Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality

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Main Features      
1. Single hydraulic cylinder drive.      
2. Manual release from one side.      
3. Mechanical safety latch in four columns' back       
4. Adjustable distance between two platforms can be well applicable to vehicles of different width.      
5. Automatic stop in the highest position.      
6. Anti-surge valve that equipped in hydraulic joint ensures no danger in case of oil hose broken.
7. Relief valve protect against overloading.      
8. Valid protection system for steel cable broken.      
9. Front and rear positioning wheel stop.      
10. Suitable for four-wheel alignment.      
11. "UP" "DOWN" "EMERGENCY " button on control panel,simply operation.
12. 24V low-voltage safe control keeps customers away from enexpected injury.
13. CE Certificated.   
Item No. 4CMFL3.5
Lifting capacity 3500
Lifting height 1800mm
Minimum height 220mm
Overall height 2240mm
Overall length 5870mm
Width between columns 2340mm
Overall width 3220mm
Runway width 530    
Lifting time ≤60s
Lowering time >30s
Motor 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph


Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality

Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality

Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality

Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality

Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality

Car Lift Manufature Automotive Four Post Car Lift/High Quality


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Q:What is the working principle of a car lift?
When the motor button is pressed on the motor, the motor starts, drives the pump, sucks the pressure oil from the mailbox into the cylinder, moves the piston rod. At this point the relief valve is closed, the pressure has been adjusted before the factory. To ensure the lifting of the rated load requirements. But the system pressure exceeds the limit, the automatic overflow oil unloading. Release the start button, stop the oil supply, lift the end, start work. If you drop, pull the two mechanical safety locks on the slide, press the manual valve, start unloading oil drop.
Q:Will any size wheels fit on a proper lifted car?
NO!! There are only certain dimensions of rim and tire combos will fit. Mainly because of the clearance for the tires. If they are too big it would cause a problem when hitting the fender of the vehicle if they are too wide it could hit the frame or lower control arm.
Q:Is it leagal to tow my car it Im getting in the car?? If Im standing there??Can they still lift my car??
Q:Chinese car question -- need help translating information?
I had read this news in Chinese some days ago. 顶 means lift, jack up 140码 means 140 yards( the speed) A car lifts or jack up a people(the creditor) and run 30 kilometers with 140 yards. It's so difficult for me to translate this. I am a Chinese, and also a English beginner.
Q:What is your first impression on a guy that has rims on his car?
He's got his priorities mixed up. But since you didn't buy them, why worry.
Q:Are Ford 1989 SUVs a good car?
The only SUV's Ford made in the 1989 woud be the Bronco and Bronco II. The full sized Bronco is nice, but at $4000 a bit overpriced. A lifted Bronco II is pretty much a death trap for a younger driver, Also I'll do more research into this car as well. You might actually want to learn the actual name of the model you're looking at. There's no Ford with he model name SUV Just saying.
Q:During time of dire emergency, people have been known to lift tremendous weights(physics)?
Probably more power is needed. The same amount of energy is needed, but power is the RATE of energy. When people lift a car in an emergency, they do it faster than when somebody uses a jack.
Q:What fuel-efficient cars with a hitch could carry a wheelchair and lift?
Q:Where is the safest place to lift a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant with a car jack?
JORGE READ you manual, MOSt modern cars have JACK POINTS built right into the chassis Otherwise using a FLOOR JACK and using the SUB FRAME under the engine is a good place to start. Most cars ahve JACKING INSTRUCTIONS printed along with the SPARE TIRE. CHECK IT OUT. GOOD LUCK!!!
Q:If the cars had a solid-built 1-piece tilt front cap Talladega & Daytona would the cars stay on the ground?
I actually have a design that utilizes two ports that are integral with the body panels, which mean there are NO MOVING PARTS. They are angled and contoured to only be effective if the car turns past 45 degrees. After 45 degrees air is automatically evacuated inside of the cabin of the car, and since it cannot be trapped because the windows are open, the car cannot lift. I would love to share the design with NASCAR, but I would probably want them to pay me for my ideas. I hate wasting a good design

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