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Xugong 952 paver and 951 what's the difference?
The engine is different, the power is not the same. 951 is the 952 diesel DEUTZ. Flatness error is not the same, the slope error is not the same. The lifting of the dragon is different from the ruler... As a whole, that's the details. It doesn't affect the whole car.
Application method of paver balance beam
There are many kinds of paver Balancing beams, each with an instruction manual, but very similar. Domestic or imported? Which one?. For reference only.
loaders (1 units) of the certificate and operation permit scanning, 64099319, post 120The roller is 1 smooth wheel roller and 2 roller roller, mainly operating permit must have
New to your local construction machinery sales department on the line, or you can call brand customer service, telephone sales consulting department. What part of the country are you in? What brand of machine do you want?
Loudi municipal asphalt paver operators will not go to repair the highway, tired?
The task of repairing the high speed will go to work, ah, no work is not tired, see how you think.
How much can an asphalt paver cost?
The difference between the price of imported and domestic is very large. What technical requirements do you have?. I've been working on asphalt heating and finishing equipment, and I hope I can help you.
The paver is good
ABG: the product is, because of the localization of early and sufficient spare parts, deputy plant parts everywhere. There are also many technicians in the industry who do not have to find a manufacturer or an agent to maintain it. There are mainly imported brands in Germany, Demag, Vogele, Dynapac ABG (VOLVO), Japan, Italy, Sumitomo van Bitaili, Antec, America bw-knox etc.. At present, the construction technology and paver specifications limit, in China, mainly using Germany's four major brands of 9-12.5 meters paver. Since these four brands are mature products in the world, they can meet the requirements of product quality, performance and service life, and none of them are particularly good. The characteristics and advantages introduced by various manufacturers can not bring obvious improvement to the quality of the construction, or without these advantages, the quality of the road laid out can meet the requirements of the owners completely.
Asphalt paver width of a few meters, width of four meters, you can do the asphalt pavement
The paver is divided into rigid and trap. The basic width trap is 3 meters on both sides of the telescopic 1.5 meters to 6 meters. 4 meters of the road with a trap that paver
the thickness of 18 cm, you count the freight how much money, how much money paving health
Wow, so professional, I do not know the machinery