HK 1516 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends CJW

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China main port
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100 set
Supply Capability:
100000 set/month
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Quick Details




Chrome Steel

Bore Size:

15 mm

Outside Diameter:

21 mm

Model Number:

HK1516 needle roller bearing

Seals Type:


Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Shandong, China (Mainland)

Precision Rating:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1. industry packing: industry paper or tube + carton+ pallet 2. individual packing: single colour box+ carton+ pallet 3. based on the customers' requirement
Delivery Detail:1) within 5 days for stock 2) 18-25 days for big quantity


Q:  I have a urgent order , and want to find a good supplier in short time ,what should i do ?

A: Please send your inquiry to me ,and tell me ,the model ,quantity ,material ,package ,precision ,you need ,i will give you a quick response.


Q:  How can i get a price with a discount ?

A:  Discount according to orders .Bigger order ,less money every bearing will cost ,then discount will be bigger . 


Q:  I have a trial order ,the quantity is little ,could you manufacturing it for me ?

A:  Please contact me ,i will tell you the MOQ.If you also need we design the single box for you ,we could make it for you ,and the extra cost of the order will return you by next official order.


Q:  I don’t know your factory before ,could you tell me which company you are cooperating now ? I want to get to know your factory?

A:  Sorry ,this is our company regulation :we should not let the information of our customer out ,in the same time ,we also keep your information confidential.If you want to know more information ,you could get some free sample from our factory or visit factory if you have the time .


Q:  Does your company could accept D/P or D/A payment terms?

A:  The payment terms of our company is :30% deposit by T/T or West Union ,70 % balance against the copy of B/L.


Q:Now i have a important order ,the quality must be good ,and my customer will test the goods when receive it ,the quality must be good ,can i trust you ?

A:Our manufacturing factory was founded in August 1998, with so many years professional experience,if you need some certificate to show for your customer ,please inform us ,we believe could help you to enlarge your market!



1.Industry package: Plastic paper+Kraft paper,10pcs or 5pcs/roll

2.Plastic tube: 10pcs/tube or 5pcs/tube

3.Single box: plastic bag+single box, OEM supply

4.Single wooden box: plastic bag+single wooden box

5.Carton: or as your need.

6.Pallet: Wooden



1) Less than 45 KGS, we will send by express. ( Door to Door, Convenient )

2) Between 45 - 200 KGS, we will send by  air transport. ( Fastest and safest, but expensive )3) More than 200 KGS, we will send by sea. ( Cheapest, but long time )

Q:is it cheaper to fix it or replace?
It's cheaper just to replace the pedals you can get them for $4 to $20 on line or at a bike shop.
Q:2005 Sport Trac, 2WD, automatic trans w/ aprox 80K milesA few months ago there was a grinding sound from the rear of the truck that increased with speed (a whomb, whomb, whomb type sound) and even a clicking when I reversed. I was doing my breaks and noticed there was some play in the wheel when pushing/pulling but also that when I turned the wheel (both wheels up and trans in neutral) there was some side to side play (not sure if that is normal or not). Also when driving the truck slowly wobbles at low speeds and begins to shake at higher speeds. I noticed that this isn't constant and seems to greatly reduce after a left hand turn. One place told me it was the differential but I am not sure and don't want to spend a bunch of money if it's a bearing as I can replace the assembly myself for under $200.
Sounds like outer wheel bearings but it could be the differential bearings as well. The only way to know is replace the wheel bearings and see if the noise stops. I'd check the gear oil level as well since if you were low on oil that would kill the bearings and the differential. If it's low make sure you add the specific kind for your axle.
don't have the book google it and use the right MOdel number
Q:hi my kawasaki kx85 needs new bearings so.... i removed the rear tire and got to the bearings and i have pulled, pushed, hit, slammed, and so on and cant get tnem out.. any ideas??? thanks!
Use a Rod or Punch long enough to go through the hub with a few extra inches to hit Go the brake side,, Stick a punch in thru the bearing,,and ***** it sideways. Then Use that to knock the center bearing spacer tube Sideways. That spacer will then be Off Center in the Hub a little. It's bore and the Bearing's bore will then be misaligned. That leaves the Inside Edge of the Brng exposed,,like a Lip or Ledge. Now go thru OTHER side with the Long Punch,,,from Sprocket side. Put the Punch on the Lip/ledge you just created Hit it a Little,,,enough yo budge the bearing outward. Now since the bearing has initially moved Away Outward from the Hub,, The Spacer Tube is no longer pinched between the bearings. The Spacer will Flop around in the hub. That lets You move your Punch around tp different spots on the brng. Work your way around the bearing in a Criss-Cross Pattern as You tap the bearing Out A LITTLE at a time. If you try to drive it out Too Far at one time,,it will ***** in the bore and get VERY tight. You can heat the Hub with a Heat Gun,,a Big Blow Dryer,, or even a Hi-wattage Light Bulb,,or hold it over a car exhaust. Open Flame such as a propane torch Does Work,,,but can be dangerous and its easy to screw it up. When you get the Brake side Out,,,then You can just use a length of Pipe to beat the Drive Side brngs Out Theres 2 side x side on sprocket side. That makes it TUFF,,,and it really should be Heated To Install new bearings,, Hit them in GRADUALLY,,and DO NOT hit the inner race. Hit ONLY on Outer Race Dont forget to put the spacer back into place
Q:I took my 2001 lincoln ls V8 into get the engine checked it needs work done, which is expensive, which i knew it would be. They checked my front sway bar which is broken and needs replaced.. but they took it upon themselves to check all my wheel bearings, and they are now telling me i need to replace all of them! cause my bearings or hub is loose.....but i don't notice anything odd or any noise when i drive... they say it will cost almost 2400 $ to replace cause they have to buy the whole kit set up and cant buy just the piece.... does this have any truth to it? any advice is appreciated
Wheel Bearing Loose
Sn % Sb % Cu % PbApplications 933.53.5-Light and medium IC engine big end bearings 8610.53.5-Light and medium IC engine main bearings 80113.06General purpose heavy bearings (lead increases plasticity) 601028.51.5Heavy duty marine engine bearings, electrical machines 40101.548.5Low cost, general purpose, medium duty bearings
Q:1973 buick centurion. posi rear.
given the fact that the bearings are 35 years old and should have a good amount of mileage, i would. you are going to have the rear end apart for this any way. save your self the time and money for a second tear down. if the bearings were replaced prior to this, hmmm, i would still save face and replace them. it seams like any time you disturb one part to replace another, that first will start to act up.
Q:Okay, I have a 99 olds intrigue 3.8 with 100k miles. Recently, I started noticing a clicking noise when turning right. I replaced both CV axles, and it did not go away. This noise ONLY happens when the car is on the ground. it happens in neutral or drive, braking or no braking, and only happens when I trun right. Now, recently I noticed the car makes a horrible grinding noise when the wheel is LOCKED to the left under acceleration. (like making a U-turn). Could both noises be caused by a bad wheel bearing? or bearings?
It could be bearings or differential
Q:im trying to lubircate my bearings. and all i have is some gear oil, or petrolium oil. will this work to lube my bearings?
Your skateboard should have sealed bearings that you never oil. If the bearings are bad replace them, they are cheap.
Q:what can i use 2 clean longboard/skateboard bearings besides acetone?
Do not use any of that stuff like wd-40. Buy some bones bearings cleaning unit. All the other stuff will make your beaings worse.

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