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Product Description:


Standard: ASTM A234 WPB, JIS, DIN, EN, GOST
Use for Oil, Gas, Subwatering act.
45/90/180 degree, LR/SR Elbow


we are manufacturer for carbon steel pipe and fittings,like 45deg,90deg,180deg,L/R OR S/R,bend ,
equal or reducing tee, CON reducer, ECC reducer, pipe cap,flange.

MATERIAL: A234WPB,A283,A105,A53,A106,API5L

1.   Special design available according to requirement
2.   All the production process are made under the ISO 9001:2000 strictly.

Pipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fitting

Pipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fitting

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Pipe fittingPipe fitting

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Q:the rear dif is locked. Were can I get parts?
You don't need goggles for all laser light. For something at 20mW though you probably should especially if there is a chance that the beam might be reflected into your eyes (I'm assuming you don't plan on just looking at it directly). Laser Safety (yours would be class 3B):
Q:Will that be all right? Then there's the PPR pipe joint on the right. Is that ok?
You don't see this picture very clearly. You mean there's a lot of right side connections, right?
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Buy an insulated one with jets and a built in heater.
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You'll have to cut out the elbow and replace with new PVC. Give yourself plenty of room to add a union (pipe to pipe) then another elbow (pipe-elbow-pipe) then another union, (pipe to pipe) Make sure to clean the PVC with the purple stuff and use the cement as directed.
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Order a Propane to LP conversion kit and an LP regulator from the maker of your new grill and you should be good to go. Bert
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Q:Puvc pipe joint leakage how to do?
Changing a new one is cheaper than maintaining it. If your part doesn't allow you to change it
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You are not supposed to use teflon tape on compression fittings. This is the whole purpose of them to start with, simple apply them and hand tighten them then they are done.It may be possible the tape itself is the problem..I have never had to use teflon tape on one..Unless they have a new type that you are supposed to, then this is the culprit
Q:I work in a factory where we make bed covers for trucks and the glue that we use is manus bond. Ive used rubbing alcohol lots of lotion and soap with scrubby brushes but nothing is working. If anyone has any ideas please help me out thanks!
Nipples, as a plumbing term, are short pieces of copper, brass, black pipe, fittings, threaded on both ends. The I.D. is a variable as they come in several sizes. The old pipes, nipples, may have been blocked with hardness mineral, especially on the hot side. The old valves may need replacement also, if contaminated with minerals.You might want to check the screens on the kitchen and bathroom, faucets to check for blockage.Hopefully a plumber will see your questrion and offer better advice.

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