Handrail Support and Bracket

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A. Handrail    support and bracket              43x1.5mm

B. Handrail    Flush Joiner                            43x1.5mm

C. Handrail    End caps                                43x1.5mm

D. Handrail    Base                                       43x1.5mm

E. Handrail    Tube saddle                            43x1.5mm



 1) Suit diamater: 38.1/50.8mm

 2) Material: AISI304 and AISI316

 3) Surface: G320 satin finish or G800 mirror finish

 4) Payment: T/T 30% to confirm the order, 70% balance payment upon copy of B\L, or L\C at sight

 5) Delivery time: 40 days upon advance payment

 6) Delivery: By vessel, by air, by express.

 7) Package: Clean poly bags+ white box+ carton + pallet.

 8) Customer design: Our engineer team can offer teconical support on customer design, based on your sample or drawing.

 9) For more glass clamp. handrail fittings, balustrades, railing system please e-mail us for full catalogue

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The invaluable experience gained by successful engineers and team over many years in the dental sector has resulted in products that are indispensable in countless dental practices and included global innovations. We are willing to work in partnership with our distributors. "Development, quality, service" is our developing basis forever.

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