• Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift System 1
  • Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift System 2
  • Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift System 3
  • Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift System 4
Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift

Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift

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Name:Two post lift  
Brief intro:

Two post lift with electrical release

1. 5mm "international standard" column steel plates made in Shanghai.
2. 8mm brace arm and 6mm Internal sliding column, never deform..
3. Wearable, Anti-High temperature, high strength oiliness macromolecule nylon slide block.
4. Require no less than 150mm cement on the ground, At least C25.
5. Double safe antiskid device, from column ladder safe to close protection by dynamic hydraulic pressure, single side electrical release, ensure double safe staying for vehicles.
6. ABS Control box, 24V operation system, manual lock release for emergency lowering valve.
7. Endure Max 5 T destructive testing , fulfill 3.5T/4T actual working conditions.
8. Chain style pulling device.
9.Total Mold tooling technology, to ensure the conformity of both many a holes and welding places.
10. Digital control raw materials processing center ensure the discrepancies at % stage & product consistency.
11. Double cylinder dynamic hoist drive device, capacity is more than 3.5T/4T.
12. Aluminum pump device , running time without any break down for at least 40,000 H.

The product passed CE Test and are insures against PICC (insurance  amount is 10million RMB )


Full Data & Specifications:

Model:  HC235PE
Structure:  Two post lift with electrical release
Capacity(kg):    3500  / 4000
Lift height(mm) :  1800  / 1800
Rise time(s):  50  /52
Drop time(s):   22   / 22
Power of motor (kw):    2.2 / 2.2


Hauvrex Car Lifts are covered under warranty for five years on equipment structure, to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Hydraulic components and electrical components such as power units, hydraulic cylinders, are covered under warranty for one year against defects in material or workmanship under normal use. Hauvrex shall repair or replace at their option for the warranty period those parts returned to the factory freight prepaid which prove upon inspection to be defective. 

The warranty does not extend to...

  • defects caused by ordinary wear, abuse, misuse, shipping damage, improper installation, voltage or lack of required maintenance;

  • damages resulting from purchaser’s neglect or failure to operate products in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s manuals) and/or other accompanying instructions supplied;

  • normal wear items or service normally required to maintain the product in a safe operating condition;

  • any component damaged in shipment;

  • other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts;

  • damage caused by rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants.


Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift

Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift

Used Car Scissor Lift For Sale/Car Lift Factory,High Quality Car Lift


Q:does any one know what size lift i would need to fit 24 inch rims on a 85 buick regal
Just ask one of your buddies to put down the fried chicken and watermelon long enough to help you lift it three inches.
Q:What would happen if I asked a police car for a lift?
depends on the circumstances. if it's a blizzard in January and your car has broken down on the Al-Can, and the tow trucks are all backed up wit a 5 hour wait list, you might get one.
Q:This is for a science project. It has to be able to lift a golf ball at least 30cm high, similar to a mechanic‘s car lift.Our teacher said we could look online for ideas, so I don‘t think this is cheating ;) I have to build it, so it can‘t be too expensive, and I need an answer probably within 3-4 days at the most. THANKS!
if you take an old hand operated tire pump, one of the tall ones not the foot pump kind. You can use it pretty much as is. you would have to remove the checkvalve from the outlet, so that you could push pressure back in and it would then push the rod with handle back up. then you need to connect it with a hose to a much smaller pump. a tank would be needed to hold extra fluid when it is in the down position.
Q:I have a 1999 toyota corolla 4 cylinder automatic. I bought this last year, and didn‘t have any back problems. Now I have severe back problems, and pain. Getting in and out of it is killing me! I really like my car, and I have invested a lot of money into it, and would prefer not to sell it. My dad has a 1990 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pickup truck ( 3/4 pickup truck ) and getting in and out of it is a lot easier for me. I can‘t drive it all the time due to the price of gas. My Dad also has a 2002 Nissan Maxima, and it is a few inches higher, but doesn‘t help my problem. Is it possible to lift my car up about 12 inches or so?Around How much would parts cost? How much would labor cost?What is the most you could lift this? Is there anything else that I could do to help me with this problem? I don‘t have a lot of money to spend.If will be checking this often, so if you ask any questions, I will answer them.
I have sciatica and sometimes it flairs up, for weeks at a time. I am just now beginning to be able to walk properly.but it does go away. I would suggest you seeing a doctor and spending your money that way. it would cost a fortune to raise the car, IF it is possible.Lift kits are designed for specific vehicles. The problems involved with lifting, include the steering gear has to be changed, the shocks, the springs, the alignment, drive shaft, u joints and who knows what else. Along with making the ride more choppy and unsafe. (easier to tip over) The motor isnt raised, so the drive shaft angle will be changed, and the u joints will wear faster. Get a higher 4 x 4 vehicle, and see your doctor.
Q:trying to find a good lift kit for my car i want to raise it up but not to much but i was wondering if any good kits anyone knows of like websites or etc but a good picture of an example would be nice if someone could give me any ideas of would work would be nice thanks for your help
My motorcycle dealer wanted to charge me about $2500 for new tyres and fitting. I don't go there any more
Q:i lifted my car yesterday with the floor jack on the desiginated lifting point of my car, but i only used 1 jack on the rear left and rear right sides to change my tires one by one. ( i first did the right side, then i went on to the left, so the car wasnt evenly lifted up on both sides, or front and back)is there a possibility that the frame could have been bent from the uneven lift?im wondering this because my auto tech teacher says that the frame for honda's are more eaisily bent than other carsi drive a 1991 honda accord
First, Hondas don't have frames; they are unibody. There is some 'flex in any car: I don't see anything wrong with jacking up one side then the other on the designated lifting points. After all, the jack they give you with the car can only jack up one tire at a time! They wouldn't make it so that would damage the car!!
Q:2 cars are being lifted up to the same height in a garage, car A weighs 1000 kgs and car B weighs 2000 kgs, write the letter A for car A, letter B for car B or write the letter C if the answer is both.1. It requires more work to lift up car ____2. Car ___ has more potential gravitational energy.3. If both cars fall, car ___ will accelerate more.4. If both cars fall, car___ will fall with more momentum.5. If both cars fall, car ____ will fall with more kinetic energy
I think you are supposed to have your transmission fluid flushed at your 90,000 mile mark. Probably again at 150,000. Check your owner's manual.

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