75KW yongli YCT Electromagnetic Governor Electric Motors

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Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:      Within 30 days after30% deposit


  • 30 years manufacturing experience , Professional electric motor supplier. 

  • 5,000 square meters of production workshop

Features of YCT series adjustable-speed motor  

1, Wide adjustable speed range and stable speed adjustment;

2, Adjustable speed without out-of-control zone;

3, With speed negative feedback automatic regulation system, small speed variation ratio;

4, Large start torque and smooth start performance;

5, Simple construction, reliable and easy for operation and maintenance;

6, With small control power, multi-way control. 


Brand Name    OEM

Model Number         YE2

Type                          Induction Motor

Frequency         50Hz

Output Power     75KW

Phase       Three-phase

Certification     CCC, ISO9002

AC Voltage       230 to 720V

Efficiency IE2, IE1

Frame       Cast Iron

Poles         2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Ambient temperature     -15° to +40°c

Altitude    1000 Meters

Duty          Continuous(S1)

Insulation Class        Class F

Protection Class       IP55

Cooling Method       IC 411

Temperature   3*PTC or 3*Bimetal in Winding

Vibration A

Price         USD or EUR,RMB

Minimum Order Quantity         10 Pieces

Packaging Details    Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Time  Within 30 days after30% deposit

Payment Terms        L/C,T/T,West Union

Supply Ability   10,000 Piece/Pieces per Month



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Q:The rated current of a single phase ac motor is several times that of an empty current.
The general situation depends on the power of the motor: the low electric current can reach 60% of the rated current and even higher. Large electrical current is normally only about 25% of the rated current. The three-phase motor is five to seven times direct start-up, three to five times the voltage drop, and the three phase motor is seven times the current. Single phase motor is 8 times.
Q:The properties of single phase electromotive force of ac motor
How do you do The frequency is the number of weeks per second of alternating current, which is an important parameter for alternating current. Synchronous generator rotor magnetic field rotates in the space of a pair of poles, the induction electric potential of the stator coil is alternating time, if the rotor has a p on the poles, the rotor rotates, the induction electric potential of the stator coil is alternating of p. According to the definition of frequency, f = pn / 60 N - generator rotor speed (RPM) P -- log of the magnetic pole. From the above, the frequency of the induction voltage of the synchronous generator has a definite relationship with the speed of the generator and the logarithmic poles of the rotor. When a generator emits an alternating current of 50Hz, the rotor is a pair of magnetic poles. When the rotor is two magnetic poles, the speed is 1500 RPM.
Q:Increase the load on the motor, but not overload. Is the opportunity slow down?
If you increase the load, you are not overloaded, indicating that the output power of the motor is below the rated output of Pn, and the natural output torque is less than the rated torque
Q:How do ac motors keep moving in the same direction?
Because the working principle of ac motor is formed stator rotating magnetic field, and then the rotor itself is a closed coil (induction motor) or a magnet (PMSM), the turning of the rotor only related to the direction of rotation of the magnetic field, magnetic field direction of rotation has been unchanged, it remains the same. This principle understanding more complicated than the direct current machine, single phase motor, in particular, the more complex, but the structure is simple. Can't use the principle of the dc motor to use ac motor, dc motor of main current is the same to the rotor, need to brush for phase to ensure the consistency of the turning of the rotor, and the ac motor is the main current to the stator, in order to form a rotating magnetic field.
Q:How does the motor select ac contactor
The communication contactor consists mainly of four parts: (1) electromagnetic system, including attracting coils, moving iron core and static iron core; (2) the contact system, including three main contact heads and one to two sets of regular open, often closed auxiliary contacts, is connected to the moving iron core. (3) an arc extinguishing device, which has a general capacity of communication contacts with an arc extinguishing device, so as to cut off the arc of the arc rapidly, avoiding the burning main contact; (4) insulation case and accessories, all kinds of spring, transmission mechanism, short circuit ring, terminal column etc.
Q:How to control ac motor speed
Ac motor is synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous motor is at the same speed as n = 60f1 / p; If the speed adjustment words can only be tuned. The speed of asynchronous motors is n = 60f1 (1-s)/p; There are three ways to speed adjustment: A. Variable pole (p) speed adjustment. 2. Frequency conversion (f1) speed adjustment. 3. Change the differential rate s speed adjustment. There are four different kinds of changes: This is the variable stator voltage. The rotor resistance of a winding asynchronous motor is adjusted. The electromagnetic clutch speed adjustment. The double feed speed and cascade speed control of the wire wound asynchronous motor.
Q:How to distinguish dc motor from ac motor?
Relative decision, according to the purpose of the use dc motor energy saving, high power factor, but need to convert ac to dc, need to increase the current transformer, cause high cost; The ac motor is easy to use, the structure is simple, the relative noise is too loud, please make the decision according to the demand
Q:How to control the start-stop of 220V ac motor with a single chip?
The digital output of the single chip is high and low, which can be used to control the power or power failure of the cable, so as to make the contact of the relay contact or break. The relay parameters include two main points. Line pack voltage, contact voltage current. Also consider the volume and connection mode. 3, line pack voltage, 5V, 9V, 12V, etc. Let the coil be connected to the voltage. The simple solution is to control NPN directly. Vcbo, the CEO of Vcbo generally meets the requirements. The current amplification and dissipation power are sufficient to satisfy the line package drivers. The contact point is usually dc voltage current, ac voltage current each set of parameters. According to the actual power failure flow choice. 5, with the line package voltage parameter, the contact parameter, the simple judgement of the volume size, select the relay of the good brand, such as omron. Wish you success!
Q:Why does ac motor speed control system replace dc motor speed control system?
Especially microprocessor used in PWM technology and the digitized, pattern is constantly renovated, from the initial voltage waveform sine pursuit, the sinusoidal current waveform, and then to sinusoidal magnetic flux; The development of PWM control technology has undergone a continuous innovation and continuous improvement from the optimum efficiency, the lowest torque ripple, and the elimination of noise. So far, new proposals have been made to further prove that the technology is in the ascendant.
Q:Common problems with ac motor
Why does the motor produce shaft current? The shaft of the motor - the shaft bearing seat - the current in the base circuit is called the shaft current. The cause of axial current generation: (1) magnetic field asymmetry; (2) there are harmonics in the electric current; (3) the manufacture and installation is not good, because the rotor eccentric causes the air gap to be uneven; (4) there are gaps between the two semi-circles of the removable stator iron core; (5) the number of scalloped iron cores that have a fan stack is not appropriate. Harm: make motor or ball bearing surface erosion, shape process, microporous worsen bearing operation performance, the friction loss and heat increase, resulting in Bearing burn out.

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