Bushing for leaf spring Bimetal bearing bush Clutch Bimetallic bushing

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bushing for leaf spring:
1,high quality low carbon steel back to substrate.
2,the surface of sintered bronze alloy Pb-Sn.


Bushing for leaf spring Bimetal bearing bush Clutch Bimetallic bushing 




      1.  Bimetal bearing bush has a combination of high strength, load-bearing capacity, and the advantages of good wear resistance. Particularly suited to medium-speed and low-speed high-contained set and so on.

      2. Process through special means, at the friction surface can be processed into a variety of oil and oil hole and the hole in order to adapt to different working conditions lubrication use.


      3. Products widely used in automotive engine, chassis, motorcycle clutch, gear pump rub board and lifting equipment and other fields.



PV limitOil50N/mm2.m/s
Friction Coeff.0.030.20μ
Speep limitOil5m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/M.br.c
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per 

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Q:Advantages and disadvantages of plain bearings relative to rolling bearings
Advantages of plain bearings:1, and rolling bearings of the same volume of load capacity is much greater.2, vibration and noise is small, used in high precision requirements, but also does not allow vibration occasions.3, the metal foreign body caused little impact, it is not easy to produce early damage.Well, summed up the shortcomings of many advantages less, but in different use occasions, sliding bearing performance is very prominent! QQ 1054839354 is willing to share the bearing knowledge for you!
Q:What are the factors associated with the oil film pressure of dynamic sliding bearings?
2) the two surface separated by the oil film must have sufficient relative sliding velocity, and its direction of motion must flow from the big mouth to the lubricating oil and out of the small hole
Q:Sliding bearing rotor shaft neck, prone to wear and galling and what defects
Sliding bearing rotor shaft neck, prone to wear and galling and locking defects such as sliding bearing according to the production requirements, the general requirements of Rongchang sliding bearings on the shaft:Shafts require heat treatment.
Q:Bearing bearing belongs to what type of
Bearing bearing belongs to the type of internal combustion engine.The bearing of an internal combustion engine is a sliding component in the sliding bearing of an internal combustion engine. The shape of the Bush is a semicircle cylinder shaped like a tile, called a bush. Because of the heavy weight of the internal combustion engine shaft, the needle roller (bead) bearings can not be used, but only sliding bearings can be used.When the sliding bearing is working, a thin oil film is required between the Bush and the rotating shaft to lubricate the sliding bearing. If due to bad lubrication, there is direct friction between bearing and shaft friction will produce high temperature, while the bearing is due to the special high temperature resistant alloy material, but high temperature direct friction on the burn is still. The Bush may also be burnt due to excessive load, high temperature, impurities or abnormal viscosity of lubricating oil. The plain bearing is damaged after burning the tile.The bearing load in the bearing is composed of sliding bearings, so called single sliding bearing them there is no difference, as Bush is concerned, in order to reduce friction and wear, so use copper alloy, copper base aluminum tin alloy, tin alloy, Babbitt and so on, they are not standard.
Q:What are the causes of high temperature of plain bearings?
What is the actual temperature? The bearing tells the rotating part, and the more than 100 degree is normalIf it is too high, it is possible to confirm the load and lubrication of the bearing
Q:How to determine the axial clearance and expansion clearance of plain bearings?
Hello, these are the coordination, generally refers to the hole and shaft coordination.1. "fit" refers to the relation of the same size, the combination of holes and the tolerance zone of the shaft. According to the requirements of the use of different, the hole and shaft between the coordination of loose and tight, the national standard provides that there are three categories: gap fit, interference fit and transition coordination.
Q:What is the transmission efficiency of plain bearings and rolling bearings?
The friction coefficient of plain bearing is 0.08~0.12, while the rolling friction coefficient is only 0.001~0.005; the rolling bearing of high transmission efficiency, less warm, therefore, can increase the cost of oil slick, smooth maintenance more convenient.
Q:Sliding bearings relative clearance 0.001 what?
Accuracy should be up to 0.001 of the standard
Q:What are the main structures of radial sliding bearings?
Self aligning bearings can automatically adjust the axis to accommodate the deflection of the shaft.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of plain bearings and rolling bearings?
They are also used in low speed and impact occasions3. center journal bearing(1) integral type and split fractionThe splitting is usually made up of bearing cap, bearing seat, bearing bush and connecting bolt(2) the Bush is the key part in the bearingBearing materials should have small coefficient of friction, good thermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti scuffing ability, sufficient mechanical strength and plasticity(3) requirements for bearing materials: bearing alloy (Babbitt), bronze, bearing materials of special properties, etc.

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