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What is spinning down?
Even in the twentieth century, some nomadic Tibetans in Tibet were still spinning it.
What is the second-hand textile machinery import clearance process?
And then determine whether the need for pre-shipment inspection and quarantine or pre-shipment inspection and quarantine, such as the old mold is mostly exempt from the inspection.
When the textile industry, as well as the history of the textile industry development?
Silk is the most excellent, longest and finest textile fiber in all natural fibers and can be woven in a variety of complex pattern jacquard fabrics. The extensive use of silk fiber, greatly promoted the ancient Chinese textile technology and textile machinery progress, so that silk production technology in ancient China to become the most unique and representative of the textile technology.
What is the historical background of the mechanization of the British cotton textile industry?
Capital: overseas plunder and trade accumulated a lot of capital;
What are the risks of safety accidents in the textile machinery industry?
Textile machinery industry is the light industry, mainly to master with high-speed rotating machine production
What is the textile process?
, clear cotton process: to remove most of the raw cotton impurities, defects and not spinning short fiber.
Textile machinery industry how to have prospects?
Prospective Industry Research Institute Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industry Research Group, said the world's leading textile machinery enterprises in China have invested and set up factories in China, the scale of production in China has reached the Chinese textile machinery production 1/3.
Textile machinery points which six categories? What is the main role?
The processing of different fibers, such as cotton, silk, silk, wool, etc., is completely different, and there is a wide variety of machines that are required. Classification As long as there are spinning equipment, weaving equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, finishing equipment, chemical fiber spinning equipment, reeling equipment and non-woven equipment.