slide bearing absorber bushing plain bearing

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plain bearing, slide bearing, absorber bushing
1.Good load capacity and anti-wear.
2.Widely used in the Lead-free field.


Plain bearing, slide bearing, absorber bushing


We CHANGSHEG BEARING is a direct manufacturer specialized in producing bushings with more than 10 years . We believe that we can provide you the best products and services!


du bush, pump bush, shock absorber bushings


PV limitDry3.6N/mm2.m/s
Friction Coeff.0.03~0.20μ
Speed limitDry2m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per°C

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Q:Is it good for rolling bearings of single cylinder diesel engines or for sliding bearings?
sliding bearing can be conveniently and the diesel engine oil lubrication system integrated with lubrication oil through the transmission oil inside the cylinder body.
Q:What is the relationship between the eccentric e of the sliding bearing and the external load and the bearing speed?
With the increase of the external load, the Z increases and the speed decreases
Q:Why does the internal combustion engine crankshaft adopt sliding bearings,
The reason is very simple, in general requirements under the condition of rolling bearing performance than the sliding bearing a lot of excellent, so generally use rolling bearing, why crankshaft sliding bearing, the rolling bearing is forced, because there is no way to go above can be mounted to the crankshaft, the crankshaft is curved to bend to. The rolling bearing is impossible to install crankshaft inside the spindle neck, unless it is a single cylinder crankshaft. If you want to install the crankshaft rolling bearing must be decomposed, become assembled crankshaft can be assembled by a rolling bearing, but generally can only be used on a single cylinder engine crankshaft, such as motorcycle crankshaft, rolling bearing is used, then V type double cylinder cylinder can also be used for rolling bearings, twin cylinder in-line with rolling bearing assembly of the crankshaft, which is generally small gasoline engine for motorcycles. But the car is generally at least 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder common assembled crankshaft will do, can not guarantee the accuracy and performance of the crankshaft, can only do the crankshaft, then rolling bearing will not be installed, can only be installed because of sliding bearing, sliding bearing can be split, very easy to install on the crankshaft.Finally, if appropriate lubrication, the performance of sliding bearing is rolling bearing can not be compared in many aspects, such as the crankshaft in this place, good design would cause to become dynamic pressure bearing sliding bearing. High efficiency and high speed and high carrying capacity will be achieved. In other words, high speed crankshaft is better than sliding bearing in performance.
Q:The commonly used sliding bearing materials are divided into metal materials and which two materials
Metal materials and non-metallic materials, non-metallic materials, and engineering plastics, carbon graphite, rubber, wood, metal materials, sub bearing alloy, copper alloy, aluminum base bearing alloy, cast iron, porous metal materials
Q:Are magnetic drive pumps static and sliding bearings a thing?
A) the types and characteristics of sliding bearing sliding bearing according to the 1. loads are divided into: (1) sliding bearings (radial sliding bearing); mainly bear radial load; (2) the thrust bearing, main bearing axial load. 2. sliding bearings are suitable for low speed, high precision, heavy load and structural requirements. It is also used at low speed and impact.
Q:Explanation of sliding bearing code: 6309-2z/p5
This is deep groove ball bearing.6 deep groove ball bearings3 wide range09 represents the bearing inner diameter: 45mm2Z is flanked by iron dust capsP5 is the precision grade: the dimension rotation accuracy conforms to the ISO5 class tolerance
Q:What are the two types of friction lubrication in plain bearings?
Chongqing plain bearings indicate that sliding bearings can be classified into the following categories:(1) sliding bearings can be divided into non liquid lubricated bearings and full liquid lubricated bearings according to their different states of friction. Full liquid lubrication bearings are divided into dynamic pressure lubrication bearings and hydrostatic lubrication bearings. Liquid lubrication bearings are mostly used in engineering. There are many kinds of sliding bearings: integral type, split type, automatic centering type, etc.. As the sliding bearing itself has some unique advantages, it can be applied to some special occasions, such as high speed, heavy load and high precision.
Q:0 what are the friction states of plain bearings? What are the main differences between them?
4. friction of relative motion.Above all need lubrication, can use Rongchang self-lubricating bearing, also belong to a kind of sliding bearing.Look at their movement patterns.
Q:Structure of sliding bearing
The metal sliding bearing is the most used three layer composite bearing, the bearing is generally based on carbon steel substrate by sintering technology in steel plate on the first layer of spherical copper powder sintering, and then on the copper layer on the sintering of PTFE lubricant layer is about 0.03mm; the middle layer spherical copper main role is to enhance the bonding strength between steel plate and PTFE, in the course of work also plays a certain role in bearing and lubrication.
Q:Why can not the surface roughness of plain bearing surface be too high?
Because the process of start and stop, because of low speed shaft neck and sliding bearing contact friction generated, if the axis roughness is too large, it will increase the friction, easy to wear and sliding shaft bearing, so the shaft neck surface roughness is not too high.

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