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1. Type: Induction Motor
2. Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Output Power: 0.75 to 355kW
4. Phase: Three-phase
5. Efficiency: IE2, IE1

CAG Electric Machinery is a global manufacturer of electromotors and their accessories. Our products are constructed in such a way that they are environmentally friendly. Due to this effort, our electromotors achieve low energy consumption while maintaining their performance.

Our Products Type:

1. Aluminium Frame,
2. Cast Iron Frame,
3. Three Phase Motors IE2,
4. Single Phase Motors.

Cast Iron Frame: CAG HGIE2 Cast Iron Frame Three Phase Electric AC Induction Motor    

HG series with cast iron body. Three -phase induction motors. Motor for frequency convertor.  


1. Bearing shields in aircraft design for greater load capacity.
2. Fan cover in new aircraft design for better cooling.
3. Terminals with the exact diagonal division. Accelerated access  saves time during assembly.

Quality of Processing :

1. Complete development according to EU standards.
2. Certification of production and manufacturing standards by TUV-SUD.
3. Production under constant surveillance quality manager from the EU.
4. Certification for efficiency IE2 motor in the EU.


1. Double painting of winding.
2. The screws on the front shield and the fan cover in stainless steel.
3. Thermal protection of winding as standard.
4. Control and power glands in the base price.
5. Reduced vibration by max. 1.5 mm/s.
6. Each engine goes through routine tests and the test result is delivered together with an invoice. Everyone can consider motor parameters.
7. Engines above axial height 132 is provided with bearing shields made of cast iron. The engine obtains robust construction in compliance with weight limits.      

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Q:Why does ac motor speed control system replace dc motor speed control system?
Among them, the space vector PWM technology for the high voltage utilization and control algorithm is simple, low current harmonic, etc in the ac speed regulation system has been more and more used
Q:Dc brushless motor and ac motor
Dc brushless motor is used for direct current electricity only without the brush and the function of the electric brush is achieved by electronic circuit Of course, Some kinds of mechanical parts of the brushless dc motor and ac motor are nearly the same This type of Can be considered to use electronic circuit direct current into alternating current (ac) Recanalization for motor
Q:Why should ac motors be used in parallel with capacitors
You say "ac motor" all have no rotational moment!!! With capacitor in parallel to the two sent 90 degrees (jet lag) rotational torque coils, potential difference (90 degrees) to stagger time (small single-phase motor) it mainly provide starting torque
Q:Common problems with ac motor
Prevention: (1) remove the pulsating flux and the power supply harmonic (such as the ac reactor in the output side of the converter); (2) when the motor is designed, the bearing seats and the base of the sliding bearings are insulated, and the outer and end of the rolling bearings are insulated. 2, why can't the general motors be used for plateau areas? At altitude, the commutation of the electric motor, the electric corona (high voltage motor) and the dc motor are adversely affected. The following three aspects should be noted: (1) high elevation, the larger the motor, the smaller the output power. But when the temperature rises with elevation, it is sufficient to compensate for the effect of elevation The rated output power of the motor is constant.
Q:Is it still a communication welder
Of course the ac welder was used in sales; And it's not too small; But today's ac welders are mainly concentrated in high-power welders;
Q:The vector control ac motor drive is the converter?
Vector control of ac motor drive is one kind of frequency converter, also called vector frequency converter, speed hundred torque can be zero, such as the elevator in the air with the frequency converter control; Transformer is the input voltage according to certain proportion changed to output, after the switch power supply is to put the ac rectifier inverter dc power supply, transformer, switch power supply is punctuated with alternating current into direct current, can only use rectifier power supply or switch power supply, transformer
Q:Dc motor power 13KW for ac motor
Ac motor instead of dc motor, in practice is ok, but note that dc motor at low speed torque is directly proportional to the voltage and current, and ac motor in this area is insufficient, so use ac instead of dc motor should use the relevant calculation formula to power, and to consider the 2 kinds of control mode is different, so the speed and power are to consider, general communication is 1.5 times of communication, speed matching with dc
Q:What is the difference between a dc motor and a servo motor?
Has dc and ac servo motor, the original servo motor was general of dc motor, the control accuracy is not high, only the general dc motor servo motor. Structurally, the dc servo motor is small power dc motor, its excitation controlled by the armature and field control, but usually the armature control
Q:What are the advantages of ac generators compared to dc motors?
Alternator's advantage is the advantage of developing energy, now is the main ac power on the consumption of energy, and this kind of generator maintenance convenient, and durable. And dc generator for dc energy consumption only, in addition to small household electrical appliances is large motor with this kind of dc power supply, small home appliance is not necessary to buy a dc generator for power supply? And large motor, need large generators to supply power, to know the large generator driven by either hydraulic or mechanical energy or wind need to consume large amounts of diesel oil, water or wind, and want to have big permanent magnet iron core or high power rectifier devices. Permanent magnetic iron core is one of the best in the dc generator, but also need high power permanent magnet generating large generator drive, and is very difficult to start, or excitation coil dc power supply, need to control dc again. A lot of trouble. Instead of using alternating current, the whole flow can also save energy. This is just my personal opinion, I don't know if it's right or wrong.
Q:Any 220V ac motor can be reversed?
Theoretically yes. Now there are only three lines of single phase motor. This type of motor is made by the manufacturer, which connects the starting winding and the main winding to the interior directly. This motor cannot be turned upside down by an external method if it is not modified.

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