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The use of the western-style food tableware.
A knife is used for cutting food, do not use a knife to stir up food into her mouth. Right hand knife. If during the dinner conversation, there are three kinds of different specifications of knife appear at the same time, the correct usage is commonly: with little jagged that one used to cut meat; Medium-sized to large vegetables cut into small pieces; And the small, some point is round head, the top up a knife, is used to cut the bun, and then use it to select some jam and butter on the bread. Don't make a mistake. fork Left hand fork, the fork to deliver up the food into his mouth, the movement wants light, pick up the suitable amount of disposable food into the mouth, don't procrastinate, a large bite down again, this is very indecent. Fork to pick up the food into the mouth and teeth only encounter food, don't bite the fork, do not put the knife and fork on the tooth or pan sound. Spoon on formal occasions, there are many types of spoon, small is used for coffee and dessert; Flat for butter and eat cake; The larger, used to drink soup or scrawled food; The largest is the public to eat soup, common in the buffet. By place by place is according to order food from outside to inside. Some vegetables after use, can remove part of the knife and fork. A knife and fork to put the direction and position are exquisite. Knife and fork on the pad plate is eight, blade itself, fork pointed down means you want to have dinner; Put a knife and fork parallel on the pad plate edge to place, fork pointed up you don't want to have dinner. Spoon placed horizontally in the pan, soup spoon up heart, also said tableware can 収 go with soup.
Haagen-dazs ice cream package?
This package also added two new black tea bags, packages for 218 dollars!In haagen-dazs club manager looking at that gave me a meal, after eating ran back upstairs for 50 minutes, instrument for 30 minutes,
Disposable tableware and disinfection tableware which health? Now the hotel which is the most used?
Disinfection tableware hygiene, people like to use disinfection tableware, hotel are generally not rent the tableware, has specially rent the tableware, is that kind of packing good, this hotel may charge a dollar per tableware of kaifeng.
Western restaurant, has opened for women and children to design a parent-child combo, should how?
Parent-child package As a mother with children Part - mother's best health food series, such as high fiber and low CARDS such as organic fruits and vegetables and grains fish or chicken, beef - kids don't three-course meal is beautiful! To prepare children special tableware and toys such as wax pen and paper or cartoon cap or small figures such as representative restaurant brands is preferred, dishes. For thick soup is 2.
Hope that answer detail, is the tableware on first? And then the tableware on the dining table is put in this, western-style food tableware and table is rectangular 】 【 purposes. Western food service skills. 【 please detail
The world's advanced western banquet table is the basic unified. The common principle is: 1, pad plate center, fork left knife right, point upwards, blade inward. 2, pre-market cross keys, staple food left, tableware, on the right put the rest of the equipment as appropriate. 3 equals the number and type of drink, wine glasses, pendulum method, from left to right in turn set high glass, wine glass, champagne glass, beer mug. 4 napkin on the plate, western food, if the guests have not yet settled before need to put some items into the plate, napkin on the side.
Do a medium-sized disposable tableware processing plants need how many money
A second drawback Price no advantage As for the local I sell it to the hotel restaurant's price is the price of 0.8 yuan disinfection tableware also is same. It takes me to the purchase price on the freight cost about 0.6 yuan And packing seal contraction of what, plus artificial. My basic profit less than 0.1 yuan. The third disadvantage Also I cannot bear most fragile a table to listen to a hotel owner eight people to eat It took more than 20 sets of tableware! Cups and bowls you can only use holding can't pinch A pinch is broken!
A dinner set of international standards include?
(1) the number of plates: according to its USES are divided into butter, bread plate; Salad, dessert plate; The main course with dish, soup plate or bowl. (2) the dao class, there are four kinds of commonly used: 1) dinner (long handle) with a knife; (2) the salad and fish with a knife; (3) butter knife (if no this dao, which can substitute for); (4) steak knife, sharp blade, also have a zigzag.
Tableware disinfection can profit
Daily disinfection tableware distribution quantity should be 03000 to 15000 sets, consumers use pay $1 per set, each set tableware cleaning, disinfection, 0.2 to 0.35 yuan, comprehensive cost of delivery to establishments were 0.7 to 0.8 yuan per set, each can earn 0.35 to 0.6 yuan, so can earn nearly $ten thousand a month, about half a year will invest to recover... Only from the point of the data, tableware disinfection companies profit is considerable, in the market, policy, technology, under the condition of complete investment tableware disinfection companies now is the best time for you to make money.