CNBM 200 T Bridge girder erection machine/Launching gantry/Lunching girder

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 1.Description of Bridge Girder Launcher


CNBM factory directly supply 200 ton launching gantry applies to highway, railway bridges to the construction site of bridge construction, its main function is to mention prefabricated good beam slice and delivered on prefabricated good piers.


It mainly consists with main beam, cantilever, under guide beam, front and rear legs, auxiliary outrigger, hanging beam crane, cantilever crane and electro-hydraulic system.

And applies to three different span single-span simply supported beam erection, with high operating efficiency. 



The capacity:60-200ton

The adapted span : 20-50m  

Control Mode: Pendant, Remote Control and Cabin Control.


2.Technical parameters of bridge girder Launcher:

CNBM 50/200

Lifting capacity


applicable span


applicable skew bridge angle


trolley lifting speed


trolley longitudinal moving speed 


cart longitudinal moving speed    


cart transverse moving speed


transportation capacity of bridge transport vehicle

100t X2

heavy load speed of bridge transport vehicle


bridge transport vehicle return speed


3. Installation process:

CNBM  200 T Bridge girder erection machine/Launching gantry/Lunching girder

CNBM  200 T Bridge girder erection machine/Launching gantry/Lunching girder

4. Features

  • Unique pin connection, firm and reliable, easy to install

  •  A-type fracture surface, continuous girder with low center of gravity, convenient and reliable.

  • The machine can accomplish the build of girders with carrying and erection at the same time.

  •  Low deflection and high stiffness .

  •  Safe and reliable .

  •  High efficiency.

4.1Safety Features

Safety is the most important issue for cranes.To ensure the safety,the following safety devices are equipped in BL crane.
  Crane traveling limit switch. 
  Overload protection device. 
  Lifting height limit device. 
  Voltage lower protection function .
  Phase sequence protection function. 
  Emergency stop function. 
  Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electric cubicle. 
  Warning indicator : flashing nights and warning sounds. 
  Wire-less infra-detector for anti-collusion.

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