Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron

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1000 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Galvanised steel device for mounting in concrete to provide an anchoring point
Also known as BT Iron Anchor 4
Product Attributes
Iron Anchor
Unit of Measure


Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron

Product Description:

sheet metal stamping parts

Custom Anodized Aluminum Bending Parts sheet metal stamping parts


Stamping Parts:

 Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron

Stamping Parts and Machined Parts:

Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron


QC Engineering Graphics:

Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron



Production Capacity:

Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron


Q1.What is your main products?
A1:Our main products are stamping parts and machined parts.

Q2. How to ensure that every process's quality?

A2:Every process will be checked by our quality inspection department which insures every product's quality. In the production of products, we will personally go to the factory to check the quality of products.
Q3.How long is your delivery time?
A3:Our delivery time is generally 30 to 45 days. Or according to the quantity.
Q4. What is your payment method?
A4:30% value of T/T in advance and other 70% balance on B/L copy.
For small order less than 1000USD, would suggest you pay 100% in advance to reduce the bank charges.
Q5.Can you provide a sample?
A5:Sure, Our sample is provided after receiving the tooling cost and courier fees.

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