Auto Lift/Scissor Lift With Ce/Siccor Lift 3T/Auto Lift

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Product Description:

Scissor Lift Feature 


Ultra-thin design for easy on-ground mounting

Four-hydraulic design,steel boards stand for heavy duty lifting capacity

Self mechanical safe lock, pneumatic unlock device, lowest noise

Drawer type extensible platform for different vehicle

Low tension 24Volt power

Alarm alert when down work for avoiding damaging

Build-in motor overload protection device

Manual emergency pump as optional

Slotting adaptor and heighten rubber adaptor

CE Certificated






Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall Width


Length of Platform


Runway width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph


1. Why should I choose CNBM  scissor car lift?

There are several reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a CNBM Lift:

Top raw materials from only the finest plants
Only professional cost-effective equipment
Low prices with high quality revenue producing products
Increase productivity for your customers( Your customers gain more, they will enjoy buying from you.)
The best customer service. Quick reply within 24 hours and more.
Great Warranty

2. How safe are your scissor car lift?

Our 2&4 post lifts have been tested and CE certified for safety . They also meet the American
and Australian Standard.

3. Should I keep repair and replacement parts in stock?

Yes, most all commonly required repair and replacement parts should always keep in stock.

4. What type of fluid is required for my scissor car lift?

We recommend use of a SAE10 hydraulic fluid that meets an ISO 32 specification, approximately 3 gallons / 12L are required.

5. Are CNBM scissor car lift designed for commercial use?

All of our lifts can be used in commercial applications without any problems.

6. Do you offer any custom designs?

Yes,CNBM Lift provide OEM/ODM services to top range partners.Produce a superior product for you by your designs.

Auto Lift/Scissor Lift With Ce/Siccor Lift 3T/Auto Lift

Auto Lift/Scissor Lift With Ce/Siccor Lift 3T/Auto Lift

Auto Lift/Scissor Lift With Ce/Siccor Lift 3T/Auto Lift

Auto Lift/Scissor Lift With Ce/Siccor Lift 3T/Auto Lift

Auto Lift/Scissor Lift With Ce/Siccor Lift 3T/Auto Lift


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Q:A 12,000-N car is raised using a hydraulic lift, which consists of a U-tube with arms of unequal areas, filled with oil and capped at both ends with tight-fitting pistons. The wider arm of the U-tube has a radius of 18.0 cm and the narrower arm has a radius of 5.00 cm. The car rests on the piston on the wider arm of the U-tube. The pistons are initially at the same level. What is the initial force that must be applied to the smaller piston in order to start lifting the car? For purposes of this problem, neglect the weight of the pistons. A) 727 N B) 926 N C) 2900 N D) 3330 N E) 1.20 kN
Pascal's principle Pressure1 Pressure2 F1/A1 F2/A2 (Fforce and Aarea) A1 Pi*(0.05)? A2 Pi(0.18)? F212000 F1 12000*(0.05)? / (0.18)? 926N
Q:i wanna put 26‘s on my lincoln town car(lifted) but i still want it to go fast so i want to get a Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet Engine its a 460ci(550HP) and a PA Racing Performance Transmission would the 26‘s slow my car down ALOT? and yea i have the money for all this and if ur juss gonna b hatin dont even leave an answer
yeah 26's are going to slow your car down. more specifically it is going to kill your acceleration and compromise your overall performance. those 26's are going to weigh a **** ton and weight is the enemy of performance. Not only all of that but anything over 20 inches you need to put an entire new brake system in your car that has larger discs, larger calipers and better pads. because with those 26's wighing as much as they do it will also kill your braking distance and be potentially dangerous. Here is how this is all going to work though. while you may infact have the money for all this your not going to do it right. this car is going to be unsafe and most likley look like ****. i just spent an hour researching this and cant find anyone online who has done a 460ci ford racing swap into a lincoln towncar. not to mention that engine is $7,403.99 from the jegs catalog. good luck with your project. but look into what your actually doing before you start posting **** online.
Q:I have a ‘07 Scion tC, and when it was new the hatchback lifted very easily when I opened it. Now it only opens about halfway before I have to push it up manually. I guess the mechanism that does the lifting needs cleaning or lubricating or re-pressurizing, but I‘m not sure if it‘s something I can do myself or if I‘d have to take it to a mechanic. How can I get it to lift like it did when it was new?
in case you could holiday a motorbike a vehicle is easy. Sorta like a vehicle is an airplane yet a motorbike is a helicopter. It takes extra skill to holiday a motorbike. although a vehicle is extra significant than a motorbike (yet no longer as relaxing) because it retains you from the climate aspects. See video under for extra information
Q:In a hydraulic lift, the diameters of the pistons are 4.96 cm and 20.2 cm. A car weighing W 10.4 kN is to be lifted by the force of the large piston. (a) What force Fa must be applied to the small piston? (b) When the small piston is pushed in by 10.4 cm, how far is the car lifted? (c) Find the mechanical advantage of the lift, which is the ratio W/Fa.Any help would be appreciated. I‘m just looking to understand the problem!
Q:Lifting machine specification procedure
Only the correct operation of the car lift, in order to extend its life, the safety of the staff can be guaranteed.
Q:I have a 2001 Monte Carlo Ls and I wanted to put 22s on it but i wasnt sure if i had to get it lifted. I was trying to find out before i put the rims on.
LMFAO...only makes you look gay...Dont do it put some nice 17's on look way better
Q:I have really bad OCD about running people over in my car. I constantly think im have ran someone over so i go back and check which makes my jorneys very long sometimes i have to recheck a route 6 - 10 times. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to stop it, i am waiting for my CBT to start also i was wondering if i did run someone over would i defintley see it? would there be a noise? and would i get a dent in my car?
ummm I wouldn't worry about whether or not you hit somebody.unless of course you see a body roll up your car. Or if you suddenly feel as if you drove over a very large speed bump If not, don't be so OCD about it.
Q:Hay i have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee limited and was wondering how much it would cost to give it a 4 6 and 8 lift kit and the labor in order to put it in the car.
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lift Kit
Q:any good sites on pipe cars or big go karts?

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