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Why don't fire fighters use that white foamy stuff that you get in fire extinguishers to fight everyday fires, instead of water?Basically I was watching the news today and there was some cottage fire's some where in England and it just got me thinking. Is the white foamy stuff in fire extinguishers only good for small fires?That makes no sense though. And also if water is better for the bigger fire's then why aren't fire extinguishers filled with water.As soon as this popped in to my head I knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it.So to recap my main question is;Why is water used instead of the stuff in fire extinguishers to fight fires?Any help would be great. :)
Depending on the layout, you may have to cut into the floor. I would suggest using flew hose and c clamps if its accessible.
Like my title, i'm simply wondering if there is a way to get your clothes a little more snug, as if the garment had been through the wash and the dryer..however without actually putting the garment through the wash cycle? Thanks
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Okay..so low battery warning. I took the battery out yet it keeps beeping at me? UGH!! WHY!!
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What joints do nylon hard tubes work on?
(I) flared type pipe jointApplication: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium pipe joint with steel pipe specifications and flexible pipe welding, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good sealing performance, so it is widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, textile, metallurgy, national defense, aviation, ship etc.; also suitable for hydraulic transmission of various mechanical engineering, machine tools and other equipment pipeline. Flared tube fittings are manufactured in the following six categories:
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The two bolts that look alike go through the two holes after the bracket is placed on the frame. The swivel headed bolt is used to secure the lock once you place it in the mount. Tighten the bolt with the swivel parallel to the bolt until there is no play in the bolt and then fold the swivel until it is at a 45 degree angle. It will tighten up and add pressure in order to clamp on the lock and keep it from popping out of the mount if you hit a bump. Good luck! Eric
Yesterday, forgetting there was residue from a fire extinguisher in our oven, i turned it on to prepare some garlic toast. After about 20 minutes, i came back to a very distinctive fishy smell in my kitchen, and when i opened the oven, i got a very big whiff of it. About an hour later, i started getting very stressed and hyper. I felt like i wanted to explode. Also, i was very paranoid, and found myself continually worried somebody was going to break into my house. When i went to bed, i only slept for 30 minutes, even though it felt like i had slept a whole night. When i woke up it felt like i was vibrating in my bed.All in all, it was a very scary experience, especially since i wasn't expecting it. Are their chemicals inside of a fire extinguisher that could get you high like this, or was it something i ate or another external factor?
If you notify your landlord that you will move out until the gas is fixed, she has to prorate your rent for the days you cannot be in the unit. She is not obligated to pay for your hotel or other expenses. If you stay in the unit, you are not entitled to any compensation
In Windows XP the performance of the system is extremely slow down at the long run. How to tune Windows XP?
i dont think so-in MISSISSIPPI there can not be any joints under the slabdont know bout other states-i guess you might oughta check the local building inspectors office in your area hey have a good and safe MEMORIAL DAY-
If there was a fire and I went to pull the fire alarm what if I read the directions out loud to help me to understand what to do and to make me more confident? Also what if my hand slipped and I had to pull the handle again and I said uh-oh? Do people ever talk out loud to themselves or to a friend standing nearby in this situation? Why is it that someone would do this silently while another one would talk out loud and still get the job done? If a kid were to pull a fire alarm in a fire would they be more likely to talk out loud since it is a new thing for them? What would they say out loud to themselves in this situation to help them?
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