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A plane bearing, thrust bearing is also called plane needle roller bearings or thrust plane needle roller bearing, thrust bearing radial needle roller bearing has the advantages of compact structure, plane diameter size and load capacity and other types of bearing at the same time, minimum diameter, especially for radial support structure and installation size restricted. The thrust plane needle roller bearings use according to different occasions,can choose the inner ring bearings or needle roller and cage assemblies, the shaft necksurface and the surface of shell holes matched with a bearing directly as bearing inner. The outer rolling surface, in order to maintain the load capacity and operating performance and have the same ring bearing, shaft or housing holes raceway surface the hardness and surface machining accuracy and surface quality shall be similar raceway of the bearing rings. These bearings can only bear radial load. Plane thrust needle roller bearings byplane with a needle or cylindrical roller cage assembly and flat washers. The main types are: AXK/AX/AXW/NTA plane thrust K811/K812/K89thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly.



1 Structure




Metric thrust needle roller and cage assembly


1mm thick metric dimensions of gaskets


With stamping stamping center set of thrust needle roller and cage assembly


The thickness of 0.8mm inch size gasket


With needle roller thrust bearings, control ring


The thickness of 1.6mm inch size gasket

K811, K812, K893, K894

Thrust roller and cage assembly


Thrust ball bearing


Inch size thrust needle roller and cage assembly

AXK type thrust needle roller and cage assemblies is a main component of thrust needle roller bearing. The holder with cold forming steel plate, the small cages are made from plastic, the high accuracy of G2 grade needle, so as to ensure a uniform load distribution.Thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly and similar type AXK module, which can endure high thrust load.

The production of imperial thrust needle roller and cage assembly and supporting the use of pads, such as TC, TWA, TWB, TWC series.

AXW type needle roller thrust bearing is composed of a AXK type thrust needle roller andcage assembly components and a stamping center set.

The main components of AX type needle roller thrust bearing is AXK component and the thrust washer, and a control ring two are connected into an integral body.

2 thrust washers

The thrust washer mainly high quality spring steel strip (sheet) stamping, thicknessdepending on customer needs. The washer after quenching - Plastic - polishing. He is mainly used for adjacent parts cannot be quenched, but with sufficient rigidity and geometrical accuracy of the occasion, the support surface should be completely thebearing washer.

The shaft ring WS, ring GS and bearing washer is made of bearing steel LS quenchedentity washer, surface grinding and polishing, outer surface and the inner hole of the shaft ring seat by grinding. Entity washers general and thrust cylindrical roller and cageassemblies.

Type NTA is a British size thrust needle roller bearings, bearing structure and manufacturing process to be more complex than the AXK type.

Use the plane thrust bearing is very extensive: automobile, motor, electrical appliances,machinery, furniture, toys, printer, engineering machinery, sewing machine, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food chemical machinery, machine tools, textile machinery,fitness equipment, electronic products etc.. 

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Q:How to change 02 f-150 front wheel bearings?
no special tools is required,a good socket set channel lock players or the right size wrench to remove the spindle nut,tap out the rear bearing cap to remove the rear bearing,you should also replace the bearing race in the router,repack the bearings with a good bearing grease then replace router.make sure you tightened the spindle nut to the right specks,not too tight or loose.also replace a new cotter pin.
Q:Good skateboard+bone swiss bearings for under 90-80$?
A Keep in mind that if you go with the pro set, after your deck breaks you only need to spend 60 on a new one since you can save the trucks wheels and bearings.
Q:What is a quick and effective way to clean your roller hockey skate bearings?
soaking them in wd40 isnt going to do too much. if you want to do it right it will take a little bit more time. first use a thumb tack to take the C-clip out and then remove the shield next put them in a container(something that you can close and shake) of alcohol. then shake vigorously finally pack the bearings with white grease or some sort of grease and put the shields and C-clips back on.
Q:bad or damaged wheel bearings?
It could be a number of things but I would guess the wheelbearings, or at least one is bad. It could also be a bent tie rod, shot ball joints... Most wheelbearings tend to make noise as speed increases...but not in ALL cases. I'd take it in for a front end inspection and go from there.
Q:How much would it cost to get bearings fixed on a fourtrax 250 Honda yr 2000, just a rough estimate please.?
Not sure which ones you are talking about here. If you are talking about the front bearings. Do you mean for one or both sides. Also remember this on alot of vechicals. Some are what are called pressed on and others are not pressed on. The ones that are not pressed on are alot cheaper to replace and if you and a friend are a back yard mechanics. Both of you should be able to do the job.
Q:ASE Question about brakes and wheel bearings.?
The only way you can tell if your bearings are bad would be if you have a pulling sensation to one side, right or left, or if you are hearing a continuous dragging sound. The bearings are pressed in and out, as you know, so the only way you would be able to get them out is to pull the whole hub assembly and send them to a machine shop.
Q:trouble with Honda main bearings?
Honda uses this system to get extremely close tolerances on bearings/journals from the factory. After it has been run 100,000 miles (or 250,000); when it is time for overhaul, the crank gets turned to fit .010, or .020 under-size bearings. The clearance is determined by the machinist turning the crankshaft. Be careful, many machinists go for big clearance, like .003 because they are used to building race engines that last 3 races and get rebuilt again (short life). Better have a shop manual on hand and ask him to shoot for the smaller side of clearances.
Q:how do theymake steel ball bearings so perfectly round and of the same size?
They put the molten steel into a mold that shapes it. If they want to do another one, they use the same mold.
Q:wheel bearings?
bottom it out then back it off just a little, maybe 1/4 turn
Q:How to clean abec 9 bearings? the part in the middle of a scooter wheel?
Yes u take a screwdriver or bearings remover and take the bearing out of the wheel then clean it with whatever u have alcohol soap orange juice haha it works and then just use whatever lube u want u can buy really special lubricant at ur local skateshop

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