• Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift System 1
  • Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift System 2
Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift

Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift

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1.Lower base frame type;

2. Easy to install, environmentally safe;

3.Safety locks in each column automatically reset for added safety, 20 position, lock always engaged;

4.Automatic locking arms with inner type manual disengage;

5.Super-glide guide system, self lubricating, smooth lifting action, low maintenance;

6.Hydraulic relief valve protects lift from being overloaded;

7.Automatic raising synchronal with the dual hydraulic cylinders;

8.Easy operation: single point button to raise lift and lever to lower, can be gravity lowered without electrical power;

9.An electro-hydraulic drive and it guarantees low noise, long life, low absorption of power, high reliability, easy maintenance and quick installation;

10.3.5tons, 4.0tons can be customized upon request.


Model No.

Lifting Capacity

Lifting Height

Width between 2 post

Overall Height

Total Width

Net Weight

Motor Power








380v/220v 2.2kw






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Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift

Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift

Used 2 Post Car Lift For Sale,Car Lift,Hydraulic Car Lift



Q:Ok so I jacked my car up at the wrong spot.right behind the driver side rear tire. It held for awhile then when we came back the rear tire is out of arraignment and one of the bars that run from the tire to about middle of my car is bent. What do I do? We don‘t know what the bar is called, but can tell it can we replaced as it is connected by a bolt at the tire and connected by a bolt in the middle. The bar is probably 2-3 feet long. Please don‘t harass me about it.I know I did it wrong nothing to do about it now other than fix it. My dad and some friends are all willing to help fix it so I won‘t mess it up! Please any help would be great
That bar is part of the suspension. It could be a track bar, radius rod, or lower link. It's hard to say since you don't say make or model. You'll probably have to go to a dealer to get it. You may need to have the wheels aligned after installing it, if it has adjustable alignment in the rear.
Q:Might be a silly question but still thought would ask By upward lift I mean, the car just glides on the road at about 1-2 inches when travelling at speeds of over 80-90 miles per hour How much will be the impact on stbility of the car? Is it impossible to design such cars ?
At that speed, you want more weight on the tires, otherwise you can lose controll very easily. As far as creating the upward lift, you would be using some sort of air dam or other body modification to create that lift. To create the lift, you would be using your cars forward speed to build up that cusion of air, and that would require power. There is a point where your tires would no longer be able to put enough power to the ground (due to reduced contact patch/reduced friction) from the lift, and you would spin out. Also, the energy to create the lift needs to come from somewhere, in this case your engine, and it would not do your mileage any favors.
Q:I tried to pop open the hood of my car. I heard the popping sound and went to lift up the hood, and it wouldn‘t lift. It‘s like a crack open, but it wont pull all the way up. And I can‘t get it to shut, either. It‘s only a crack open, but it just wont close or open all the way. What should I do? I‘m going on a ten hour drive tomorrow to Colorado. Is it OK to drive with it cracked like that? It‘s not like it‘s going to fly open. I can‘t even get it to open. Another question of why I was opening my hood in the first place: I‘m trying to find the place to plug in the diagnostic reader to tell me what the code is for my check engine light. It‘s been on for a week now, but my car is running perfectly. I looked under the stearing wheel, and there was no place to plug it in. I opened the compartment on the drivers side with the fuses, and there is no place to plug it in there. It‘s a 2001 Ford focus.
you can ether starve it for air or pull the coil wire but that may give you a bite of a shock or just stop the fuel flow ether by removeing the fuel line or just letting the gas run out of your tank or disconectiong the battiery and the alt cables wil stop the flow of electrical curant to your coil and stopping the spark thuse shuting off your car then get your car door unlocked and reconet your alt and battier and this would probley be the best way of stopping your car eng from running but becarful not to ground out your conestions this can and could take out your computer in your car and thay are not cheap thinking that a tank of gas would coast less than to take the changes of shourting out your cars computer or brain
Q:i know i put this in the maintenance and repairs section, but im hoping for someone who know cars well that may be able to help. anyways i plan on lifting up a car and pulling a truck for a couple miles for my schools charity. i already know what im going to do to pull the truck, but i don‘t know where on the back of a small car is the easiest and sturdiest to use as my hand hold. i don‘t want to break anything and i don‘t wast to dent anything. i know this is weird but my friends gave the school clubs ideas and i couldn‘t say no to them. so i could really use someones help.thank you
Ok, I see what you're doing. As for lifting a car it really depends on what car it is and how it's made. If it has a strong separate bumper, then that may be good enough depending on how it's made. Many bumpers are designed for rear impact, not lifting. If it has a plastic/rubber type bumper that many cars have then that won't be the best place. You want someplace that is metal and strong enough to lift. The only other place that might be strong enough would be the metal wheel wells, but there's no guarantee if they aren't well built and reinforced that they won't bend if they are pulled outward while lifting. Have fun.
Q:I came across this -- something about an SUV from Guizhou:贵州越野车顶债主高速狂飙30公里时速140码My question is, what does 顶 and 140码 mean here? Thank you, if you can help me.
I had read this news in Chinese some days ago. 顶 means lift, jack up 140码 means 140 yards( the speed) A car lifts or jack up a people(the creditor) and run 30 kilometers with 140 yards. It's so difficult for me to translate this. I am a Chinese, and also a English beginner.
Q:Can the basement be loaded with a two-liter lift on the first floor? 15 cm thick floor! Welded steel plate okay
Hello, it is best not to install
Q:i‘m doing an experiment for chemistry and i need one more accomplishment for it to be perfect. I have a small toy car powered by 2/3 cups of warm water and 1 alka-seltzer tablet the toy car is lifted by the balloon(attached to the bottle of water) and the car pops a balloon and blows out a candle. I need the car to lift a 500 gram object(1.10 pounds.) PLEASE HELP!
before you hit the brakes you let off on the throttletherefore engine slows downsimple right?

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