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Restaurant I do a lot of salesman sell imitation porcelain tableware and ceramic tableware?
But there are fewer copy of money, as long as not poison people like it
Children take a fancy to a set of high-end tableware, insisted on, her husband is too expensive
You bought this set of tableware, your wife won't let you wash the dishes, she is afraid of you broke
Accidentally use detergent to wash the dishes, what's the remedy
Wash with detergent, water washed a few times more.Salt water bubble Water washed a few times more Not ok.
What about the family iron plate
Harmonious around noon to turn a circle and I don't know what to eat, think of never to eat is family came up at a glance to walk a circle, also didn't find want the iron plate is the last one, just as his family had to a sizzling abalone mushroom broccoli, 15 yuan, his house is some iron plate to send a cup of soup and a rice, suitable price, quantity many, a person eat enough, dishes look pretty fresh look good, it is a good place to iron too oil, base oil are all full...
How much money drying tableware disinfection machine
In fact, now many larger restaurants are self-provided disinfector But it is bad to say, every industry has a successful example, see oneself how to do, as long as dare to input and pay, have a clear conscience! First after the success of the company to open up the main sell breakfast shop sell interval to send something it is best to some of the columns of a table in a after a dream is enough to buy back the need to have their own stable customer group, have good market to have a good start, because this industry depends on a lot of customers, not to face directly to the end customer, therefore, prepare your own way is the key, when the road lay good, your product just the easy, products at home always is not money, it's just the same product
Disinfection tableware money should go to a restaurant?
The common problems in some medium and small restaurants, much like shenzhen, as a service industry, especially the food and beverage service, need to focus on is the customer's health and health, a meal before there is a similar fly, now a disguised form of tableware fees issue, is should not, I think the relevant agencies should intensify efforts to undertake investigating about such things, I suggest call 12315 complaints telephone complaints, such as no matter, we can use public opinion to ask the government and relevant organizations to note that these are all need to work together all of us
How to use western tableware for dinner?
Unless a fork and knife with, can use the right hand fork to eat. The right hand with a knife, the fork with his right hand. A knife and fork as far as possible don't make a sound during the meal. Such as temporary seat, knife and fork into "eight" glyph is placed in the dish, has said that it had not finished. With finish, extremely remove side by side, the handle toward the right. How to eat: formal western dinner party, generally speaking, there are nine to 10 points, according to the order of serving, with what tableware to eat what food, what kind of cup drink wine, or "outsider". The first line of the bread and butter. Bread into small pieces and butter, eat a piece of a piece. The name of the second cold snacks. Use the knife and fork. The third soup. Who drink with sarira cup. The fourth fish. Drink white wine, white wine cup. The fifth, deputy dish (small). Use the knife and fork. 6 main dishes (food). The whole smoked animals, such as roast Turkey. Use a knife and fork, red wine, with red wine. The seventh dessert. With dessert spoons and forks, champagne, with champagne cup. The eighth fruit. With a fruit knife. Ninth coffee. Such as milk, stir with coffee spoon after drinking. The first ten mouth wine (honey). With a cup. But in general, for western food, tableware is simpler, menu items is more simple.
Brigitte fiber weight packages, white kidney bean dietary fiber powder and nutritional meal powder how to eat?
This product is low fat, low sugar, low in calories, high fiber, high protein, strong palatability characteristics such as search