Handrail Support and Bracket AISI304 and AISI316

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Handrail    support and bracket38.1/50.8mm
Handrail    Flush Joiner38.1/50.8mm
Handrail    End caps 38.1/50.8mm
Handrail    Base38.1/50.8mm
Handrail    Tube saddle 38.1/50.8mm




 1) Suit diamater: 38.1/50.8mm

 2) Material: AISI304 and AISI316

 3) Surface: G320 satin finish or G800 mirror finish

 4) Payment: T/T 30% to confirm the order, 70% balance payment upon copy of B\L, or L\C at sight

 5) Delivery time: 40 days upon advance payment

 6) Delivery: By vessel, by air, by express.

 7) Package: Clean poly bags+ white box+ carton + pallet.

 8) Customer design: Our engineer team can offer teconical support on customer design, based on your sample or drawing.

 9) For more glass clamp. handrail fittings, balustrades, railing system please e-mail us for full catalogue

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