self-lubricated sliding bearing with high quality

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self-lubricated sliding bearing
1, low wear, low friction , with long life
2,low vibration, low noise and non-pollution

self-lubricated sliding bearing



1.PTFE with fibre 0.01~0.03mm 

2.Porous bronze 0.2~0.3mm 

3.Steel backing 0.7~2.3mm 

4.Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm



Load capacity                 140N/mm2 

Temperature                  -195°C ~ +280°C 

Speed limit                     5m/s 

Friction coef(u)               0.04~0.20 

PV Limit(Dry)                  3.6N/mm2 .m/s 



1.PTFE and fibre can protect the shaft while in operation. 

2.It is suitable for the machine required harmless to people because 

of Lead-free. 

3.Goodload capacity and anti-wear. 

4.Bronze and steel have good thermal conductivity. 

5.Anti-corrosion because of surface plating. 

6.It is widely used in general machines,and suitable for food machine,pharmaceutical 

machine,tobacco machine etc.It will subsitute SF-1 series bushings in future because of environment protection. 


Q:Who says that the sliding bearing motor is better than the ball bearing motor?
The rolling ball bearing is the ball, roller bearings should be cylindrical roller bearing, rolling body inside the cylinder, a bearing point contact, less friction, high working speed limit, but the bearing capacity is small, suitable for high speed and light load.
Q:What's the difference between rolling and plain bearings? What is Bush? What do you mean by scraping the Bush? How to operate?
The difference between rolling bearing and sliding bearing the first appearance of the structure, the rolling bearing is a rotating body by rolling to support the rotating shaft, which is a point of contact area, rolling body more, nine more points of contact; sliding bearing is on the smooth surface to support the rotating shaft, which is a surface contact area.
Q:The oil release ring is in the mounting position of the sliding bearing
For example, water turbines, steam turbines, power stations, gates and so on. Self lubrication thrust sliding bearing is the product of Jiaxing Solid Bearing Co., Ltd..
Q:Tilting pad radial sliding bearing which features
The lubricating oil from the gap between each pad into the bearing, from both ends of seal bearing ring hole discharge. If you ignore the effect of pad inertia, friction force and the oil film shearing force of internal friction fulcrum, each pad to the axial diameter of the oil film force is always through the center shaft, the rotor movement in bearings only, will not have a leading axis
Q:Bearing bearing belongs to what type of
The bearing of an internal combustion engine is a sliding component in the sliding bearing of an internal combustion engine. The shape of the Bush is a semicircle cylinder shaped like a tile, called a bush. Because of the heavy weight of the internal combustion engine shaft, the needle roller (bead) bearings can not be used, but only sliding bearings can be used.When the sliding bearing is working, a thin oil film is required between the Bush and the rotating shaft to lubricate the sliding bearing. If due to bad lubrication, there is direct friction between bearing and shaft friction will produce high temperature, while the bearing is due to the special high temperature resistant alloy material, but high temperature direct friction on the burn is still.
Q:What are the commonly used sliding bearing bushing materials
(1) grey cast iron. It is used in low speed, light load and no impact load. HT15-33 and HT20-40 are often used.(2) steel base bearing alloy. ZQSn10-1 bronze and ZQA19-4 aluminum bronze are commonly used, suitable for medium speed, high turbidity and impact loading.
Q:Brief introduction of oilless plain bearings
he oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity.But the starting friction resistance is larger. The shaft supported by the bearing is called the shaft diameter, and the part corresponding to the shaft diameter is called the bush. In order to improve the friction properties of the bearing surface, the antifriction material layer, which is cast on its inner surface, is called the bearing lining.
Q:What is the selection principle of grease for plain bearings?
1. Working environment analysis of sliding bearings in use(1) bearing load, high speed, should choose cone penetration of grease, and vice versa, we should choose cone penetration. If the high-speed bearings, cone penetration is small, good mechanical stability of grease. Special attention is paid to the lower viscosity of the base oil of the grease(2) the drip point of grease should be used at 20-30 degrees higher than the working temperature. In the case of continuous running at high temperature, special attention should be paid not to exceed the allowable temperature range of grease(3) if the sliding bearing works in water or wet environment, choose the calcium base, aluminum base or lithium base grease with good water resistance(4) the grease with better adhesion is chosen
Q:What are the parameters that are generally considered in the dynamic characteristics of plain bearings?
Hello, Chen Han Plain bearings mainly have the following parameters:Load;Linear velocity;Service temperature;Tensile and yield strength;Hardness;Coefficient of friction;PV value;
Q:Are the motors sliding bearings at both ends?
Roller bearings are commonly used, and only small motors, household appliances (such as electric fans) use plain bearings. Also have one end rolling, one end sliding. It depends on your motor.

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