HK 0306 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends

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Loading Port:
China main port
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Min Order Qty:
10 set
Supply Capability:
100000 set/month

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Chrome Steel

Bore Size:

3 mm

Outside Diameter:

6 mm

Model Number:

HK 0306 needle roller bearing

Seals Type:


Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Shandong, China (Mainland)

Precision Rating:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1. industry packing: industry paper or tube + carton+ pallet 2. individual packing: single colour box+ carton+ pallet 3. based on the customers' requirement
Delivery Detail:1) within 5 days for stock 2) 18-25 days for big quantity


Q:  I have a urgent order , and want to find a good supplier in short time ,what should i do ?

A: Please send your inquiry to me ,and tell me ,the model ,quantity ,material ,package ,precision ,you need ,i will give you a quick response.


Q:  How can i get a price with a discount ?

A:  Discount according to orders .Bigger order ,less money every bearing will cost ,then discount will be bigger . 


Q:  I have a trial order ,the quantity is little ,could you manufacturing it for me ?

A:  Please contact me ,i will tell you the MOQ.If you also need we design the single box for you ,we could make it for you ,and the extra cost of the order will return you by next official order.


Q:  I don’t know your factory before ,could you tell me which company you are cooperating now ? I want to get to know your factory?

A:  Sorry ,this is our company regulation :we should not let the information of our customer out ,in the same time ,we also keep your information confidential.If you want to know more information ,you could get some free sample from our factory or visit factory if you have the time .


Q:  Does your company could accept D/P or D/A payment terms?

A:  The payment terms of our company is :30% deposit by T/T or West Union ,70 % balance against the copy of B/L.


Q:Now i have a important order ,the quality must be good ,and my customer will test the goods when receive it ,the quality must be good ,can i trust you ?

A:Our manufacturing factory was founded in August 1998, with so many years professional experience,if you need some certificate to show for your customer ,please inform us ,we believe could help you to enlarge your market!


HK 0306 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends

HK 0306 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends


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Q:how to replace rusted bearings and wheels on my skateboard...?
buy new one if rusted - you don't ride it - so buy new one let it rust to
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I had a tire that wore each and each of the tread off on a million/4 of the tire . the different 270 ranges grow to be positive. It grow to be a cheap tire from western automobile two decades in the past. It grow to be the most weird element I truthfully have ever considered a tire do. I positioned a clean one on and by no potential had a topic.
Q:are Tensor Oust Moc 7 Bearings, Abec 9 Tolerance good skateboarding bearings?
Never used the Tensor bearings, or Destructo ones either. For the same money, you can get Pig Swiss. I use them in all my setups and have had very good luck. Bones Swiss are a little less money and almost as good as the Pig. If you want to save even more money and have very good quality, go with Bones Reds. They are a very good bearing for the money.
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The service call is generally a 'no cool' call when it comes into the shop, and there are ten things to check to diagnose the no cool problem, more on a h/p, so determining that the blower motor is THE cause isn't very common at all. Better call someone else. The motor test is seeing if the shaft spins freely, does not have a lot of up and down movement and then measuring the volts and amps, with a multimeter, while running. The amperage draw if higher than the run load amp will tell you the condition of the bearings and/or windings. You test the capacitor, too. And the wiring connections. Also, look at the blower wheel. Besides, a problem with the motor that slows down the rpm's and lowers air flow will deliver less return air across the evaporator, which will decrease it's temp from 40 degrees to possibly near freezing, and deliver colder air, not warmer. So the problem is something else. The most common is dirty coils, filters. Then leaks. But, they will have to check the pressures and temps, and see what those tell you and then go from there.
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Ford Carrier Bearing
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dont do wd40, it cant handle the amount of rpm's on your skates. eventually it will gum up and slow you down. cleaning each bearing can be a *****... what i do is soak all my bearings in a bucket/container filled with ligher fluid. it cleans and lubricates them. and when it heats up it wont gum up, it just makes the wheels spin faster. oh and dont use the citrus cleaner, it will eat away the grease that you want/need in your bearings
Q:how do theymake steel ball bearings so perfectly round and of the same size?
check out National Geographic channel or discovery channel in your area. Got a progran called How it's made. Shows 4 different things each time it's aired and it airs couple times a day. I know for a fact they had ball bearings on there once. Done with a machine. May be on one of their websites too.
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Ebay is the place to look for parts I have seen several complete crank set ups with rod and main bearings for $100 or less but be sure to Write the seller through Ebay and ask if he will guaranty it to be within factory specs and in usable shape if he replies with a yes then Ebay will force that he stand behind his word so it will be a safe purchase oh and don't forget to replace the Crank Seals also Note most shops will charge you $100 or more just to split down a crank and lots of them are not very good at it! It is a very tricky job and very few of the guys out there doing it actually know what they are doing well enough to truly do it right!
Q:What material used in bearings? Describe the composition of elements.?
Sn % Sb % Cu % PbApplications 933.53.5-Light and medium IC engine big end bearings 8610.53.5-Light and medium IC engine main bearings 80113.06General purpose heavy bearings (lead increases plasticity) 601028.51.5Heavy duty marine engine bearings, electrical machines 40101.548.5Low cost, general purpose, medium duty bearings

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