auto lift-two post lift-automotive service

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Two Post hydraulic  is a Hydraulic Lift/Car Lift/Two Post Lift, max lifting weight 4500 kgs, height 2000mm.

It's perfect choice for those customers who demand the most lifting capacity at the lowest possible price.

 auto lifts are designed with the features you need to be productive, no matter what type of shop you have


Main Features
1. Double hydraulic cylinder drive, stable lifting.
2. Mechanical safety latch in two carriage's back.
3. Automatic stop in the highest position.
4. Linear cut chainwheel arm locking device.
5. Synchronization cable and high intensity chain.
6. 24V low-voltage safe control keeps the users away
from unexpected injury.
7. Relief valve protect against overloading.
8. Press “UP” button on motor for lifting.
9. CE Certificated


Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall width


Length of long arm


Length of short arm


Width between columns


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

 auto lift-two post lift-automotive service

auto lift-two post lift-automotive service

auto lift-two post lift-automotive service


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Q:My cousin said that if a racecar is going fast (like 150-200 mph), and it doesn‘t have a spoiler, it will lift off the ground. However, I‘m still skeptical. Do racecars really fly without spoilers, or do the drivers just lose control over the car and crash because they don‘t have the beneficial traction a spoiler provides?
it wouldn't fly but what would happen the car could hit a bump or somehow get whatever part of the car thats facing forward to lift off the ground, like in a wreck, and the air will get up under the car and lift it off the ground, happens sometimes in nascar, even with spoilers a race car could do that, nascars actually have 2 flaps on the roof that flip up if it starts to slide sideways or backwards and those will keep the car down, but sometimes ina wreck the door flaps won't help and still gets launched in the air, but something has to happen to the car to get lifted off the ground for a short period of time, it couldn't just be going straight and suddenly start to lift off the ground
Q:i have a buick park avenue im trying to lift to put 24s on where should i buy a lift kit atand if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all
There is a reason most of the lifted cars you see are rear wheel drive. Its very difficult to do to a front wheel drive car because of the type of steering they use and the drive shafts. When they lift 4x4 trucks the usually lower the front differential so the height for the drive shafts that go to the wheels stays the same. In a FWD car the differential is inside the transmission so you would have to lower the complete engine and transmission. A little newer car than that it may be more possible but I dont think the design of the 92 would allow that to be practical.
Q:Does the lift service require a special industry operation certificate?
But at least you have to understand the principle of low-voltage, can understand the circuit diagram, hydraulic road map, road map and other basic skills, otherwise the accident is only
Q:Where on my car to lift from with my jack?
Lift the front first from the middle of the vehicle as high as possible and put the jack stands on the frame rail, the go to the rear and do the same.
Q:how a hydraulic lift works when it lifts a car up in the air?
A pump, pumps oil witch pushes a ram in and out, or up and down
Q:Who remembers when you had to access the gas tank of a car by lifting up the license plate? Tell about it.?
NO idea what causing it, but pull the fuse for them to stop
Q:trying to find a good lift kit for my car i want to raise it up but not to much but i was wondering if any good kits anyone knows of like websites or etc but a good picture of an example would be nice if someone could give me any ideas of would work would be nice thanks for your help
Yes, they change it for you. I don't know for how much, around 10 dollars?
Q:A hydraulic lift is lifting a car that weighs 10 kN. The area of the piston supporting the car is A, the area of the other piston is a, and the ratio A/a is 105.7. How far must the small piston be pushed down to raise the car a distance of 1.7 cm? [Hint: Consider the work to be done.]wrong check mark m
Use equation A1d1A2d2 Let capital A and A1 represent the piston holding the car d11.7 cm, convert to meters.017 little aother piston, A2 Given that A1/A2105.7 SOLVING FOR d2: Re-arranging equation: A1/A2d2/d1 105.7d2/.017 d21.8 m
Q:i have a 4 door large car and i want to give it a lift, what are the different ways i can do it and how much do they cost
o your talking about like a 'DONK car so your looking at a lot of money b/c most of them are custom made for each car.....they don't sell them like kits like for trucks
Q:At point A when the angle of elevation is 31 degrees, the lift cars will travel at 5.0 mph. Each degree of increase of elecation decreases the speed by .2 mph. Point A and point B are 600 feet away from each other (Point B is 600 feet right, closer to the mountain). We may be able to situate the base station at points other than points A and B. What base station location minimizes the time needed to reach the top? Also assume each degree of decrease in the angle of elevation increases the speed by .2 mph. Work please? Thanks!
We need a diagram, or a better setup. Is A at the same elevation as B? Is there some third point on the mountain to which the cars must travel? If so, what is its elevation and distance? (I guess if from A Θ 31?, we need the elevation OR the distance -- we can calculate the other.) If we put the station at B, how do we get to B? And what is the travel time to get to B? Does it matter?

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