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A problem with PROE rookie drawing hand wheel, please people generous with your criticism
Variable cross-section scanning! You draw the outer ring and inner ring first, so that the scanning path can be positioned, determine the cross section of each position, then sweep out, and then a circle array!
How to use the reverse switch HaiGan handwheel below
The reverse switch is reversed, and clockwise rotation after opening.
FANUC Oi MC hand wheel failure how to solve ah? Put the MITSUBISHI M70 system is good, on the FANUC move it will not work. Reboot and just move
JA3 socket on the cable to other FANUC machine to try, and if the cable is good, that is, the I/O board on the hand valve interface is broken.
Our processing center in debugging Y limit when using the handwheel slowly touch limit, can immediately limit live, but in the fast time, break through the limit of 1.5MM, to stop, this is what reason, with brake resistance can do, we are two of the Y axis motor Yaskawa 1.8KW, without brakes the.
This needs to change the drive parameters. I have just finished the test of limit overshoot, different CNC systems have overshoot, and there are parameters to adjust, plus the braking resistor is useless. What drives are you using?
The XYZ axis does not move.
The amount is bad or how it happened before I was to change the XYZ button
What is the handwheel reversal of the NC 928TF CNC system? Clockwise rotation of the coordinate axis
See too late, do not bother, as long as the hand wheel AB exchange each other on the line
Electronic hand wheel broken, how to maintain?
Let me know. I specialize in electronic hand wheels of various manufacturers
A gas Chi Chi sound, hand in hand can feel the place
The valve diaphragm should be broken, so the leakage, to change a ring, Chi Chi is quite serious