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What are the needle roller bearings with an inner diameter of 14, an outer diameter of 20 and a width of 20?
Is the needle roller and cage assembly? Or with stamping outer ring needle roller bearings?
So do skateboard bearings fit into scooter wheels?
Yeah they should, skateboard and Rollerblade bearings are the exact same bearings, assuming razor scooters take Rollerblade wheels, then yes they would. Go for the swiss'll be floating!!! lol
I went to Les Schwab and got my car checked out after I heard a clicky noise. I told them to check the bearings. They did and said they needed replacing and were in bad shape. They called me and gave me a quote for $500. Is that too much for replacing the wheel bearings, hub and an alignment?
you can buy bearing, hub and alignment and ask for fitting in the garage. check the sources for your requirements
its a 1995 trx 300ex
it really depends on how much damage is done. Axle Bearings. :Replacing bearings, axle, carrier and seals - $500 :just bearings and seals - $20 Front Wheel Bearings: :just both side bearings and seals - $30 Spindles, hubs. bearings and seals - $200 Swingarm Bearings: :Just beaings and seals - $25 :Swingarm, pivot bolt, bearings and seals - $500 Steering stem bearings :just bearings and seals - $15 :steering stem, bearings and seals - $200 the engine will be about $300 to sent out and have rebuilt by your local honda dealer. bearings are not something to put off, trust me, i know. if bearings wear out, they can destroys a lot of expensive parts, fast. be keep replaced often.
I have recently purchased a longboard with abec 5 bearings. I have a regular board, with abec 7 bearings. I plan to use the longboard more, and i want to no if it will work to use the regular boards bearings for the longboard. Anybody know?
It should not matter. And correction... The less balls in a bearing the faster it would roll because each ball doesnt need to turn as much to make it all turn. Anyway... Abec doesnt matter much to do with skateboarding it just means how small the tiny allowances in each bearing is... So it doesnt affect skateboarding much. Its mostly for machinery... BUT yes the bearings should work fine for the longboard.
Not really. Regular skate- bearings take more of a beating so I tend not to buy overly expensive ones. A long board should definitely get some nice speed bearings. If you clean them regularly and keep them lubed they'll last you forever. DON'T USE WD40 TO LUBE THEM. For cleaning it's ok... because it helps protest them from rust and wear. You can actually buy a specific lube wherever you get the bearings.
I have a pair of rx15 bauer roller blades and I need to get new wheels, bearings and spacers for them. I am a hockey player so I need some good wheels and bearings that will hold up, but I also don't want them to be expensive. If anyone has some good suggestions that would be great. I usually just buy the stock bearings and wheels, but they are getting expensive. Also is it worth it to get bigger wheels for the back two and smaller ones for the front?
you can get any number of any parts that you want.
Have a heavy-duty commercial floor scrubber 3-4 years old, when accelerating and going faster, experience a timely bump. (If you've ever pushed a shopping cart with a gash in one wheel- it is just like that) Inspection of wheels reveals the are perfectly round and in good shape. Removed wheels and bearings appear fine. Could bearings still be bad even though they make no noise and have no wobble? This machine is very heavy. Parts are expensive, need to be sure before ordering
check your suspension joints and mounts