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Hi i have a 97 jetta and is wat i did considered cold air intake or wat is it. I took the stock box out and added a high performance filter then i ran an air duct tube from the other side of the filter and ran it down so it sucks the air from the ground. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
bypass with cover induction, supplies you chilly air and and comparable effect of ram air too. it relatively works on physique aerodynamics which creates a intense-rigidity cellular at section between the returned fringe of the air scoop and the windshield base. Airflow Over and around the Hood Hump makes turbulence and drag which forces air returned in in direction of the interior music. Rain water is not any project because of the fact it relatively is plenty heavier than air. Vacuum operated gate opens to bypass air filter out to get much extra circulate as we communicate into intake. The extra air you have the extra gasoline you may blend with it equals extra potential. i do no longer preserve chilly air intakes, there have been too many engines ruined with water being sucked into engine inflicting hydro lock.
So, im wanting a cold air intake for my 2001 Mustang V6, and cant decide between the BBK CAI or the KN FIPK? I need help.1. Which gives more HORSEPOWER and TORQUE?2. Which costs less?3. Which one is easier to install?4. Which would be better for my car?*please back up your opinion!THANKS!
2001 Mustang Cold Air Intake
I dont wanna spend crazy money, all I want for my 97 civic car to do is to have a deep, low sound wether it comes from the front of my car or rear; I don't care. Don't want it to be crazy loud either
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I have a Cold Air Intake for my 2000 honda civic. But got rid of it and now i have a 03 mustang and I was wondering if my cold air intake would fit it? I‘m just a girl so I don‘t really know that much about cars. I just know I want my cold air intake in my mustang.
the different respondent is genuine. The GM air flows into the drivers part of the throttle physique, jointly as the Mustang flows into the front of the physique. I easily have an common ( low-value ) gadget on my '02 GM that i got here upon on OKorder; replaced into in ordinary terms $60 or $70 + freight, and it has a cone filter out. okN additionally has one on OKorder, besides the shown fact that this is like $2 hundred. in case you e mail me, i'm going to look-up the OKorder employer I have been given mine from
on a 1997 mitsubishi galant , the check engine light came on and i was told it could be because of the aftermarket intake
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I have a ‘04 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Supercharged. I swear I read somewhere that a supercharged (or turbocharging for 4-cyl.) vehicle has no use for a cold air intake for whatever reason. I can‘t think of where I might have read it or find it again. If I put one on, will I get more horsepower out of it or will it just be a waste of my time and money?
Every mass produced car is going to benefit from a real cold air intake system. Factory intakes have silencers and other air restrictions installed to quiet down the intake noise. On a supercharged vehicle you should notice decent gains over a stock air box (10-15 hp at the crank). Do not go into the intake system thinking that you are going to run 2 seconds faster in the quarter or anything like that but more noise from under the hood, better throttle response, and again a rise in horsepower are all realistic.
What would be a good cold air intake to get for my 1998 Honda Accord Ex 4 cyclinder?
yes, you can just change the 3rd member. They do sell axles separately.
I have an 05 Grand Marquis with a 4.6 V8 and just recenty went from a single stock exhaust to a true dual exhaust h-pipe with flowmaster mufflers. I plan to put performance pulleys, a throttle body spacer, Magnaflow high flow cats, and lastly have it dynotuned. Would it be worth it to put the KN cold air intake on with all these mods?I also have another question, Since I just put on the h-pipe, do I still have resonators or would they have been taken out? Because if they are still there I am maybe going to take them out and put some straight pipes on.
A KN Cold Air Intake would be a nice finishing touch to that car with the listed mods. Actually the first mod I would make to a car would usually be a Cold Air Intake. Since you have all those other mods you might not notice a HUGE increase in power but you probably will notice fuel economy. Also the cold air intake just adds to that mean sound that you seem to be going for with the dual exhaust. You should still have the resonators there, but its possible some places leave them out.