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Okorder.com is a professional Environmental Maintenance supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Environmental Maintenance firm in China.

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Which brand of paver is good?
Super130 is a better reputation in the industry of a model, domestic pride
Vogele paver parameters
Material handling and paving system:Scraper conveyor: 2, the scraper can be replacedDrive: independent drive and control on both sidesSpeed: stepless speed change (manual or automatic)Stir the Dragon: 2, the blade can be replaced, the dragon can be reversedDiameter: 400mmHeight: stepless regulation, with a range of 10cmDrive: independent on both sidesDriving and controlling speed: double direction stepless speed change (manual or automatic)Central lubrication system:Electrically driven grease pump, scraper and auger bearings are lubricated automaticallyWeight:Prepare AB500 hydraulic telescopic screedPaving width 5m: 18.1tPaving width 8m: 20.1tScreed:Maximum paving thickness: 30cmPaving width: depending on the ironing plate and generator
loaders (1 units) of the certificate and operation permit scanning, 64099319, post 120The roller is 1 smooth wheel roller and 2 roller roller, mainly operating permit must have
Want new, old ones?AskYes, the new one is the best. Please speed me, 3QChasing the answerNew to your local construction machinery sales department on the line, or you can call brand customer service, telephone sales consulting department. What part of the country are you in? What brand of machine do you want?
Why do we use crawler paver when there is sticky oil circuit paving asphalt?
Sprinkle oil in most cases is a big project, in order to good bonding, just spilled oil, big projects generally use large paver, large paver and mostly tracked crawler paver attachment ground capability, high traction; tire skidding, therefore, often see the track of oil spilled paver construction.
Paver pricePaver price
Different manufacturers, different brands, models, different configurations, prices will vary. See what you need, and if convenient, you can leave contact information, we can further communicate with you.
then, when laying water stability, paver 12 meters of assembly can be?
Vibrating only 12 meters, even at the end of the screed, there will be material overflow, but need to be re processed
What kind of concrete paver? What's his composition?
The synovial paver is very advanced at present. It can be used to lay the concrete pavement. It can not use the edge formwork, complete the paving molding process and the construction process at one time. You can refer to the corresponding standard..
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the track type and synovial cement concrete paver?
Mainly to see if there is a paver walking position, because the Slipform Paver is cross paver, need a walking position. In addition Slipform Paver paving fast and good quality, and the bid price is not the same, to look at the owner's request.