• SS400/Q235 Hot Rolled Steel Coil Strip high quality System 1
  • SS400/Q235 Hot Rolled Steel Coil Strip high quality System 2
  • SS400/Q235 Hot Rolled Steel Coil Strip high quality System 3
SS400/Q235 Hot Rolled Steel Coil Strip high quality

SS400/Q235 Hot Rolled Steel Coil Strip high quality

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25 m.t.
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10000 m.t./month

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Hot Rolled Steel Coil / Strip



Steel Grade:

SS400 Q235 Q345 SPHC







Surface Treatment:



in coil


































MIDDEL-PLATE(Material: Q235A/B-Q345A/B)

MIDDEL-PLATE(Material: Q235A/B-Q345A/B)
















Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in coil and load by bulk vessel or container
Delivery Detail:within 30 days after deposit or original L/C
Q:I have one and need info about it??....It has a wooden case around the steel necks.and 20 strings,Twin Tens.
well, it was made sometime before 1981, because that's when Fender quit making 10 string steel guitars. Without any more information than what you've given me, it could be the Pedal 2000, the PS210, or the Artist Dual 10. Fender made steel guitars from the 1950s through 1981, so it could be from any time in there. I hope you have the pedals with it. The 10-string and dual 10-string models were quite expensive in their day. Unfortunately, if you're thinking of reselling it, you're probably not going to get a lot of money for it unless you find a pedal steel player, and like I said, having all the pedals is very important in that case. Anyway, hope this helped. Good luck. If I were you I'd learn to play it. Pedal steel players are always in demand.
Q:I downloaded broken steel, the notice of my level cap raising was shown, but after reaching the Jefferson Memorial (when you are supposed to activate the purifier) if I kill Colonel Autumn, then Lyons simply says that we must secure the area, and I can't complete the mission. If I let Autumn live, then she gets stuck in a loop saying Steel be with you over and over. Has anyone else experienced this/how can I fix this? I paid $10 for the expansion and I'm getting ripped off.
Broken Steel alters the ending of the original Fallout 3 to allow continued play after the end of the main quest line. This means that when it is time to go into the reactor at the end of Take it Back!, you can still go in yourself or you can send one of three side characters. However, even if you go yourself, you do not die. Instead, you survive the ordeal and wake up two weeks later at the Citadel. If you allow the Purifier to explode, the game will still end. Elder Lyons will inform you that you and Sarah Lyons were knocked unconscious by an unknown energy spike. Sarah will still be in a coma
Q:Can steel coils be used in electrical applications?
Certainly, electrical applications can make use of steel coils. In the realm of electrical circuits, steel coils often serve as magnetic cores in transformers and inductors, which are indispensable components. The steel employed in these coils typically consists of high-quality electrical steel, possessing distinct magnetic attributes, including low core losses and high permeability. These attributes empower the steel coils to efficiently transmit electrical energy between various circuit components. Furthermore, steel coils can also find utility in other electrical applications, such as the construction of electric motors and generators. Taking everything into account, steel coils are extensively employed in electrical applications due to their magnetic properties and their capacity to handle high currents and temperatures.
Q:How do steel coils contribute to earthquake resistance in structures?
Steel coils contribute to earthquake resistance in structures by providing strength and flexibility. When used in the construction of buildings, steel coils can absorb and dissipate the energy generated by an earthquake, preventing it from causing significant damage. The high tensile strength of steel allows it to withstand the lateral forces and vibrations during an earthquake, ensuring the structural integrity of the building. Additionally, the ductility of steel allows it to bend and deform without breaking, further enhancing its ability to withstand seismic activity.
Q:How do steel coils contribute to the marine equipment industry?
Steel coils contribute to the marine equipment industry by being a crucial component in the manufacturing of various marine equipment such as ships, boats, and offshore structures. These coils are used in the construction of hulls, decks, and other structural parts, providing strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, steel coils are used in the production of marine equipment components like pipelines, storage tanks, and marine engines, ensuring their reliability and performance in harsh marine environments.
Q:What are the pros with stainless steel? You don't have to oil them as much or you don't have to oil them at all?Is the rifling in the barrel typically stainless steel as well? if so, is this better accuracy or does the rifling last longer then conventional?are they worth the extra money?Thanks for any info you can provide!
This Site Might Help You. RE: Pros and cons of stainless steel firearms? What are the pros with stainless steel? You don't have to oil them as much or you don't have to oil them at all? Is the rifling in the barrel typically stainless steel as well? if so, is this better accuracy or does the rifling last longer then conventional? are they worth the extra...
Q:Can steel coils be recycled?
Yes, steel coils can be recycled. Steel is a highly recyclable material, and steel coils can be melted down and reformed into new steel products without losing their quality or strength. Recycling steel coils helps to conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste.
Q:I have a belly button piercing and the metal is stainless steel.. I was wondering does it develop rust whenever you go shower and clean it? Can I still swim in the summer with it or do I have to take it out? What happens if I swim in the pool with it?
Theoretically stainless steel is supposed to be what it's name says it is - stainless. However there are different grades of stainless so yours might dis-colour if it's low grade. Think of all the stainless steel cutlery you use to eat with - if you keep it clean it doesn't go rusty ; it can if you don't look after it.
Q:is cold roll or hot roll mill roller is cast steel? or cast iron?
Casting is a process of forming a part just like forging or rolling are also processes of forming steel. Cast steel can be any grade of steel poured into a sand mold to form a part like a water pump housing in your car. To be classified as steel, the mixture usually contains less than 2% carbon. Cast iron is a mixture that generally contains more than 2% carbon. It also can be poured into a sand mold. There are many grades of iron. Many metals can be cast into shapes like the air intake plenum on your car is probably cast aluminum. Bronze statues are made by pouring molten bronze into a mold. The process used to create a part has an effect of that part's mechanical properties. A casting is weaker than a forging but certain parts cannot be formed by forging. The large diameter rolls used in steel mills to roll steel into thinner plates or sheets is a hot rolled steel that has probably been forged into shape then machined into the final diameter. Some rolls are fabricated from hot rolled steel plates into shape. This allows the ability to add internal cooling paths to keep the roll from overheating.
Q:Can anyone suggest a free font that looks like steel with rivets? I'm looking for something industrial looking.
Rivet Font

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