oil-free bushing slide bearing with good quality

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oil-free bushing
1,can be work without oil condition
2,low wear,low friction and with long life.
3,low vibration,low noise

oil-free bushing 



1.PTFE with fibre 0.01~0.03mm 

2.Porous bronze 0.2~0.3mm 

3.Steel backing 0.7~2.3mm 

4.Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm 



Load capacity               140N/mm2 

Temperature                 -195°C ~ +280°C 

Speed limit                    5m/s 

Friction coef(u)              0.04~0.20 

PV Limit(Dry)                 3.6N/mm2 .m/s 



1.PTFE and fibre can protect the shaft while in operation. 

2.It is suitable for the machine required harmless to people because 

of Lead-free. 

3.Goodload capacity and anti-wear. 

4.Bronze and steel have good thermal conductivity. 

5.Anti-corrosion because of surface plating. 

6.It is widely used in general machines,and suitable for food machine,pharmaceutical 

machine,tobacco machine etc.It will subsitute SF-1 series bushings in future because of environment protection. 

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Q:How to determine the length of journal bearings?
The bearing length is determined according to the actual needs can be a general integer, you can also ask the Advisory Jiaxing corun Bearing Co. ltd..
Q:How is the axial clearance of plain bearings large?
The sliding bearing has a barrel type, has several pieces of tile type, the barrel type general outer circle has the taper, adjusts the back cap to complete the gap adjustment, monolithic tile's general to a tile adjustment can eliminate the gap.
Q:How are the bearings heated and smoked handled 5
Brother, I did 14 years of mechanical maintenance, sliding bearings, heating, smoke, the most urgent treatment: 1. emergency shutdown. The sliding bearing heating smoke indicates that the clearance between the sliding bearing and the shaft is too tight, or that the grease / grease has impurities (metal scraps) and other things, and that it may be that the bearings have reached the service life and damaged. Maintenance may cause damage to the shaft if it is not shut down, so maintenance costs will be higher. 2. disassemble and repair the pump. Check what causes heat, smoke, cooling is a temporary solution, not only the pump will also heat, and may damage the whole pump. For example, check the running of the bearings, whether there is a deep scratch, or whether the shaft is worn, whether there is a foreign body. After confirming the cause, proceed "the right remedy"".
Q:Which sliding bearing materials are free of lubrication?
Office and Business Machines: copiers, fax machines, printers, mail processors, etc.;Hydraulic components and valves: gear pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, ball valves, butterfly valves, cylinders, cylinders, and other hydraulic components;Household appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, washing machines, microwave ovens and fitness equipment, etc.;And other logistics machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, port machinery, mining machinery and forest machinery, and so on.
Q:What are the commonly used journal bearings?
Hello, I'm Camry KMR bearings. The common sliding bearing bush is divided into two kinds: integral type and split type.The integral Bush is in sleeve shape and is called axle sleeve.
Q:Generally speaking, the stiffness of the rolling bearings is more than the stiffness of the sliding bearings - the stiffness of the ball bearings is more than the stiffness of the roller bearings - -
Generally speaking, the stiffness of rolling bearings is lower than that of plain bearings, and the stiffness of ball bearings is lower than that of roller bearings! ~
Q:Deep groove ball bearings are better than plain bearings Which one is better?
Advantages and disadvantages of deep groove ball bearings and plain bearingsThe bearing capacity of deep groove ball bearings is not as good as that of Rongchang plain bearings, and the bearing capacity of sliding bearings is highDeep groove ball bearings, temperature Rongchang plain bearings, sliding bearings, high temperature resistance.
Q:Are the motors sliding bearings at both ends?
The electric ball of a small gasoline generator has only one end of a roller bearing, and the other end is supported by an engine shaft
Q:What are rolling bearings, sliding bearings, the difference between them obviously,
Rolling bearings, whether ball bearings or roller bearings, in the absence of load point contact, sliding bearings are surface contact, and no relative movement, in short, a lot
Q:What are the bearing capacity of the bearings when they are discharged at the end?
Consider the end discharge and the coefficient of influence at the end of the discharge.

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