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The paver shall be properly adjusted to the asphalt or water front floating gauge
Paver paving asphalt with water steady elevation is not the same, paving asphalt when the elevation of 7 degrees, you can see the end of the ironing board, hammer side higher than the paving thickness of 0.5-1cm, and then fine-tuning.
Why should the crawler paver be used in the paving of modified asphalt mixture?
Crawler paver has strong adhesion and stable running.
Who has the information of Xugong 751 spreader machine, can you pass it on?
Factory design defects, replacement parts, not cheap, bearings imported applications. But many businesses say to customers that imports are actually not.
What's the difference between the ABG8820 paver and the 8620?
You ask, is it performance? Price? Control, I will add tomorrow, ask what, ABG I can answer, the two difference is not big, the main difference is that their control system, 8820 imported, 8620 Shaanxi construction assembly,
In road construction, when asphalt mixture is paving, why does it stop easily when the paver changes halfway?
Suddenly change one of the parameters, will break this balance, and then cause paving, segregation and other issues.
How much can an asphalt paver cost?
Do you want to buy equipment, you can leave a contact, introduced.
Is the paver difficult to drive? How long will it take to learn?
Now most of the paver, either domestic or imported, are all hydraulically operated, so very simple, as long as the driver in driving at it, feeding a material level meter, leveling a balancing beam, can be very easy to learn to master for a period of time can.
7.5kW what's the size of the 50L?
Paver model and introduction (for reference only): 1. TITAN423 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt materials; stable materials; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete; rail ballast. Application Engineering: highway; automobile special road; grade highway; airport; mending road; water conservancy project; asphalt surface layer and structure layer; railway subgrade. Technical parameters: Engine: power 133KW; maximum paving width: 12m; paving thickness: maximum 300mm; speed: operation speed 0-16m/min; hopper: capacity of about 14T. Paving productivity: 700t/h (Theory) 2, TITAN325 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt material; cement stabilized material; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete (RCC).