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Why is the camera lens anti-blue?
Lens lens group has a multi-layer coating, the purpose is to reduce the light dazzle. So when looking at the lens, part of the light is filtered out by the coating filter out.
Is the digital camera lens related to the pixel? Is the lens really important?
1. Look at the pixel is wrong, because the smaller the camera, the higher the pixel density is worse, small digital camera absolutely do not look at the pixels, because there is no effect to improve imaging, but will imaging down, you look at the Canon small digital camera King G10 and G11 is the pixel down, the pixel is the biggest seller of the selling point. 2. Repair costs are very high. Suggestions, or find a small place to repair what can be used, can not be used to re-purchase an old machine.
Nikon camera lens shows how the memory card is locked is going on
You can put the memory card small switch, push the copper side can be.
How to maintain the camera lens?
Although the original or camera repair shop, generally provide cleaning services. But the situation is serious after the lens in the clean, the coating may be damaged, or fall a "rub mirror stains", so take preventive measures is the best. Here are some commonly used moisture-proof equipment. Electronic Cabinets Electronic Cabinets are almost "once and for all" choice. Buy home after the instructions set, plug in the power, the lens into the box, even if finished. The only drawback is that the price is more expensive, another "shortcoming" is - to use electricity. Sealed moisture-proof box sealed moisture-proof box must be used in conjunction with moisture-proof beads. In general, the moisture-proof beads can be recycled, when the moisture-proof beads from blue to purple, as long as the moisture-proof beads into the microwave heating three to five minutes, it will turn back to blue and can continue to use. The advantage is cheap, the disadvantage is that 1,2 months will take care of once. Breathable strong moisture-proof beads Moisture front / back cover This is a relatively new product, its design is covered with a gap, you can put the moisture-proof beads. When you want to take a lens to a damp area for longer time, this lens cover can protect your expensive lens. Finally remind you that a well-maintained lens can often use a few years or even decades, and the quality of the lens directly affect the image of the image is good or bad, so we have to prepare early, so damage the precious lens.
SLR camera lens area distinction
4. kit is the dog head, digital SLR if you want to take pictures, must be the body plus lens Caixing, it must buy a lens, even if the dog head. 5. If you just get started, you can buy a dog head to practice (f3.5-5.6), and then consider a little better lens (4K above the lens) 6. The diameter of the lens is often easy to be ignored, but the diameter is better (52mm and 77mm)
What are the A and M on the SLR camera lens?
4, P: program exposure mode. Aperture and exposure time can be given by the camera according to the situation automatically give a suitable combination.
Plus what lens can protect the digital camera lens?
UV mirror for the seaside, mountain, snow and open areas such as the shooting environment, can reduce the blue caused by the blue tone. At the same time for the digital camera, you can also exclude the interference of UV on the CCD, help to improve the resolution and color reproduction effect.
My camera lens can not stretch
Obviously, this situation is man-made damage. Is not within the scope of the warranty, this failure is part of the lens caused by external forces. First of all the lens of the motor is not easy to bad, is the gear is broken only to find a high level of the master repair the highest but 200 yuan.