Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Steam Turbine-generators

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QJ238M Angular Contact Ball Bearing for steam turbine-generators
1.High precition and long life
2.high quality

QJ238M Angular Contact Ball Bearing for steam turbine-generators

 Angular contact ball bearings are particularly suitable for carrying combined (axial and radial) loads. Sometimes, they also can carry pure axial load and operate in higher speed. Under radial load, axial component force will be produced which must be counteracted. So the bearings are normally adjust against a second bearing.   


Four Points Angular Contact Ball Bearing product specifications

Bearing NO.Size(mm)weight(kg)




Q:What's my consideration when I choose a bearing?

 A:- The type and size of bearing you need.

     - The quality or application you prefer.


Q: What's bearing's advantage.

A: - Substantial inventory, unified quality control,save much cost and time for customers.


Q: What's your guarantee on quality problem?

A: - Free to change in 2 month and in your next order,10% value of order can be paid after receiving goods and checking out no quality issues.


Q: Can I be a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Of course you can.


Q:What are the benefits of being a TIANHE distributor?

A:-Special Discount

   -Marketing Protection

   -Priority Delivery than other orders.

   -Point to point technical supports and after sales services.


Q:How can I become a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:in cartons or as per customer's requirements
Delivery Detail:25-30 days after getting the deposit







Q:What are the structural and functional differences between thrust bearings and radial bearings and conventional ball bearings and plain bearings?
Thrust bearings are called thrust bearings, which can bear axial load (axial thrust), such as some large vertical motors and machine tools.Radial bearings bear radial loads, and these bearings are the most widely used.The above two are two kinds of bearings according to the force direction.Journal bearings and rolling bearings.Plain bearings: plain bearings, both inside and outside the ring, there is no rolling body, usually made of wear-resistant materials. Often used in low speed, heavy load, but also useful at high speed; filling lubricating oil and grease. If the copper sleeve belongs to this low - grease, oil pump, water pump and some other high speed and large fan speed reaches 7, 8K conversion of lubricating oil, the small gap between the shaft and the sliding bearing oil film, so that the sliding bearing and the shaft will not damage and wear.Others, as lianjuan2008 said.
Q:Generally speaking, the stiffness of the rolling bearings is more than the stiffness of the sliding bearings - the stiffness of the ball bearings is more than the stiffness of the roller bearings - -
Generally speaking, the stiffness of rolling bearings is lower than that of plain bearings, and the stiffness of ball bearings is lower than that of roller bearings! ~
Q:Sliding bearing, bearing bushing, what is the relationship? There must be a sliding bearing bushing and bearing in?
There are many large shaft to achieve part of high hardness and high wear resistance with the invention and bearing bushes,
Q:Deep groove ball bearings are better than plain bearings Which one is better?
The precision of deep groove ball bearings is better than that of plain bearings in Rongchang, and the accuracy of sliding bearings is not as high as that of deep groove ball bearings.
Q:Why can not the surface roughness of plain bearing surface be too high?
Because the process of start and stop, because of low speed shaft neck and sliding bearing contact friction generated, if the axis roughness is too large, it will increase the friction, easy to wear and sliding shaft bearing, so the shaft neck surface roughness is not too high.
Q:How to change the sliding bearings of railway freight cars to rolling bearings?
This is not very good, after all, the railway is demanding, and easily change, I am afraid can not meet the established requirements
Q:The sliding bearing is an oil film formed between the inner surface and the journal. Is there a relative sliding between the outer surface and the hole on the connecting rod (such as the small end of the crank of the engine)? Between the internal surface and the shaft neck is very slippery, so that the axial fixed, will not fall out in the axial? Rolling bearings with nuts and retaining rings from the axial block the inner ring to prevent it from moving in the axial direction, sliding bearings is the same?As you can see, what kind of sliding bearings should be used in this case? What about the bush or the one with the flange or something else? How do you fix it in the axial direction?
The sliding bearing (bushing) is axially fixed: 1. through interference fit. 2. step type sliding bearing fixing.
Q:What are the parameters that are generally considered in the dynamic characteristics of plain bearings?
Hello, Chen Han Plain bearings mainly have the following parameters:Load;Linear velocity;Service temperature;Tensile and yield strength;Hardness;Coefficient of friction;PV value;
Q:250 kilowatts of motors, replacement of new bearings, after driving bearing fever, the bearings inside the grease all thrown out What's the matter? Expert answer!
The quality of modern bearing bearingModern Behring (Tianjin) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the sale of SKF bearings. Our strict and unified quality is based on the universal global quality management system. We pursue a systematic, standardized approach. Fundamentally improve all business processes. And customer satisfaction as standard.The way we improve our quality is an important factor that distinguishes us from our competitors. The way to do this is to do the same in everything we do.SKF's promise is the promise of the modern Behring, a promise that can be fulfilled.
Q:High speed heavy duty important sliding bearing, bearing material with tin base bearing alloy or casting tin bronze?
2, lead base bearing alloy, suitable for low speed heavy load, the price is much cheaper than tin, but it is not suitable for high-speed. But the performance is better than that of copper alloy.

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