Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Steam Turbine-generators

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QJ238M Angular Contact Ball Bearing for steam turbine-generators
1.High precition and long life
2.high quality

QJ238M Angular Contact Ball Bearing for steam turbine-generators

 Angular contact ball bearings are particularly suitable for carrying combined (axial and radial) loads. Sometimes, they also can carry pure axial load and operate in higher speed. Under radial load, axial component force will be produced which must be counteracted. So the bearings are normally adjust against a second bearing.   


Four Points Angular Contact Ball Bearing product specifications

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Q:What's my consideration when I choose a bearing?

 A:- The type and size of bearing you need.

     - The quality or application you prefer.


Q: What's bearing's advantage.

A: - Substantial inventory, unified quality control,save much cost and time for customers.


Q: What's your guarantee on quality problem?

A: - Free to change in 2 month and in your next order,10% value of order can be paid after receiving goods and checking out no quality issues.


Q: Can I be a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Of course you can.


Q:What are the benefits of being a TIANHE distributor?

A:-Special Discount

   -Marketing Protection

   -Priority Delivery than other orders.

   -Point to point technical supports and after sales services.


Q:How can I become a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

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Q:What are the properties of plain bearing alloys?
1, enough strength and hardness;2, high wear resistance and small friction coefficient;3, enough plasticity and toughness, higher fatigue strength;4, good heat resistance grade corrosion resistance;5, good running in.
Q:Bearing is the bearing?
No, that's the combination of the bearings and the sockets.
Q:sliding bearing
There is a fundamental difference between plain bearings and rolling bearings.The rolling bearings bear the weight by the ball bearings, and the contact between the friction pairs is unavoidable, and the wear is unavoidable. Just imagine how many tens of tons of rotating shaft, 3000 rpm per minute, if rolling bearings can hold for how long?The static and dynamic parts of the sliding bearing are not in direct contact. When rotating at high speed, the rotating shaft is raised by a high pressure oil film to form a suspension state. So, as long as properly used, sliding bearings can carry dozens of tons of rotating shaft, continuous operation thousands of tens of thousands of hours.
Q:What is the clearance ratio between the plain bearing and the shaft?
You have to make sure you use the sliding bearing in what occasions, and then open the "mechanical design manual" volume second, find the bearing this post, there is the bearing and shaft in different occasions with the axis of tolerance, then as long as the "mechanical design manual" the first volume to check the corresponding numerical OK. It's simple
Q:What are the common sliding bearing bushing materials? What are the characteristics of each?
3) oily bearing: generally use bronze, cast iron powder, the amount of graphite pressing forming, sintered by high temperature porous material. It is often used in low or medium speed, light load and inconvenient lubrication.4) Niron. Commonly used nylon 6, nylon 66 and nylon 1010, nylon bearings with running and good, the debris after the soft surface does not hurt the shaft neck, corrosion resistance and other advantages, poor thermal conductivity, water will swell.
Q:What are the tolerances and finishes for plain bearings and shaft mating surfaces?
1) the bearing and the shaft are matched with the base hole system, and the shaft shaft system is used to match the bearings and the housings.Bearing size tolerance and rotary accuracy shall be calculated according to GB307 - 84 corrosion resisting pump.2) the shaft neck and the bearing box bore with the bearing are specified according to GB1031 - 83. The Ra value of the shaft neck roughness is less than 1.6 mu m, and the bore roughness Ra of the bearing case is less than 2.5 mu m.3), bearing rings and roller manufacturing with GCr15 and ZGCr15 steel, the ring and the roller hardness value should be equal to 61~65HRC; GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15SiMn steel, the hardness of this value should be 60~64HRC. The hardness check method and the uniformity of hardness of the same part shall be stipulated by JB1255.4) check the bearings, radial clearance and axial clearance should be in line with GB4604 - 84 rules.5), rolling bearing the outer ring raceway should be no peeling, severe wear, both inside and outside the ring no after crack; ball should wear, the holder no serious deformation, rotation without abnormal noise and vibration should be gradually stopped, stop gap. 6, for the C tolerance class tapered roller bearing, the roller and raceway contact with a precision pump load with Germany for shrimp, color check into good, contact traces should be continuous, contact length should be less than no bus 80 roller.
Q:Is it good for rolling bearings of single cylinder diesel engines or for sliding bearings?
But if uses the rolling bearing, usually is bears the load quite low place, moreover the lubrication way can only use the splash lubrication or the grease lubrication, this is not suitable in the diesel engine.
Q:How to distinguish sliding bearings and rolling bearings?
Rolling bearings are generally made up of outer rings, inner rings, rollers, and cagesPlain bearings are bearings that work under sliding friction. In liquid lubrication, the sliding surfaces are separated by lubricant without direct contact
Q:What are the methods of casting plain bearings?
According to the actual conditions: sand casting, centrifugal casting, casting bar material. There are usually special requirements, such as aircraft use, the use of super large engines, will be based on the use of the effect of casting process.
Q:What does "SK195" mean?
The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting friction resistance is larger. The shaft supported by the bearing is called the journal, and the part that matches the journal is called the bush. In order to improve the friction properties of the bearing surface, the antifriction material layer, which is cast on its inner surface, is called the bearing lining.

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