Bushing for leaf spring Bimetal bearing bush Clutch Bimetallic bushing

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bushing for leaf spring:
1,high quality low carbon steel back to substrate.
2,the surface of sintered bronze alloy Pb-Sn.


Bushing for leaf spring Bimetal bearing bush Clutch Bimetallic bushing 




      1.  Bimetal bearing bush has a combination of high strength, load-bearing capacity, and the advantages of good wear resistance. Particularly suited to medium-speed and low-speed high-contained set and so on.

      2. Process through special means, at the friction surface can be processed into a variety of oil and oil hole and the hole in order to adapt to different working conditions lubrication use.


      3. Products widely used in automotive engine, chassis, motorcycle clutch, gear pump rub board and lifting equipment and other fields.



PV limitOil50N/mm2.m/s
Friction Coeff.0.030.20μ
Speep limitOil5m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/M.br.c
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per 

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Q:Cooling method and structure of sliding bearing
The so-called water cooling, that is, on the bearing body slot, can pass cooling water, the effect is better.
Q:How can I distinguish my computer fan from sliding bearings or rolling bearings? Twenty
What bearings can be oiled, no such statement.
Q:What is the axial series momentum of plain bearings?
Rolling bearings are widely used in various machines and institutions because of their small friction resistance, quick start-up, high efficiency, high rotating accuracy, simple lubrication and easy assembly and disassembly. Rolling bearings are standard parts, which are produced by the bearing factory in large quantities, and the designers can choose them directly according to their needs. 14.2.2 rolling bearing type and characteristics, according to the shape of the rolling body, rolling bearings are divided into ball bearings and roller bearings. According to the main direction of load bearing can bear, can be divided into radial bearings (mainly bear radial load, thrust bearing) (axial load), thrust bearing (can bear radial load and axial load).
Q:Material and allowable line speed of plain bearings?
As the first floor said, the design of such bearings, not only depends on the V value (line speed), but also depends on the P value (load), and the PV value. Generally, the wire speed of copper alloy is about 0.5M/S.
Q:Explanation of sliding bearing code: 6309-2z/p5
(2) prefix codeThe bearing prefix is used to represent the bearing parts and is represented by letters. For example, separable rings for separable bearings are represented by L; the K represents the rolling element of the bearing and the cage assembly.(3) post codeThe rear code of the bearing is used to indicate the structure, tolerances and special requirements of materials, such as letters and numbers. There are many contents of the post code name. Here are some commonly used code names.1) the internal structural code is the different internal structure of the same type of bearing, followed by the basic code. Such as: contact angle of 15 degrees, 25 degrees and 40 degrees of angular contact ball bearings, respectively, with C, AC and B that {HotTag} internal structure of the difference.2) bearing tolerance grade is divided into 2 levels, 4, 5, 6, 6X and 0, a total of 6 levels, followed by advanced to low-level, its code names are /PZ, /P4, /PS, /P6, /P6X and /PO. Tolerance class, 6X class applies only to tapered roller bearings; 0 is an ordinary class, in the wheel bearing code is not marked..3) bearing radial clearance series commonly divided into 1 groups, 2 group, 0 group, 3 group, 4 group and 5 group, a total of 6 groups, sequentially larger radial clearance. O group clearance is a common clearance group, in the bearing code is not marked, and the rest of the clearance group in the bearing code respectively with /CI, /CZ, /C3, /C4, /CS said.
Q:Is it good for rolling bearings of single cylinder diesel engines or for sliding bearings?
sliding bearing can be conveniently and the diesel engine oil lubrication system integrated with lubrication oil through the transmission oil inside the cylinder body.
Q:What are the two types of friction lubrication in plain bearings?
(3) non liquid friction sliding bearing calculation and checking, limit pressure P, to ensure that the lubricating oil film is not destroyed; limit value of PV, in order to ensure the bearing temperature is not too high, because the temperature is too high, easy to cause the rupture boundary of oil film.(4) according to the principle of hydrodynamic lubrication, the hydrodynamic lubrication sliding bearing is designed, which is mainly used in the continuous high speed operation.
Q:Establishment of oil film bearing capacity of dynamic sliding bearing and several conditions to ensure full liquid lubrication
Establish three conditions: relative speed, reasonable wedge, adequate lubrication. This is a necessary condition.There is only one condition for complete liquid lubrication: the minimum oil film thickness is greater than the sum of the roughness of the shaft and bearing table.
Q:What's the difference between plain bearings and oilless bearings?
The sliding bearing has the following characteristics: 1, long service life, suitable for high speed; 2, can withstand the shock and vibration load; 3, high running precision, work balance, no noise; 4, simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly; 5, large carrying capacity, can be used for heavy-duty; 6, non friction sliding friction bearing liquid. Loss of fluid friction; sliding bearing, rolling bearing friction loss and not much difference, but the design and manufacture of lubrication and maintenance requirements of high.
Q:Which one is good for sliding bearings?
ZQFYT series radial thrust bearing, VZB series vertical thrust bearing manufacturers; is the production base of professional production of large gas turbine bearing, turbine, blower, compressor, oxygen making machine, rolling machine, ball mill, rotary kiln and so on.

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