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I am tight on money but i need to buy a vest for jumping. It can be used but in decent condition. Thanks for the suggestions!Btw it can be any color
If it happens again, listen carefully. The one thatis causing the problem will sound different from the others. Take a vacuum cleaner hose to it. Probably it is dirty.
hi i have a problem my 89 f150 has a broken leaf spring mount/shacklebut how do i remove it ITS STUDDED IN its a 1989 ford f150 thanks for looking please help me with this
Is it when you run the washer or when you run the dryer? If it's the washer, you have a leak. The hot water from the washer is warming up that stale, moldy, rotting water. Follow the pipes (both in and out) and try to find the leak. Hopefully it will be where two pipe fittings are screwed together - so you don't have to worry about soldering. Just turn the water off, unscrew the pipes (you'll need a couple of wrenches and some lube because it will be tight and probably rusted) and wrap plumber's tape (it's actually called that - you can go to a hardware store and ask them where they keep the plumber's tape and they'll show you) around the side that has the threads and then put it back together. If it's anywhere else, get a friend that's handy with a small blowtorch and solder to take care of it for you. :-D If it's the dryer, something died in your dryer vent. Tell some guy friend/husband that you just don't know why your dryer isn't working as well as it should - and can you check that metal thingy that goes out of the house to see if maybe it's clogged or something? *blink* *blink*
can you be hynotized even if you are wearing contact lens?
confusing stuff. query at the search engines. that will might help!
ok. so i bought a pair of bourkes told i would not be able to put them on my helmet. im fine with that. but i have a 4 face shield and its a pain. i would like to have a flashlight on my helmet but if i put it on with the faceshield it creates a problem. If u have a faceshield and a helmet light, explain what you have or what you reccomend
Don't taunt the test monkey. Don't drink anything blue. Don't drop the Ebola virus dish.
Basically when my alarm goes off, I wake up in a haze, but am not aware enough to know I have to actually GET UP and go to work.Anyone have any tricks for actually getting up when the alarm goes off?
John, you're going to need to brake out some concrete around the stack to allow the bottom no-hub coupling to be partially below the slab. To make the cut on the cast iron below the slab, means you are going to need to brake out the entire 4 of concrete about 12 square (or round), remove the gravel and some dirt, just to get the tools in there to cut it. As a professional, I personally would just brake it out to make the connection below the slab, but it's your house and your call. The B-dry system typically consists of waterproofing panels on the walls and interior drain tile and a sump pump. So damaging the underslab drain tile is possible, but is also easily repaired if damaged. Good luck with the project
i want to start selling baby clothes with own designs on (possibly on shop or start own website), and not sure how to go about it? would i be allowed to buy wholesale bulk of plain baby suits or t-shirts, then sew or print my own designs on then sell them on. or would this not be allowed cos clothes would already have someones label in?! or any ideas?? thank you
shut off the computer and turn it on again, continuosly press f10 until it goes to a screen that says enter setup. Under it go to settings on one of the tabs and it will show the password, you can clear it, change it, or write it down.
The gas cooker joint is pagoda shaped. Can it fall down and connect with bellows joint directly?
The gas stove is now generally provides two kinds of interface for the user free choice, Green joint (the joint) can be connected with a rubber tube or stainless steel corrugated pipe gas stove (socket), Green joint is a movable connection, threaded interface is the 1/2 Green joint off, can be connected with stainless steel bellows tube (screw type stove).The only way to provide Green joint connections is small manufacturers of products.The water heater is also the joint of 1/2, but our usual method is to connect a gas with 1/2 live copper ball valve, and then connect the non fixed stainless steel bellows to the gas.Stainless steel bellows, pipe (thread), one end is 4 points (1/2) interface, and the other end is 3 points of the interface. 3 points, one end of the interface used to connect 4 and 3 points gas valve (one thread 4 points, the other end of thread 3 points).In order to avoid water and mix with water hose or ball valve with stainless steel bellows, gas 4, 3 points 4, 3 ball valve and gas stove pipe branch of stainless steel corrugated 3 points at one end of the thread and the water with the product of 3/8 thread is different, can not connect to each other.Stainless steel bellows, water products and gas products, testing items and standards are not the same, do not use water products instead of gas products, it is also not suitable for small manufacturers of incomplete production of gas products
i was wondering what i should where to a airsoft gun fight im doing it with my friends and i dont wanna look like a freak but i dont want to wear to little
For starters, how old is the detector? You should replace them every ten years, battery and hardwired models both. Next, push the TEST button. If the unit squeals, it's probably okay. But that green LED should come on, if it doesn't check to be sure you have the battery in correctly.