oil-free bushing slide bearing with good quality

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oil-free bushing
1,can be work without oil condition
2,low wear,low friction and with long life.
3,low vibration,low noise

oil-free bushing 



1.PTFE with fibre 0.01~0.03mm 

2.Porous bronze 0.2~0.3mm 

3.Steel backing 0.7~2.3mm 

4.Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm 



Load capacity               140N/mm2 

Temperature                 -195°C ~ +280°C 

Speed limit                    5m/s 

Friction coef(u)              0.04~0.20 

PV Limit(Dry)                 3.6N/mm2 .m/s 



1.PTFE and fibre can protect the shaft while in operation. 

2.It is suitable for the machine required harmless to people because 

of Lead-free. 

3.Goodload capacity and anti-wear. 

4.Bronze and steel have good thermal conductivity. 

5.Anti-corrosion because of surface plating. 

6.It is widely used in general machines,and suitable for food machine,pharmaceutical 

machine,tobacco machine etc.It will subsitute SF-1 series bushings in future because of environment protection. 

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Q:What are the parameters of maximum bearing capacity factor Cp of plain bearings?
Note: only for a specific bearing, the carrying capacity coefficient is large, its carrying capacity is strong, that is, Cp and F is proportional to the relationship; when the working conditions and parameters are not the same, we can not make such a simple judgment.
Q:What's the connection between the crankshaft and the sliding bearings?
The crankshaft is the shaft, the Bush is tile, the upper and lower two pieces of tile and together is the sliding bearing, can serve as the support of the crankshaft.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of plain bearings relative to rolling bearings
I don't know much about sliding bearings, but according to my understanding of a little volume is divided into several aspects: sliding bearing roller bearing, can be very thin, thinner than the needle bearing speed, noise, life and other properties: sliding bearing ratio of rolling bearing, sliding friction to rolling friction than for small, energy relatively small losses. Therefore, whether in noise or at the highest speed, the rolling bearing is superior, and the friction is relatively small, and the life is relatively long.
Q:Why are lubricated bearings lubricated by sliding bearings? Why grease lubrication?
Sliding bearings directly contact the contact surface, high speed, oil lubrication can improve the good lubrication. If grease lubrication, slightly bad lubrication, immediate high temperature damage, the consequences are not envisaged.
Q:The difference between rolling bearings and plain bearings in ball mill
But according to my personal inference, establishes first should be the production process - rotary grinding method, then in order to solve the problem of rotary bearing will lead to bearing hollow ball mill, but at the time of the machining level and the production process of hollow bearing cooling considerations, and ultimately selected the sliding bearing. This inference is based on technological transformation and upgrading as a clue. So it's for reference only. Secondly, compare the advantages and disadvantages of bearing and bearing the problem itself is wrong, bearing and bearing you concept is not clear, take the two kinds of commonly used ball mill bearing is divided into sliding bearing and rolling bearing, what you said is referred to as sliding bearing bush (or known).
Q:sliding bearing
Sliding is tile, the ball is supporting the rotor ah, I suggest you go to the next two definitions, speed and load size, with what bearingsAskWhat if the rolling bearings on the bicycle were replaced by sliding bearings?Chasing the answerIf the modification is not up, ha ha, between the tile and the shaft at rest is at least half of direct contact, to work, to top up oil, have a certain pressure, then to work, but also with a similar pump shaft, ha ha
Q:What kind of lubrication is used for spindle bearings of important or precision machine tools?
Precision machine tools bear less load, grease selection is a secondary factor, but temperature rise is an important issue, must be strictly controlled. General precision machine tool spindle temperature rise at 10 degrees right. It has been reported that when the product of the bearing bore D (mm) and the spindle revolution n (R / min), such as 1 * 106, it can be lubricated with synthetic grease. At present, there are two main structural forms of spindle roller bearing for the coordinate boring machine at home and abroad, namely roller bearings and roller cone bearings, for 1. axis boring machines. Coordinate boring machine using roller bearings, such as T4240, T4163, etc., and the main shaft and the bearings are in interference fit. Therefore, the selection requirements of grease lubricated low viscosity base oil preparation, such as No. 2 low temperature grease, in order to ensure the spindle temperature rise is low; the rolling cone bearing coordinate boring machine, such as SIP 6A, SIP 8P, a DIXI 75, T4280A, T42100, T4263 and so on, all these boring machine spindle lubrication use grease lubrication.
Q:What is the clearance ratio between the plain bearing and the shaft?
I don't think so. I do rolling bearings, I'm sorry
Q:What material is good for sliding bearings?
The material selection of sliding bearing is related to load, speed, lubrication conditions, and the self-lubricating materials chosen in different working conditions are different.
Q:What is the selection principle of grease for plain bearings?
3 、 lubrication cycle of sliding bearing grease:Continuous operation, the working temperature is 40-100 degrees, the shaft speed is less than 200r/min, the lubrication cycle is once every shift, the shaft speed is > 200r/min, and the lubrication cycle is two times per shift.Continuous operation, the working temperature is less than 40 DEG C: the shaft speed is less than 200r/min, the lubrication cycle is 1 days, the shaft speed is >200r/min, and the lubrication cycle is one time per shift.Interrupted work: the shaft speed is less than 200r/min, the lubrication cycle is 2 days, the shaft speed is > 200r/min, and the lubrication cycle is 1 days.Occasional work, not important parts: shaft speed < 200r/min, lubrication cycle 5 days once; shaft speed > 200r/min, lubrication cycle once every 3 days.

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