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The reducer is a kind of independent component which is composed of the gear drive, worm drive and gear - worm drive enclosed in the rigid shell. It is often used as the reducer transmission device between the original moving parts and the working machine.Reducer is a lot of national economy in the field of mechanical transmission device, industry involving product categories include all kinds of gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, worm reducer, also includes a variety of special transmission device, such as growth device, speed regulating device, and including flexible transmission device, all kinds of compound gear, etc.The products and services include metallurgy, nonferrous metals, coal, building materials, ships, water conservancy, electric power, construction machinery and petrochemical industries.

China's reducer industry development history has been nearly 40 years, in the national economy and national defense industry in various fields, reducer products have a wide range of applications.Food light industry, electric machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy machinery, cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, road building machinery, water conservancy machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, conveying machinery, building materials machinery, rubber machinery, petroleum machinery and other industries have a strong demand for reducer products.

Huge potential market has given rise to competition in the industry, in the cruel market competition, the reducer industry enterprises must speed up eliminating backward production capacity, to develop the high efficiency and energy saving products, make full use of the national energy-saving products huimin engineering policy opportunities, increase the intensity of product updates, adjust product structure, pay close attention to national industrial policies, to cope with the complex economic environment, maintain a good momentum of development.

High  Quality  and  widely used  Reducer

Q:What happens to the capacitance of ac motor
A little bit is ok, if big, it is easy to burn the machine, you can try for yourself, change the new capacitor to take a look. (less turn for a moment is ok) and see if it is immediately fever, if, so before you the motor or a large capacitance, but I think you are still in a first try out as large as before,
Q:The converter can control which motors
The converter can be controlled General purpose motor This is used in situations where the accuracy of the torque speed is not high It has good energy saving and automatic control effect on the fan pump Vector control type inverter General motors can also be used to control frequency conversion motors Vector control characteristics have good control over torque load changes and speed above angular velocity A servo controlled converter And it's a lot more complicated to control the variable frequency special motor and to have better control and control over the vector
Q:Ac asynchronous generator principle
In structure, a generator is identical to an electric motor, which is usually composed of stator, rotor, end cover, and the electric brush. The stator is composed of the machine seat. Stator iron core, wire wrap winding, and other structural parts that are fixed in these parts. The rotor by the rotor iron core, the rotor pole (with magnetic clutches. Pole winding), slip ring, (also known as the copper ring collector ring.), such as fan and shaft parts. Generators and motors is completely reversible, and motor stator with rated voltage of the generator, the rotor will rotate, generator or motor rotor rotation by external force, to achieve synchronization of rated speed, the stator can produce voltage, produces electricity. The working principle of three phase asynchronous motor, three-phase alternating current motor stator winding into the three-phase alternating current, can produce a rotating magnetic field, rotating magnetic field lines is put through the stator core, air gap and the rotor iron Yi constitute a loop. Asynchronous motor rotor winding conductor due to the motion, the relative to the rotating magnetic field is induced electromotive force by cutting lines, and thus will through the rotor winding current. The rotor winding conductor of a current-carrying current is affected by electromagnetic force in the rotating magnetic field. Under the electromagnetic torque of electromagnetic force, the motor rotor moves along the side wind of the rotating field.
Q:How does the three-phase ac motor identify the phase
The star delta launch is a time relay for three ac contacts String resistance and reactance start are now rare, and resistance is usually not in the distribution box The circuit of the auto-reducing voltage is a little bit closer to the star delta, but it is applied to the motor that is more than 90KW, and the auto-transformer is in or near the cabinet
Q:How to control ac motor speed
The ha-inverter and the rest are not economical at your speed The best way to do this is to add a gearbox
Q:How to judge a three-phase ac motor
Three-phase resistance line resistance is measured with meter, first to see if there is resistance, and then to the equilibrium value is decrease (maximum minimum), general corporate control within 1% resistance unbalance degree, resistance unbalance affects a relatively high fever, insulation damage easily.
Q:Why does the motor need capacitance when the machine starts?
Only single phase ac motor USES capacitance, dc motor and three-phase ac motor do not need. The two single-phase motor coil does not produce a rotating magnetic field, must be in one of the series capacitance on the coil, make this branch of the current in another coil current in advance, the ability in a rotating magnetic field between the two coils, rotor rotation.
Q:Single phase synchronous alternator working principle
From the point of basic electromagnetic circumstance, a dc motor can be working for motor operation in principle, can also be used as a generator to run, are only different constrained conditions. On the two brush end of the dc motor, and dc voltage, input power to the armature, mechanical energy output from the motor shaft, drag the production machinery, become motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, such as prime mover drag dc motor armature, and without dc voltage on the brush, the brush end dc electromotive force can be drawn as dc power, output power, motor become generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The same machine, which can be used as an electric motor or as a generator, is called the reversible principle in the theory of electric motors
Q:Why is dc motor less efficient than ac motor
Dc motor speed regulation is simple, but use case is limited. Ac motor speed regulation is relatively complicated, but it is widely used because of ac power supply.
Q:Current ac motor has completely replaced dc motor
Ac permanent magnet synchronous speed adjustment is achieved by changing the frequency, requiring the frequency converter. Dc motors do not need other equipment to help speed the adjustment, but their own structure is complex and manufacturing costs are high. Before large power controllable thyristor is used in large quantities, dc motor is used for most speed adjustment.

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