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steel shoring prop for formwork

steel shoring prop for formwork

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shoring prop


1. light weight, high strength
2. sustainable and enviroment friendly  
3. reusable
4. easy operate

Product Description

Shoring prop supporting system is used to support formwork system. The system composed by shoring prop, tripod, fork and H20 beam, and then put the formwork panels on the H20 beam to make slab. The maxium loading on one single prop (2-4m) is 1.1 ton when the height adjust to 4m, the high capacity of loading gurantee the safety of the whole formwork system.


We are the professional supplier of formwork, scaffolding, couplers, prop, etc. As the leading supplier of modular formwork in North East China, we endeavour to help you build faster and conveniently, and most important, guarantee the safety for workers. We also endeavour to protect environment because we only have one earth.

Thanks to our credibility and high quality products, the company has built long term cooperation relationship with many world class enterprises such as Saudi Arabia ATCO group,

Russia Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Italy Geoplast Company, etc.

Product Characteristics

product nameShoring prop supporting system
colorAs required
max load1.1 ton
adjustable height2-4m
surface treatmentpowder coated

Product Introduction


The weight of prop is 15kg, one worker can hold it easily.

easy set up

Use tripod, prop, fork and H20 beam, the supporting system can be set up easily.


The material of prop is Q235, the maximum load of single prop is 1.1 ton when the height adjust to 4m, just add or reduce the number of props to fit 10-40cm thickness slab.


The system can packed seperately by pallet, easy to transport.

shoring prop

H20 beam

project Sample

Please send your enquiry to us, we will be your service at any time.

Q:How do you prevent theft of steel props from construction sites?
There are several measures that can be taken to prevent theft of steel props from construction sites. Firstly, implementing a secure fencing system around the site with access control mechanisms can significantly deter thieves. Additionally, installing security cameras and proper lighting can help identify any suspicious activities. Storing steel props in a locked and monitored storage area when not in use can also minimize the risk of theft. Conducting regular inventory checks and keeping records of the props can aid in identifying any missing items quickly. Lastly, involving local authorities and collaborating with neighboring businesses or residents to report any suspicious activities can further enhance security and deter theft.
Q:Can steel props be used in foundation repair work?
Steel props, otherwise known as steel shoring, find widespread application in construction and renovation endeavors by providing transient support to structures. In the realm of foundation repair, steel props can be employed to fortify and stabilize a building's foundation. Their usage arises when there exists a necessity to rectify or substitute feeble or deteriorated foundation walls or footings. Steel props deliver the benefits of robustness and endurance, capable of withstanding substantial loads, while also offering the convenience of adjustable heights to adapt to diverse foundation repair demands. Nevertheless, it is essential to seek guidance from a structural engineer or foundation repair expert to ascertain the suitable utilization of steel props in a given foundation repair undertaking, as distinct circumstances may necessitate dissimilar resolutions.
Q:Can steel props be used in marine construction projects?
Yes, steel props can be used in marine construction projects. Steel props, also known as adjustable steel props or steel shore props, are commonly used in construction projects to support vertical loads. They are adjustable in height and can be used to provide temporary support during the construction of marine structures such as piers, docks, and bridges. Steel props are made of high-quality steel and have the strength and durability necessary to withstand the harsh marine environment. They can be used to support various structures and components, including formwork, scaffolding, and temporary supports for concrete pouring. Their adjustable height feature allows for easy customization and adaptation to different marine construction requirements. Furthermore, steel props can be easily installed and dismantled, making them suitable for temporary applications in marine construction projects. They provide stability and safety to the construction site, ensuring that structures are properly supported during the construction process. Additionally, steel props are resistant to corrosion, which is a crucial factor in marine construction where exposure to saltwater and other corrosive elements is common. In conclusion, steel props are a viable option for marine construction projects. Their strength, durability, adjustability, and resistance to corrosion make them suitable for supporting various structures and components in the marine environment.
Q:With the steel formwork support. What is it? At what price
Well, I do not know how much of the steel template you say ah, anyway, the theoretical weight is the cross-sectional area of *L*7.85
Q:Are steel props adjustable in small increments or only in larger steps?
Steel props are adjustable in small increments, allowing for precise adjustments to suit specific requirements.
Q:Can steel props be used in mining operations?
Yes, steel props can be used in mining operations. Steel props, also known as steel supports or steel struts, are commonly used in underground mining to provide temporary support to the roof or walls of a mine tunnel or excavation. These props are typically made of high-strength steel and are designed to withstand the immense pressure and weight exerted by the surrounding rock and soil. Steel props are preferred in mining operations due to their durability, strength, and versatility. They can be easily adjusted and extended to match the required height, making them suitable for various mining scenarios. Moreover, steel props are highly resistant to corrosion, which is crucial in the harsh and often damp underground mining environment. In addition to providing support, steel props can also enhance safety in mining operations. By preventing roof or wall collapses, they reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to mining personnel. Furthermore, steel props can help stabilize the overall structure of the mine, preventing the formation of cracks or voids that could compromise the stability of the excavation. Overall, steel props are an essential component in mining operations, ensuring the safety and stability of underground tunnels and excavations. Their strength, durability, and adaptability make them an ideal choice for providing temporary support in mining environments.
Q:Do you have a 400*16 model of steel support
Yes, the support system is not limited to the material specifications, only with the force, and the role of the relevant
Q:How do you calculate the number of steel props required for a specific project?
To calculate the number of steel props required for a specific project, you need to consider the weight and dimensions of the load being supported, the spacing between the props, and the maximum load capacity of each prop. By dividing the total weight of the load by the load capacity of a single prop and adjusting for the spacing, you can determine the number of props needed to ensure proper support and safety on the project.
Q:Can steel props be used for temporary support in pipeline construction?
Yes, steel props can be used for temporary support in pipeline construction. Steel props are commonly used in construction projects to provide temporary support to structures and systems. They are adjustable and can be easily customized to fit specific requirements. In pipeline construction, steel props can be used to hold the weight of the pipeline and provide stability during the installation process. They can also be used to support the pipeline at specific locations where additional reinforcement is needed. Steel props are strong, durable, and have a high load-bearing capacity, making them suitable for temporary support in pipeline construction.
Q:Can steel props be used for temporary support in airport construction?
Temporary support in airport construction can be provided by steel props. These props, also called adjustable steel props or steel acrow props, are commonly utilized in construction projects to offer temporary support to structures or excavations. They can be easily installed and removed, as well as adjusted in height, making them suitable for various construction applications, including airport construction. Made from high-quality steel, steel props are highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy loads. They are frequently employed to support formwork, scaffolding, and other temporary structures during construction. In the context of airport construction, steel props can be utilized to support temporary structures such as formwork for concrete works, scaffolding for maintenance or equipment installation, or even during excavation works. The adjustable height feature of steel props allows for flexibility in accommodating different heights and requirements in airport construction. They can be extended or retracted to reach the desired height, and their load-bearing capacity can be adjusted accordingly. This flexibility makes them an excellent choice for supporting temporary structures in airport construction, as the project's needs and requirements can vary depending on the specific stage of construction. Moreover, steel props are easy to install and remove, resulting in time and labor savings during airport construction. They can be quickly assembled and dismantled, facilitating efficient resource utilization and reducing construction timelines. This is particularly crucial in airport construction, where time is often a critical factor. In summary, steel props are a dependable and versatile solution for providing temporary support in airport construction. Their durability, load-bearing capacity, adjustability, and ease of installation make them suitable for a wide range of applications, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the construction process.

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