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becuase its powerful. but on the downside it may need to be replaced alot.
i can't use a sewing machine, i can't drive a car, i can't operate anything that makes a lot of noise and has death written all over it. the worst part is that i'm a guy, and i can't do manly stuff like sewing me together some pants. lol
Go take Behavior therapy. it teaches you to overcome your fear and ecr. You should also use Gradual exposure. Basically, just go to a phychologist because that will help you more. -phyc major
Legally. No. Unfortunately for him, most states are employment-at-will states. Neither employer nor employee are obligated to give notice or reason for terminating employment. Unless they told him that was the reason he was being fired and/or he has proof to back it up, he won't likely stand a chance at winning a wrongful termination suit against the company. Of course, when in doubt, he should seek consultation with a licensed, local attorney experience in Employment Law.
I'm trying to get a quote on shipping a heavy sand blaster from New York to Oregon, but I'm can't figure out what this freight class is that I'm being asked for. Thanks
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A 20kw,200V shunt generator is operated at rated load. if the driving engine is developing 30bhp (break horse power), determine the iron and friction losses.Answer is IFL=1039W. Thanks a lot.
brake horse power of an engine is the actual amount of horse power an engine can put out. Using 745.5 watts as a horse power, the engine will supply the equivalent of 30 times 745.7 watts at 30 brake horse power. This is 22,371watts. The generator is supplying 20 Kw or 20,000 watts. The difference in the engine output and the generator output is 22,371 minus 20,000 or 2.371 watts. I don't see how the answer is 1039 watts, if my calculations are correct. Perhaps someone else will have the answer you seek. I may be missing something in your question.
How to write the summer practice report of construction machinery?
It can be attributed to the development trend of < > "four": flexible, agile, intelligent and information needs. Even if the process equipment and process route for the production of a variety of products, can be used to quickly replace technology, need to replace the product, so that the harmonious environment and the flexibility of the production to the market the shortest time and makes the enterprise agile manufacturing flexible manufacturing process, and the material consumption, human consumption is greatly reduced, high automation and intelligence in the pursuit of the combination and the main machine can only make information by means of material and energy power production value information.
English is not my first language, and i looked into dictionaries, but it was not clear .. it has something to do with moving or transporting .. but i can't understand what is meant by it exactly ... help me native speakers of English!thanks :)
itinerary n., pl., -ies. 1.A route or proposed route of a journey. 2.An account or record of a journey. 3.A guidebook for travelers. adj. 1.Of or relating to a journey or route. 2.Traveling from place to place; itinerant.
No. After the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 the US (and the EU) imposed an arms embargo on China, which is still in effect.