxygen Tubing


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(C) precautions 1, accurate weighing body weight; anesthetic dosage "rather less." 2, injection rate to master, start a little faster, when the beginning of anesthesia effect should be slowed down. 3, during surgery, such as anesthesia found shallow, but does not affect the operation of the operation may not add anesthetic. 4, dog anesthesia after the recovery is slow, sometimes up to 24 hours or so, after surgery should pay attention to observation, to help animals Turn over, once found to have respiratory suppression in a timely manner to take first aid measures.
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The patient is connected to a closed mask or tracheal tube after anesthesia induction. Inhalation, the anesthetic mixture of gas through the open breathing valve into the patient's body; exhale, expiratory flap open, while breathing valve closed, discharge exhaled gas. When using auxiliary or controlled breathing, a folding bellows is available. Inhalation pressure, breath when pulled up to ensure that patients have enough ventilation. At the same time according to the actual needs, adjust the ether switch to maintain a stable level of anesthesia. The disadvantage of this device is the low concentration of ether, can only be maintained as anesthesia, and the consumption of ether is large, easy to cause environmental pollution.
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Disposable hygroscopic condensate humidifier. Clinical for severe and anesthesia patients with mechanical breathing or tracheotomy in patients with spontaneous breathing of the gas humidification, warming. The principle is through the artificial intranasal polyurethane (sponge) material, absorb the patient's exhaled water and heat, inhaled gas through the artificial nose, the water and heat back to the airway. Can improve lung function, reduce the incidence of lung infection.
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Is the main method of general anesthesia, the depth of its anesthesia and drugs in the brain tissue in the partial pressure, when the anesthetic from the body or in vivo metabolism, the patient gradually recovered, and without any sequelae.
Q:2015 version of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia in the total number of narcotic drugs
Inhalation anesthesia awakening time and the use of drugs, generally more than 3 hours.
Q:What is the difference between induction of anesthesia and anesthesia administration?
mainly used to reduce the patient's anxiety, reduce the stress response during surgery to reduce the heart rate, blood pressure increased to ensure the stability of the circulatory system. The first stage of anesthesia induction is the use of narcotic drugs including sedatives, analgesics, narcotics (including intravenous or inhaled anesthetics) and muscle relaxants, allowing patients to enter anesthesia while conducting a series of Anesthesia, such as tracheal intubation, central vein or arterial puncture.
Q:What is the system for the export of narcotic products?
According to the 2016 China Customs declaration manual manual, China's import and export of narcotic products licensing management, that is, regardless of whether the import or export enterprises, must first apply for "import and export of narcotic products permit", or not for import and export business
We are a leading manufacturer of a broad range of disposable medical products from 2004. Our company is a major supplier of global Foley Catheter, production and sales of Detaining Foley Catheter and Endotracheal Intubation in both international and domestic market.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangzhou,China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$80 Million
Main Markets North America, Europe, Japan, etc.
Company Certifications ISO 13485:2003;ISO 13485:2003 Certificate

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 150 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;Japanese
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Factory Size: Above 300,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM, ODM, Private Label
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