Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment

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10000 unit/month
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    Standard 3t small double scissor lift .
    In-ground installation type ,without occupying space.
    It's convenient for demounting tyres and repairing chassis with
    synchronous hydraulic cylinders assembly.
    The lift features advanced ,deft and reasonable design, durability, and
    compact layout.
    Anti-explosion safety device makes it stable and reliable operation.
    Travel limit safety device ,protects machine from being damaged.
    All moving points adopt automatic lubricating oil-free bearing for
    ensuring long lifespan.
    Oil hose anti-explosion device.
    CE certificated.




Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall Width


Length of Platform


Runway width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment



1. Why should I choose CNBM 2 post car lift?

There are several reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a CNBM Lift:

Top raw materials from only the finest plants
Only professional cost-effective equipment
Low prices with high quality revenue producing products
Increase productivity for your customers( Your customers gain more, they will enjoy buying from you.)
The best customer service. Quick reply within 24 hours and more.
Great Warranty

2. How safe are your 2 post car lift?

Our 2&4 post lifts have been tested and CE certified for safety . They also meet the American
and Australian Standard.

3. Should I keep repair and replacement parts in stock?

Yes, most all commonly required repair and replacement parts should always keep in stock.

4. What type of fluid is required for my 2 post car lift?

We recommend use of a SAE10 hydraulic fluid that meets an ISO 32 specification, approximately 3 gallons / 12L are required.

5. Are CNBM 2 post car lift designed for commercial use?

All of our lifts can be used in commercial applications without any problems.

6. Do you offer any custom designs?

Yes,CNBM Lift provide OEM/ODM services to top range partners.Produce a superior product for you by your designs.


Q:How much force is produced to lift the car? Check my work!?
Q:Do you buy a car lift?
Basically, is to buy the place can be installed, and hope to be able to help you
Q:I have a 1999 toyota corolla. Due to severe back problems, I can‘t keep bending down to get in and out. I was thinking about getting it lifted about 12 inches. How much would the kit cost? What are the negatives of doing this?
Sorry, but I'm pretty sure they don't make a kit like that for any car. A 6 lift on a 4x4 truck is huge! Can't imagine making a car 12 higher.
Q:I have a 2005 Honda element that I would like to lift up about 3 and everyone keeps telling me its impossible. Well I know anything is possible, especially with a car, so any one know for sure?
Sure you can lift an Element, but at a substantial cost of about $1000/inch. We build SCCA Pro Rally cars, and I can personally tell you that it is not worth the effort and money. The only reason to lift an Element is to put larger tires on it, and by doing this you will need more HP, which the Element does not have to turn the larger tires.
Q:in not talking about lifting it to change a tire i mean like how you can drop or lower a car how do you make it higher is it hard to do or does it take long .
One does not 'lower' or 'drop' a car. It rides at the height the manufacturer made it to ride. It is not something that you should try to do. Any modifications you do to a cars suspension will damage the car. Not only does it make the car dangerous, but it would take away all it's resale value. If you have a car with modified suspension you should tell your insurance company, and pay the increased premium. Otherwise they will not cover you or the car in an accident if they can show your modification caused the accident or caused it to be worse. It is a really stupid thing to do.
Q:Or does it have to be extracted from on top of the car while standing over the hood area. I have a 96 BMW 7 Series.
Q:Your car weighs 20000 newtons and your jack has a mechanical advantage of 50. What force will you have to apply to lift one half of the car off the road to change the tyre?Thanks in advance ]
Since you are lifting half the car, you are in effect lifting only 10,000 N. since you have a mechanical advantage of 50, you require a 50th of this force to be applied to the jack. So the answer is 200N.
Q:i have a 4 door large car and i want to give it a lift, what are the different ways i can do it and how much do they cost
There are several ways you can lift a car depending on how much lift you want. custom springs, body lift, suspension lift, air bags,hydraulics, these items must be custom made for each car and will cost a good amount. There are some suspension lift kits online that are spacers that go under the factory spring. I don't recommend them as it makes the camber angle way off and wears the tires out very quickly another problem is the spacer tends to crack and cuases the car to drop to one side quickly and can cause you to loose control.
Q:A 6500-kg helicopter accelerates upward at 0.60 m/s? while lifting a 1200-kg car(a) What is the lift force exerted by the air on the rotors?(b) What is the tension in the cable (ignore its mass) that connects the car to the helicopter?
The Egyptians had advanced mathmatics to build pyramids, the Romans had their aquaducts and the Greeks had democracy
Q:All year my moms car soon to be mine has had a large rattling/bumping noise in the back of the car it wasn't so bad to began with but now you can hear it just driving down the street. They say that it is the catalytic converter and that I need a new one dose this sound right if it is whats a good price to pay and if it isn't whats wrong?

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