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  • Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory System 2
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Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

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900000 set/month

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Best Price Needle Roller Bearing K 15x20x20

Precision Rating



C0,C2,C3,C4,C5 is available

Sealed Cap 

Rubber or Metal





Vibration Level code




Seals Type




Bore Size

15 mm

Outside Diameter

20 mm


16 mm

Regular export packing

Plastic drum+White box+ carton

industrial packaging or as your requirement


1 pcs

Delivery Time

3-7 days after receiving your payment  

Payment Terms

L/C,T/T,Western Union

Port of shippment by sea


Place of Origin




Product Advantage:

1.High Precision  Needle Roller Bearing

2.ISO Standard Bearing 

3.High quality &competitive price 

4.Many famous brand is available 

5.Low Noise & Long life 

Our advantages:


1. Manufacturer,the most competive price and good quality

2. Perfect group of technical engineers give you the best support

3.Well-trained group of international sales provide the best service

4.OEM brand aviliable

5.Rich stock and quick delivery


1.Small quantity, can delivery by global express: DHL TNT FedEx ARAMEX EMS UPS.this is door to door.

2.Large quantity, can delivery by air, by sea, this is port to port.



T/T, L/C, Money Gram, Payal, Western Union etc.


Lead Time:

Sample Lead-times: generally 3-5 workdays.
Production Lead-times: 3-5 days after get payment or as contract required



We have complete process for the production and quality assurance to make sure

our products can meet your requirement. And our quality can compare with the

most chinese famous bearing manufacture. we have the same technology. Such as 
1. Assembly
2. Windage test
3. Cleaning
4. Rotary test
5. Greasing and gland
6. Noise inspection
7. Appearance inspection
8. Rust prevention
9. Product packaging

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X20 China Factory

Q:I am replacing the wheel bearings on the front axle of my 98 cherokee and I want to know if the Timkin brand wheel bearings for $150 each autozone will make a difference over the valucraft ones for $99 each. Is it worth the extra $50?
timkin is a great brand. I am not sure if they make the valuecraft bearings or not, but with things like that you get what you pay for. If you keep them maintained you may not have to change them again. If you don't plan on driving it more than a few years or doing any serious wheeling, go with the valucraft otherwise I would go for the Timkin.
Q:Front wheel bearings
You normally just check the bearings when you do the brakes. Then you clean and repack them. If you get front wheel looseness or noise, then you jack it up and check for bearing play, or hear grinding.
Q:Mechanic question? What are bearings?
Wheel bearings are part of steering and drivetrain and suspension. They#x27;re very very important to the operation of a vehicle. They are located in junction with the hubs.
Q:people always say there bearings make them go faster but i dont think this is true. in my experience its more the wheel you ride that affects speed. size hardness are both factors but bearings just dont make a significant difference. as long as they spin freely and smooth it doesnt matter whether there swiss ceramics or abec 3 because the extra friction in the threes isnt enough to slow you down. unless the threes are rusted and dont spin. is this true? would others agree? ppeople seem to think the bearings have engines or something. i just use 18 dollar redz and keep them in good shape and they work fine
it does effect speed and ill tell you why.. i tested once for a class project on which bearings when broken into go faster... bone swiss, abec 7 bearins (i think rush), bones ceramics and bones reds. abec 7s- they run for about 14-17 seconds if you get 3 good pushes.. bones reds- they run for about 19-22 seconds in 3 good pushes bones swiss- run for about 26-35 seconds in 3 good pushes bones ceramics- runs for about 32-36 seconds in a 3 good pushes.. see it was an experiment in the 7th grade now im in 9th... we did 3 test runs on each bearings first it was the abec 7s, reds, swiss and then ceramics... so yess bearings do effect your speed... but i use reds cause there cheep and i dont wanna spend 90 bucks on ceramics that will break on a 10 stair and bones that give u too much speed when ur doing a simple 5 stair
Q:i have a 1994 toyota pick-up with the 3.0 engine 4wd. the main bearings went out and i called to see how much they would cost and the guy asked me what kind they were. and i had no idea. anyideas?
There are different size bearings, they vary depending upon the wear of the crankshaft and if it has been previously resurfaced. All the bearings will have just about the same cost. You will have to disassemble the engine and check the clearances with plastigauge or micrometer to know which bearing sizes you need.
Q:Anyone know the range at what I'm looking at for completely full ceramic bearings for a longboard?
Assuming you are looking for not only ceramic balls, but inner and outer races as well. These bearings will run around $240 a set. Most bearings that called ceramic only use ceramic balls, but the races are still steel. Some cheaper 'ceramic' bearings only use a ceramic coating on the balls. You might want to think about stainless steel bearings. They are very resistant to corrosion and cost much less than full ceramic bearings, and only a little more than regular steel. SS Bearings with ceramic balls cost about double that of all SS bearings.
Q:Some folks say that using them to go through or under the rubber cover on a tie rod end doesn't get grease into the joint itself. Sound reasonable?Many ball joints these days don't seem to be greasable with them at all -- am I missing something?Can the needles lubricate sealed bearings, and if so, what's the technique? Thanks much
Grease Needle
Q:Can anyone explain me bearings?
Here's a video explaining bearings. Did you have a specific question regarding bearings?
Q:Are Rush Bombers good skateboard bearings?
No the bearings to go with are red swiss bearings. They are sick and last forever.
Q:what is the best bearings company for my skateboard?
bones swiss original or reds

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