BK 1312 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Closed Ends CJW

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China main port
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10 set
Supply Capability:
100000 set/month
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Quick Details



Brand Name:


Bore Size:

13 mm

Outside Diameter:

19 mm

Model Number:


Precision Rating:


Seals Type:

Open or Sealed

Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Chrome Steel


Grease Lubrication


Plastic Bag and Box


BK 1312

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1. industry packing: industry paper or tube + carton+ pallet 2. individual packing: single colour box+ carton+ pallet 3. based on the customers' requirement
Delivery Detail:1. within 5 days for stock 2. 18-25 days for big quantity


Q:  I have a urgent order , and want to find a good supplier in short time ,what should i do ?

A: Please send your inquiry to me ,and tell me ,the model ,quantity ,material ,package ,precision ,you need ,i will give you a quick response.


Q:  How can i get a price with a discount ?

A:  Discount according to orders .Bigger order ,less money every bearing will cost ,then discount will be bigger . 


Q:  I have a trial order ,the quantity is little ,could you manufacturing it for me ?

A:  Please contact me ,i will tell you the MOQ.If you also need we design the single box for you ,we could make it for you ,and the extra cost of the order will return you by next official order.


Q:  I don’t know your factory before ,could you tell me which company you are cooperating now ? I want to get to know your factory?

A:  Sorry ,this is our company regulation :we should not let the information of our customer out ,in the same time ,we also keep your information confidential.If you want to know more information ,you could get some free sample from our factory or visit factory if you have the time .


Q:  Does your company could accept D/P or D/A payment terms?

A:  The payment terms of our company is :30% deposit by T/T or West Union ,70 % balance against the copy of B/L.


Q:Now i have a important order ,the quality must be good ,and my customer will test the goods when receive it ,the quality must be good ,can i trust you ?

A:Our manufacturing factory was founded in August 1998, with so many years professional experience,if you need some certificate to show for your customer ,please inform us ,we believe could help you to enlarge your market!



1.Industry package: Plastic paper+Kraft paper,10pcs or 5pcs/roll

2.Plastic tube: 10pcs/tube or 5pcs/tube

3.Single box: plastic bag+single box, OEM supply

4.Single wooden box: plastic bag+single wooden box

5.Carton: or as your need.

