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I have a roller, a paver, a project outside there, how do I know?
The search for a paving machineOr send your own post, say where the project needs to pave the machine, just wait for someone to ask on the line
Paver learning summary
Mainly write about the main work, how to work hard, the achievements, and finally put forward some reasonable suggestions or new efforts.......Job summary is to let the superior know what contribution you make and what your job value is.So, what should be done?:1, your position and work on the understanding of 2, specifically, what did you do?3, how do you work hard, what is your brain to solve?. Even if it's nothing, write some difficult questions.
Where is the Volvo paver in Germany?
Located in northern Germany's Hammern (HAMMELN) cityABG, a subsidiary of Ingersoll-Rand Co (acquired by VOLVO), was founded in 1945 and has more than half a century of history.
A paver shall be equipped with several water stable pavement
(4) the health of cement stabilized layer of rolling forming, should pay attention to early maintenance, strength of normal development, especially in the 1 week after construction, lime soil surface should be kept moist, the covering sacks of wet smelting curing method, at least water 2 times a day, not to send lime soil surface. All vehicles are prohibited during the period of health. (5) quality control measures: flatness can be guaranteed by both sides of the vertical mold, and in the middle of the road, each 5m hit a Gao Chengzhuang, set a cube mesh, in order to detect and detect deviations in a timely manner. The initial pressure of each layer with 3M Aluminum Alloy ruler check flatness, timely chipping, leveling, concave should be turned loose after finishing, revision depth shall not be less than 10 cm. The seam roadway with half construction, using ladder miter joints. The seams on the upper and lower floors should be staggered. Transverse joints also adopts vertical joints, non mitered vertical joint production must be strictly in accordance with the regulations. Shrinkage and cracking and construction joints in the construction and maintenance of lime soil during the processing by 400g/m2 geotextile, prevent crack reflection to the asphalt surface layer.
loaders, rollers, scraping machine, paver these mechanical equipment, is required for these things started. Urgently
It's hiddenThing。 Vasali said, "one day Francesco started painting."His own self portrait, for which he was in a convex mirrorStare at yourself, just like a hairdresser......
Can the water stable paver be paved 800 meters a day?
The progress of the project, and many of the first factor, personnel deployment, management is second, all kinds of machines; the operation is normal; third, paving width and thickness; fourth, operation technology, mentality, and engineering supervision will be difficult; fifth, weather......
Where can learn to drive a milling machine, paver
No professional schools, can only go to the construction unit as an apprentice, while studying while doing.
How long can the asphalt paver be paved?
The road temperature drops below 50 degrees, and water can be used to speed up the process.