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Standard: ASTM A234 WPB, JIS, DIN, EN, GOST
Use for Oil, Gas, Subwatering act.
45/90/180 degree, LR/SR Elbow


we are manufacturer for carbon steel pipe and fittings,like 45deg,90deg,180deg,L/R OR S/R,bend ,
equal or reducing tee, CON reducer, ECC reducer, pipe cap,flange.

MATERIAL: A234WPB,A283,A105,A53,A106,API5L

1.   Special design available according to requirement
2.   All the production process are made under the ISO 9001:2000 strictly.

Pipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fitting

Pipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fittingPipe fitting

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Pipe fittingPipe fitting

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probably preparation of surfaces,some simple but important steps: 1. sandpaper or brush clean and shiny each piece to be soldered 2. carefully apply solder flux to these surfaces 3. assemble pieces in correct alignment 4. apply heat to base of coupling 5. after a couple seconds touch solder to opposite side of coupling 6. the solder will be drawn towards the heat 7.slide the solder around the fitting, you will see the solder fill the joint 8. it should only take a few seconds at each joint 9. with practice there will be a clean bead with no drips good luck, bruce
Q:How was the pipe joint named?
Use the end extension of the pipe for sealing without any other seals. The utility model has simple structure and is suitable for the connection of thin-wall pipe fittings, and is suitable for pipelines with low pressure of oil and gas as medium. The pressure is allowed to be used in table 41, table 27~41, GB5625.1 to 5653-1985Insert welded pipe jointThe length of the tube will need to be inserted into the pipe joints and pipe end until the connector end of the contact, the pipe and the pipe joint are welded together, can save over, but the pipe size is strictly applicable to oil and gas as the medium pipeline system table 43 ~ 49 JB3878-1985Cone seal welded pipe jointOne end of the connecting pipe is provided with an outer cone surface, and a O shape sealing ring is matched with the inner cone surface of the joint body, and is screwed with the screw thread. The working pressure is 16 ~ 31.5MPa, the temperature - 25 to 80 DEG C for oil as medium piping system table 50 ~ 62 JB/T6381 ~ 6385-1992Withhold hose connectorThe installation is convenient, but a tightening process is added. After the hose is damaged, the joint coat can not be reused, and it is made up of a steel wire braided hose. The utility model can be connected with a welding pipe joint sealed with a O ring. Pipeline system suitable for oil, water and gas as medium. Medium temperature: Oil: -30 ~ 80 degrees Celsius; air -30 to 50 degrees Celsius; water below 80 degrees JB/ZQ4427 ~ 4428-1986
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Q:PVC can the pipe joint be butted with the joint? How do I get it?
One is welding, the other is adhesive bonding, and the other is double headed thread connection
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Q:PEX floor heating pipe fittings and fittings are aluminium plastic pipes?
4., antistatic, easy to flammable fluid delivery;5. good electromagnetic shielding performance;6., good flame resistance, to achieve GB8624 refractory (B1) level;7. good insulation performance.(two) hydraulic performance of aluminum-plastic composite pipe inner surface roughness of thin wall excellent, very smooth, fluid friction resistance is small, no fouling phenomenon which affects the flow of water flux than the metal pipe, and because it has a certain flexibility, can effectively reduce the water supply of water hammer and fluid pressure shock and noise.
Q:Can the sleeve type pipe joint be disassembled and assembled several times?
The European and American card sleeve pipe joint is a standard part, it can be disassembled and assembled many times, but it is better to check the sealing cone into the pipe, whether the inner component has the wrong face, the pipe is better to choose the new connection.
Q:How to distinguish between flared pipe joint and welded pipe joint
Therefore, it is widely used in refining, chemical, light industry, textile, national defence, metallurgy, aviation, ship and other systems. It is also suitable for various hydraulic transmission lines such as mechanical engineering, machine tools, equipment, etc..
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