Painted Metal Steel Scaffolding for Sale(QS)

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Quick Details

Model Number:
QS Steel Scaffolding for Sale
Scaffolding Type:
QS Steel Scaffolding for Sale
Outdoor Events, Building Project, Advertisement
Dark Red & Blue
Surface Treatment:
Dip painted, galvanized
CO2 Arc Welding Scaffolding for Sale
Q235 steel tube
Life Span:
5+ Years
Main Tube Diameter:
Tube thikness:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Steel Scaffolding for Sale: Barely packed in the container or as you required. 23 tons per 20GP container.
Delivery Detail:20 work days after deposit


Scaffolding for Sale
1.Painted surface, rust-proof
2.Easy assembly and disassembly, time saving
3.SGS certified

Specifications of Steel Scaffolding for Sale                                                            

Main partsMode No.QuantityHeight/Length
PlateJP 0018/16

LP 001


1. We are manufacturer with more than 14 years experience.

2. We are certified by SGS,BV

3. We have a factory which covers an area of  8000sqm and its daily output is more than 50 tons, so we can assure you the punctual delivery.

Q:For example: "the wall materials and practice" Shaanxi 02J01-- inner wall 171, white latex paint brush two 2, 6 1: 0.3: 2.5 thick cement mortar lime paste compaction finishing 3, 10 thick 1: 1: 6 cement lime plaster mortar grounding sweep
Rustproof or alkyd primer two, generally 60um thick;
Q:The construction scheme of the steel pipe support frame
Bending pipe bending radius should comply with the following provisions: 1 bending should be no less than 3.5 times the pipe diameter: 2 roll should be not less than 4 times the pipe diameter of 3 welding elbow: not less than 1.5 times the pipe diameter
Q:Big steel pipe support painted what color look good
This color has a hint of warmth, like polished bronze, polished.
Q:I would like to ask the steel support line load is 420kn/m (design value), 20 meters deep foundation pit, steel support diameter of 609, wall thickness of 16mm
So, not in tube. Both ends of the tube should have beam, beam should be behind the steel gate or steel concrete continuous wall.The load should appear on the beam or plate
Q:What are the testing items of steel support
Strength and stiffness: steel braces must have sufficient strength and stiffness.
Q:What is the steel plate support
The steel pipe support system comprises a support rod system and a subsidiary component part, wherein the supporting rod system comprises a main rod, a movable end and a fixed end
Q:Does the basement steel frame support column need concrete pouring? Support column and floor junction practice?
Two: concrete floor in the basement after adding steel frame supporting column, the need to drill holes in the concrete floor of the original, and column bolt, anchoring can be welded. Fire resistant steel structure can be used high-quality fire paint. I hope my answer can be helpful to you, wish you happy work, happy life!
Q:How to calculate the weight per meter of steel support
Mainly depends on the bearing capacity and the thickness of the steel support wall, generally 1KN, 2KN and 3KN, about the weight of about 15~30KG
Q:How many meters of steel braced frame
3 when no roof insulation or insulation measures, the suitable spacing by numerical table open bar for expansion joints of frame structure, shear wall structure; 4 cast-in-place Tiaoyan, rain cover telescopic structure exposed spacing should not be more than 12m. hope to help you answer!
Q:The transformation of the old house can support it with channel beam below
Load on the surface of the plate and the manufacturing process of angle steel; load distribution on angle steel

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