AC Electric Motor Automatic Stator Coil Winding

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Product Description:


 1430*900*1700mm (L*W*H)



3.Motor model and power

 AEEF 112M  5HP(3.7KW)


 380V 3 phase

5.Range of stroke

 135~190mm standard stroke, adjustable;150—220mm long stroke, adjustable

6.Range of rotate speeds

 0~500RPM adjustable

7.Lubrication way

 oil filling machine continuous lubrication

8.Air pressure


9.Wire diameter range

 φ0.25—φ0.8 Other specification can be specially designed

10.Applicable poles 

 2 poles

11.Applicable stack height


12.Inner diameter of stator 

 φ30—φ55 Other specification can be specially designed

13.Outer diameter of stator

 φ50—φ150 Other specification can be specially designed 

1. Suitable for the 2 pole stator’s winding, automatic feeding, compaction, loading clamp die, winding, clamping and cutting wires.

2. Cast iron rack, precision stable, absorbing vibrations, even at high speed winding the vibrations are also very small.

3. Clamp part adopts down positioning way, stable positioning, intensify and reliable.

4. Wire clamping and cutting parts are compact structure, wire clamping and cutting complete once.

5. Stroke and pivot angle are adjustable within a certain range (mechanical adjustment), in order to adapt different stators’ requirement.

6. Quick change of different type mold.

7. All aluminum alloy protection

8. PLC control, fault display

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Q:MATLAB for ac asynchronous motor simulation
Is produced by the American MathWorks company business mathematical software MATLAB, for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and numerical calculation of senior technical computing language and interactive environment, mainly including two most of MATLAB and Simulink. MATLAB is very extensive!
Q:Does the step motor belong to ac motor or dc motor?
Qizhan talks about the motion of the step motor which is right. But stepping motor is neither ac motor nor dc motor. It is a sommelier motor. Lnaslzt, dc?
Q:The difference between the permanent magnet motor and the permanent magnet synchronous motor
The permanent magnet motor USES direct current, and there is a commutator. Permanent magnet synchronous motor with ac, no commutator.
Q:The ac motor with more than one kilowatt will be activated by the launcher
1, when the following conditions are met, the motor shall be fully pressed: When the motor starts, the voltage of the distribution bus is in accordance with the provisions of article 2.3.2 of this standard: Mechanical energy can withstand the shock torque when the motor is fully pressed. There is no special provision for the starting mode of the motor. When it is not in accordance with the condition of full pressure starting, the electromotive force is suitable for the starting up, or the other suitable starting way. The starting mode of the motor should be coupled with the speed adjustment mode when the speed adjustment is required.
Q:How does dc motor change ac motor
The dc is dc, the communication is communication。I hope my answer will help you。
Q:What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous in the three-phase motor?
Synchronous motor is the ac motor, the stator winding is the same as the asynchronous motor. The rotational speed of its rotor is the same as the rotational field produced by the stator winding, so it is called the synchronous motor. As a result of this, the current of the synchronous motor is in phase over the voltage, the synchronous motor is a capacitive load. For this reason, in many cases, the synchronous motor is used to improve the power factor of the power supply system. There are two kinds of synchronous motors in the structure: 1, the rotor USES direct current for excitation. It made salient pole rotor type, installed on the magnetic core field coil is in series, connect with alternation of opposite polarity, and there are two root lead connected to the two above the slip ring mounted on the shaft. Field coil is made by a small dc generator or battery to motivate, in most of the synchronous motor, dc generator is mounted on the motor shaft, used to supply the rotor pole coil excitation current.
Q:Is the motor for general electric tools ac motor or dc motor?
In general, it is a series of motor, so it is ac motor. Dc motor is used to drive the charging tool using dc motor. And the three-phase machine, like the concrete vibrator, is a three-phase machine. If it is a direct current supply, there must be a rectifier power supply, because the power supply is 220V, which must be fully dc to be used. The commutator, it is recommended that you baidu, because this is involved in the electric road map and so on, and some basic knowledge of the motor, which is not difficult to do.
Q:The three-phase ac motor can be divided into which classes
Three phase asynchronous motors with different power supply: Can be divided into dc motor and ac motor, dc motor: dc motor, permanent magnet dc linear dc motor, brushless dc motor, ac motor can be divided into asynchronous motor, ac servo motor, ac torque motor, synchronous motor, ac motor. Second, classify the starting and running mode Motor can be divided by starting and running in a different way, capacitor start type single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor operation type single-phase asynchronous WEG, capacitor start motor operated single-phase asynchronous motor and split-phase single-phase asynchronous motor.
Q:Is ac servo motor power fixed
The power of ac servo motor generally refers to the output of the rated torque at the rated speed. This power is usually given at the specified temperature. The temperature rise permitted by the motor may be different. Ac servo motor is generally working under rated speed. From rest to rated speed servo motor in constant torque output. That is, the power of the ac servo motor at the rated speed range is zero to the rated power. The servo motor has a greater torque overload capacity, which is likely to be up to four times. The maximum instantaneous power is four times the rated torque. The most important electrical parameters of servo motor selection are static torque, rated torque, rated speed, and rated power. Because the servo actuator and the servo motor are supplied, the voltage of the servo motor is generally not considered. If there is any, it should be the dc bus voltage before the driver inverses. When we select the servo drive, just notice that it's connected to 220V or 380V.
Q:How to control the start-stop of 220V ac motor with a single chip?
The digital output of the single chip is high and low, which can be used to control the power or power failure of the cable, so as to make the contact of the relay contact or break. The relay parameters include two main points. Line pack voltage, contact voltage current. Also consider the volume and connection mode. 3, line pack voltage, 5V, 9V, 12V, etc. Let the coil be connected to the voltage. The simple solution is to control NPN directly. Vcbo, the CEO of Vcbo generally meets the requirements. The current amplification and dissipation power are sufficient to satisfy the line package drivers. The contact point is usually dc voltage current, ac voltage current each set of parameters. According to the actual power failure flow choice. 5, with the line package voltage parameter, the contact parameter, the simple judgement of the volume size, select the relay of the good brand, such as omron. Wish you success!

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