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i have an omniblender that claims to turn this fast and my dad seems to think its not possible. but i think much higher rpms are possible, but the question is what kind of power is a motor going to need to turn that fast in terms of voltage, faze, amperage pull, windings. can a motor that weighs only 6 lbs do this?
that is in simple terms no longer the main suitable answer. i believe you have 2 questions here. you have a three/4 hp motor which will draw 13Amp on one hundred fifteen volts at 60 Hearts or Cycles and which may be additionally under pressure out via changing how that is related to entice 6.5 Amps at 230 volts on 60 Cycles. different question is approximately cord length pertaining to to voltage drop over 500 ft of distance. look at Ohm's regulation yet it might no longer be used for everyday a.c. motor and transformer circuits or a circuit containing any e.m.f or voltage different than the inspired voltage. (re all ref. - useful widespread of electricity.) One mile of copper cord 1 / 4 of and inch diameter grants a pair of million ohm resistance. . you would be able to desire to additionally question how many wires you would be able to desire to run on your cable; no remember if that is one white one black and one green protection floor or each and every of the former and a purple besides . be conscious that the smaller the form of the cord, the better the size of the cord; that a quantity six cord is plenty thicker than a quantity sixteen and that the former grants much less resistance. Getting an electrician to place all of those info at the same time and hook up your water pump will shop you in stable stead at the same time with your coverage business enterprise in spite of in case you recognize the thank you to do the job your self besides as shop you from burning out your motor.
my son has a 98 Acura TL and the heat/ac blower motor stopped working. well it kinda works sometimes.i looked online and found that changing it to be a lengthy and expensive process to be done only by certified tech. like i said it works sometimes and when it does it does not make a noise to indicate bad bearings.also i noticed as i turned the knob for hot to cold it affected how fast or slow the fan run.anyone got any definite answers
98 Acura Tl
Everything is wired correctly, can hear the relay kick on when power is on but motor will not start
a three section motor has 3 warm leads. this is to declare that the peaks interior the alternating modern are closer together so as that the motor has much less time between each height, as a result runs smoother and greater effectively. a three section motor will generally final longer than a single section. I even have interior the previous used the two forms of section converters - static and rotary. The static converters are a series of capacitors which make up the 0.33 leg while linked to a 220 circuit. those are no longer one hundred% reliable. I saved the electrician's telephone huge style attainable. A rotary converter is, as I comprehend it, a generator which generates the 0.33 section for the motor. those in my adventure are solid and if super adequate, can function better than one motor. i'm neither an electrician nor an engineer yet have had adventure with the two forms of section converters.
The Tesla Roadster is powered by this motor. What is the meaning of i?
Electric Motor Poles
Why is AC current so widely used. Are there any specific things that make it better than dc? In regards to power lines, voltage levels, temperature and stuff I dunnothanks
There are several reasons why AC is much the better choice in terms of an electrical supply. The first reason is, as a previous respondent mentioned, that it is generated that way: that is the way it comes out of a electrical generator or alternator, and converting it to DC is costly and wastes energy. No conversion process is 100% efficient. But the largest advantage is that you need AC to be able to use a transformer to change the voltage: you must have an alternating current. If you are supplying electricity at a distance, you will want to send it in as high a voltage as you are able, because the power loss is dependent on the current - on the amperage - and for a given amount of electrical power, the higher the voltage, the lower the current - so the lower the power lost to heat. But if you send electricity at high voltages, you need to be able to convert that to a voltage that is reasonably safe - 300,000 volts would be a bit much in your home! - and you do that transformers, and you need AC to use a transformer. There are other reasons too. AC motors are much more efficient than DC motors. And even in small electrical gadgets you may need various voltages, and then - in your computer, for example - transformers or converters are used and they rely on alternating current.
The blower wheel went out because, somehow a tiny metal screwdriver got into it. Also the resistor is out and my AC isn't as powerful as it should be. Could that be the cause? PS sorry about the grammar I'm on my phone.
Sounds like all these things are unrelated to each other. Unless you damaged the evaporator (cold coil inside the car) while changing the blower you shouldn't have had any leaks. BUT if you put the wrong screw in the wrong location and forced it in then you might have punctured the evaporator. One has nothing to do with the other unless you damaged something (or that screwdriver managed to puncture the evaporator). The resistor pack is for controlling motor speed. If your blower isn't running on high, perhaps you miss wired something. But generally I'd not expect that to be the case. The other alternative is that the resistor pack (also not related to the blower failure or the leak) may need to be replaced. Maybe that screwdriver damaged THAT. In short, if the refrigerant leaked out - you have a leak. If the fan isn't running on high - you have a motor speed control issue. 'av'a g'day mate. )
Could someone explain the difference between a single phase AC motor and a multi (or three) phase motor. The info on the web is just confusing me. Thanks
single phase motor only has 1 phase wound on it's stator. These motors tend to run choppy. Three phase has all three phases wound on the stators ( + and - on opposite sides of the motor) all three phases are set 120 degrees apart around the stator (just like the phases of a 3 phase system). The function is not only to produce more torque but it make the motor run much smoother.
Ok, so I have a AC single phase motor that's 115 volts @ 1800 RPM. If I spin it 1800 times in a minute, can I produce 115 volts? (this would be a generator)
You would have to energize one of the windings, but yes.