slide bearing absorber bushing plain bearing

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plain bearing, slide bearing, absorber bushing
1.Good load capacity and anti-wear.
2.Widely used in the Lead-free field.


Plain bearing, slide bearing, absorber bushing


We CHANGSHEG BEARING is a direct manufacturer specialized in producing bushings with more than 10 years . We believe that we can provide you the best products and services!


du bush, pump bush, shock absorber bushings


PV limitDry3.6N/mm2.m/s
Friction Coeff.0.03~0.20μ
Speed limitDry2m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per°C

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Q:Which foreign brands are good for self lubricating sliding bearings?
Brand NSK, SKF, IGUS, OILERs, Canada, THORDON, USA, DRIE, etc.;Should say each has advantages, brand big words, the product is relatively expensive, product series of all words, not all kinds of products are fine;Like NSK and SKF, they now have self lubrication, but this is not their flagship product;
Q:How many times does the clearance of the sliding bearing take the diameter of the axle?
The range of sliding bearing clearance according to the use of precision parts to determine, for example: grinder and lathe dividing head main bearing with the accuracy of H7/g6, agricultural machinery bearings with accuracy of H11/d11.
Q:Hello, about the bearing problem. Sliding bearings are made of powder metallurgy. What kind of grease does it use?
Powder metallurgy bearing is lubricated bearings in the factory will be through the vacuum method of negative pressure adsorption added lubricating oil, in the late stage of the process slowly release and consumption, good quality of powder metallurgy bearing life can reach more than ten years.This type of bearing is recommended to not add lubricating oil or grease, add after will have to change the bearings of the environment, such as dust adhesion, friction coefficient change, oil smoothly, when oil was crushed, and the lubrication performance of powder metallurgy bearing itself and do not come out to play, will become very astringent a card, caused by poor lubrication, which often needs to be added, resulting in unnecessary consumption and fee of manpower. Of course, there is a powder metallurgy sliding bearing is not oily, there is grease, add glib, this is often need to add fat.
Q:The greater the fuel consumption of a sliding bearing, the greater or smaller the heat?
How can bearings burn oil? It's not an engine
Q:Sliding bearing rotor shaft neck, prone to wear and galling and what defects
The shaft requires grinding and more than 0.8 finish.Refuel in good time.
Q:Why can not the surface roughness of plain bearing surface be too high?
Because the process of start and stop, because of low speed shaft neck and sliding bearing contact friction generated, if the axis roughness is too large, it will increase the friction, easy to wear and sliding shaft bearing, so the shaft neck surface roughness is not too high.
Q:How can I distinguish my computer fan from sliding bearings or rolling bearings? Twenty
What bearings can be oiled, no such statement.
Q:In what circumstances, lubricant viscosity should be smaller?
In low load, high speed and low temperature conditions, choose low viscosity lubricating oil. In heavy load, low speed and high temperature conditions, the choice of high viscosity lubricating oil or extreme pressure and anti-wear additives lubricants.Lubricating oil is the main lubricant. The main physical performance index of lubricating oil is viscosity, which indicates the internal friction properties of liquid flow, and the greater the viscosity, the worse its flowability. Another physical property of lubricating oil is oiliness, which represents the adsorption ability of lubricating oil on the metal surface. The greater the oil, the stronger the metal adsorption capacity, the more likely the oil film to form. The selection of lubricating oil should take into account the bearing capacity, journal speed, lubrication mode, surface roughness of sliding bearing, and other factors.General principles are as follows:1, in the light load conditions, in order to reduce friction power consumption, low viscosity lubricants can be chosen;2. under heavy load or impact loading conditions, oily and big viscosity lubricating oil should be used to form a stable lubricating film;3. static or dynamic sliding bearings can choose a small viscosity of the lubricating oil; 4. rough surface or without running surface should choose high viscosity lubricants.
Q:Bearing force value of plain bearing
Bearing preload value of the end is lower level put a root diameter of 1mm length 100mm wire (A1, A2), motor or pump mechanical corresponding middle bearing upper same diameter and length of wire (B1), and then fasten the bearing shell and lid, with a screw tightening, then open remove the flat wire, so the bearing force value of s=b1- (a1+a2) /2, mm.
Q:Selection of rolling bearings and sliding bearings 5
There is an article entitled "how to choose the correct size of the bearing". I wonder if it will help you

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