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I work at a tool store. I told my boss last week we needed more pruning shears so he did get more of all kinds. Thing is out of all of the shears he brought Two of different kinds say they are made out of Japanese steel. I have never heard of Japanese steel so now i ask you (the public) whats the difference between it and steel from the US or any other country? Those shears are worth more then the ones he gets from Mexico and China and even more than Black and Decker, Fiskars, etc but not more then Corona brand ones.
I doubt japanese steel has any special quality in its own, but they might just be higher quality shears. For example, Chinese qualities are good depending on what they are, but are usually not professional made with the greatest equipment. Same for Mexico. The company that makes them might just put more effort into making sturdier and sharper shears and thus make them more expensive, but Corona might make them a bit better so they are priced less than Corona's.
Yes, steel coils can be used in corrosive environments, but their performance will depend on the type of steel and the severity of the corrosive environment. Stainless steel coils, for example, are highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in a wide range of corrosive environments, including those with high levels of moisture, chemicals, or salt. However, other types of steel coils may require additional protective measures, such as coatings or galvanization, to enhance their resistance to corrosion. It is important to consider the specific corrosive factors present in the environment and choose the appropriate type of steel and protective measures to ensure the longevity and durability of the steel coils.
If steel can rust with saltwater... then why are ships made of steel? can't we just use other metals like aluminium etc?
also add to answers above (now below), zincs are mounted on the hull and shaft to draw the electrolysis to them instead of the hull and are easily replaced by a competent diver
I have heard that heating the steel and applying oil will help with corrosion, and will give that aged look. I would like to know finishes available without painting. thanks
Windex works the suited. makes it seem purely like a mirror. if it quite is dingy their is those products that they sell in supermarkets and motor vehicle automobile areas shops observed as brasso it gets the annoying deposits out.
The main factors that affect the surface quality of steel coils include the quality of raw materials used, the manufacturing process employed, the level of cleanliness and maintenance of equipment, the presence of contaminants or impurities, the coating or finishing applied, and the handling and storage conditions.
Does Steel Cut Oatmeal have the same health benefits as Old Fashioned Oatmeal? What is the difference in processing?
I have read about steel cut oatmeal, and they say that has the benefit of the whole natural grain, so its more fiber that your getting for your digestion!
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There are several types of steel coil finishing processes, including hot rolling, cold rolling, galvanizing, and coating. Hot rolling involves passing the steel through high temperatures to shape and form it. Cold rolling is a similar process but is done at lower temperatures to improve the steel's surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Galvanizing is a process where a layer of zinc is applied to the steel to protect it from corrosion. Coating processes involve applying a layer of paint or other protective substances to enhance the steel's durability and aesthetics.