Hydraulic Lift For Car Wash,Automobile Industry,Four Post Lift

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Product Description:


4T 2 Post Car  Lift Factory/ Cheap 2 post Car lift In China      




1. Technical Parameters:                                                             

Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Lifting time


Overall height


Overall width


Width between columns


Power supply





Carton+iron stand


Packing size



2. Features:                                                                                                

Clear floor design makes the operator work easier under the vehicle.

Adopt double cylinder, plate chain and steel rope balance system to make lifting stable

Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device, can adjust the rate of decline.

Manual lock release from single side, more convenient.

The two stage arm design is suitable for different kinds of vehicle chassis.

Retractable tray with three screw designed, adjustment range from 85mm to 115mm

With 24V limit switch ;

Preventing rubber pad and foot protection

Safety guard

Adopt 360°circumferential teeth of limit lock, strengthen the tensile strength and reliability.

Pass 115% dynamic and 150% static loading test.


1. Electric series lift cable tubing all hidden, nice shape.

2. The international standard mechanical insurance device and electric insurance device to unlock the device into one perfectly

3. Self-locking double insurance protection device, safe and easy operation.

4. Simultaneous connections using two cables, forcing the two synchronized slide move, effectively prevent the vehicle tilt.

5. Minimum lifting height 110mm, to adapt to the maintenance of high quality cars

6. Large load bearing chain, safe and reliable.


3. Warranty term:                                                                                                                                            



Our products are warranted for one years on equipment structure, to be free of defects in material and workmanship.


Motors, gear box, power units, hydraulic cylinders, and all other assembly components such asturnplates, slip plates,


cables, chains, valves, switches etc, are warranted for one year against defects in material or workmanship under normal use.

I will provide to you best of serve and after sale serve.

Looking forward to cooperation with you...


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Q:Need advice on what I should do about a car?
Sell the car, get a bus pass, get a lift to work from your boss and pay him some gas money. Any car you buy is going to likely cost you more in payments than the repair bill to get a car to pass your inspection. And who is to say another cheap car won't have some problems in short order. Buy cars with cash. Take a spending diet and just go carless. the money you save on insurance and repairs and gas should get you squared away in short order.
Q:Should the motor way speed limit be lifted ?
The best answer I can give is 'it's complicated'. Here are some points for you to consider: HGVs are currently limited to 56mph. Raising the limit will mean faster traffic has to weave around these, which would be very dangerous. Should you raise the HGV limiter as well? I wouldn't want to be the politician who suggests that, given how emotive the media got (and rightly so) when a HGV on the motorway killed a family on the M6. How many motorways are there where you can achieve high speeds all day? Drivers don't deliberately drive 10mph over the limit, they drive at what they think is a safe speed, so that isn't an issue. If 97% of people usually do around 80mph, raising the limit will make things safer by encouraging the remaining 3% to catch up, and it for 97% of people it won't change things. With hard shoulder running being rolled out nationally, a lot of motorways will end up with a 60mph limit most of the day anyway. The police don't enforce the 70mph limit, so surely it's worth raising it purely to clear things up a bit. How fast is too fast? It'll also increase the amount of respect drivers have for speed limits. Isn't a bigger issue the number of local speed limits which are ridiculously low? (There are many roads the police refuse to enforce the limit on as they think it's dangerously low, but councillors say they know all about road safety (and PR)) Most motorways are designed to be safely taken at 100mph, but this allows for some sub-standard sections. A couple of years ago the Conservatives said they'd raise the motorway limit if they got into power, but it was quickly dropped when they realised they might actually win. The problem is the politics, no-one wants to stand up in these all cars are evil times and suggest raising a speed limit. Many of the extreme parties (like the BNP) still have the motorway limit on their manifesto.
Q:What do you call the part that lift the car?
Q:Question about a car and truck lift?
get a rotary tm lift two post is good for lifting and working on cars4 post are good for storing one car on the lift and another undr it and oil changes. a scizzor lift is gay unless you just do brakes and change tires and stuff. cant access the under side of the car so well.
Q:How many balloons would it take to lift my 2 ton car?
If you plan to attach the balloons to a single point on your car, plan to replace that part after two tons plus is pulling on it. You will need a platform to support your car, and the weight of the platform needs to be determined. Plus the weight of tie down chains, if applicable. The balloons would need to be attached to all four corners of the platform. More for the heavy end, less for the lighter end. Basic Internet research will reveal how much weight one helium filled common party balloon will lift. Better yet, acquire 36 inch balloons for the task. Once you find out how much this will cost, you will change your mind and just go for the mathematical calculation instead. Leave the flying to your dreams. But to pursue it even further, see the reference below.
Q:Can having larger tires in the rear than in the front of a FWD car cause Tie Rod to break??
Not even close. The back of a car can't get high enough to break the front end. It had to have been done by impact (if broken) or age (if worn out).
Q:Unsufficient EGR valve lift orsth?
The hose may puncture some where,their could lose tappet cover you could have blown inlet gasket.Regards Martin.
Q:Lifting a 2wd truck stupid?
Not a stupid idea really. Its actually became popular in some areas. Think about it. How many trucks that you see that are lifted actually get taken into the mud or off road? about 2% probably! They make kits to do this type of lift on 2wds. So why not do it. Ya get the same look the rest of the 4x4 trucks have. Which is the reason most ppl do it in the first place. Cost I have no clue.
Q:What is the best way to lift fingerprints off a car?
The oils in fingerprints could shop them from being washed off by skill of rain. If the law enforcement officers do get fingerprints from the eggs and you're charged with the vandalism, you would be arrested. once you get arrested, your fingerprints would be taken.
Q:if you would do a oil change on your car where would you place the jack?

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