6.Pallet: Wooden



BK 1312 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Closed Ends CJW

BK 1312 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Closed Ends CJW


After splitting the engine case the crankshaft must be pressed apart in sections to remove the roller main bearings and needle bearings on the big ends of the rods. This is not a job for an inexperienced person with the wrong tools. All the sections of the crank must be indexed properly in a fixture before they're pressed back together. Nowadays a *new high performance snowmobile crankshaft including the bearings and rods cost more than a crankshaft for your car!
Q:recently my grease ball abec 5 have rusted and it is time for new bearings. which ones should i get. i am looking to spendo no more than 35 bucks
What bearings? ABEC 5 is just a bearing grade......dosent tell anybody anything other than you currently have ABEC grade 5 bearings. What size, What part do they go on, How many do you need?
Q:my skateboard is really squeaky but im not quite sure how to grease them....(another thing the bolts on the wheels are sort of loose...are they supposed to be like that or are they supposed to be tight??)
take the bearings out of the board and submerge them in a cup full of oil for a day...Take them out the next day and use your thumb and undex finger to hold the middle and force it to spin....eventually theyll be awsome
Q:I got a new bmx frame, my old one was flatland and looked funny on all my street parts.Anyway, i tried putting my old fork into the new frame, along with everything else to see if it would even fit. When i put in the fork, obviously it fit since its standard 1-1/8. However,once i tried pushing the fork all the way up, the bearings at the bottom wouldn't allow the fork to go any higher, they seem to big for the frame. i took the bearings out and tried the fork alone, the fork fits fine and looks like there is still space for bearings, but much smaller bearings. is there such a thing? smaller bearings? i thought it was all standard.. if there are i will simply go to the bike shop and buy these bearings.
In the old days they just put grease, and roller bearings until it was full, then reassemble.Depends on the races.
Q:I'am reading a book written in the 20's and he mentions reciprocal bearings but google hardly recognizes the term. But after some hard-earned googling I think we refer to them today as internal shaft bearings. The way he describes them is: reciprocal bearings are used for reciprocating pumps, and similarly used in on the connection rods of large internal-combustion engines, and in many mechanisms operated by cams. Thanks.
It okorder
Q:got a subaru outback 97, 174k is great all round except for is making whump whump noise that gets faster as car speeds up, squealing noise coming from wheels not assciated with braking or acceleration. it gets wobbly if the car gets to 70mph and when you reverse it makes a grinding noise. also in low gear it clatters from the engine somewhere, but stops doing that as soon as car is going and warmed up.anyone know whats happening, how much do you think it'll cost to fix if you do?thanks,
You have enough going on that the only useful answer needs to come from a good mechanic that inspects the car and gives it a test drive. The bearings are an easy check. Bad ones make a nice consistent noise when you give the tire a spin on the lift. At 174k, you're due. Before you have any work done, get the mechanic's estimate on bearings and whatever else is giving you whump, squeal, wobble, grind, and clatter. You may decide to say bye bye and think about a new or newer Subaru.
The main advantage of a water cooled bearing is you can use the a portion of the water from the pump discharge to lube the bearings. That way you can always be assured of the lubricating fluid supply and do not have to relay on another pump. Some pumps do use another source, especially if the water being pumped is dirty, but it is still cheap and non-contaminating if some leaks into the pumped fluid. However, water is not always a good lube especially on pumps with high speeds and/or mechanical loads. Water is not very viscous and becomes less so with increased temperature. Even small 3600 rpm pumps will use oil for lubrication. Some large, high pressure pumps will have their own oil pumping and cooling system for the bearings.
Q:I recently made a trade with another airsofter and i found that the shell was missing some ball bearings and the spring was bent. where can I find a replacement for this. I live near carpendersville and there are very few airsoft stores around that i can get to. The shell just releases the gas once i fill to a certain point (like in .25 seconds)
Madbull grenades use 4mm bearing balls. Most other brands use 3mm bearing balls. I have not been able to find any metric bearing balls in any big box or local hardware stores, and SAE bearing balls will not work. You can buy 4mm and 3mm steel bearing balls from McMaster-Carr online. When I only need a few 3mm bearing balls, I get them off eBay. Some RC car differentials use 3mm bearing balls, so you can get 10 for less than $3 shipped. The springs are a bit different from maker to maker. Ball point pen springs do not have enough tension to effectively keep the shell from misfiring in your gear. Your best bet will be to either bring the existing spring with you to match it at the hardware store, or bring the valve and plunger to test fit springs. (Do NOT bring the whole shell to the store. That would be very unwise.) Good luck, D
Q:i have a longboard skateboard and also a pair of hockey rollerblades and i just bought 2 8-packs of bones swiss ceramic bearings and i was wondering if i needed all of them just for my rollerblades or will there be enough for both the board and the blades.
on the splendid rollerblade there would desire to be a brake if no longer i think of is replaceable.in case you go with for to end (with the brake) in simple terms pull up the heel (with brake on it). If there isnt than sure you additionally could make very almost a turn to end. P.S- I been rollerblading for 8 yrs- 3 year playing curler hockey- 2d year substitute from skater to goalie.
Q:is it cheaper to fix it or replace?
It depends on what type of platform pedal it is. If they are the basic plastic type, the bearings in the pedal are sealed - When they've worn out (when that happened to my bike pedals they were probably a bit rusty?), it's time for a new set of pedals. If they are the slightly more expensive (usually alloy) pedals, the bearings are not sealed - so they are able to be replaced and therefore the pedals have a much longer life-span. If you do need new pedals, it would be worthwhile upgrading to the pedal type meantioned above, because at least those bearings can be maintained regreased when required. Though if in doubt, ask your local bicycle mechanic. Prices - it depends on what part of the world you live, others here might be a more in the know. A quick look in your local bike or even sports shop would be a good idea.

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