GHI D15 formwork shoring system steel prop

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Product Description:

Fast & user-friendly, high load bearing towers for all shoring heights

High Load Bearing Towers for All Shoring Heights

• Using only 6 basic components any shoring height can be reached

• Each tower can take loads of up to 200kN making it an ideal shoring solution for all standard applications

• High load-bearing tower with minimum footprint of only 1m x 1m for increased workspace

• Efficient & Safe assembly following only a few basic steps

• Tower arrangements can be optimized by using the high load bearing capacities

Newly Introduced Rosettes for Increased Adaptability

• The Integrated Rosette Ring offers a wide range of possibilities for any job site

• With 8 new connection slots, the D-15 Tower now has 360 degrees of flexibility

• D-15 Towers can now be combined & connected with Modular scaffolding solution to achieve complex geometries in any structure

An Excellent investment for any Contractor

• All-rounded hot dip galvanisation guarantees a service life of over 10 years with minimum care and maintenance

• Few components decreases the chances of loss of material on a job site reducing part replacement costs

• The D-15 shoring can be utilized in various types of structures such as high-rises, water towers, silos etc. where high load concentration is required

• Efficient stacking of the towers reduces the amount of stocking area to store the system

GHI D15 formwork shoring system steel prop

Head Jack 38/52
For bearing timber or steel beams. Slope of up to 6% can be compensated by the head plate.
Height adjustment: from 8 cm to 29.8 cm.



Base Jack 38/52
For setting-up the frame support. Slope of up to 6 % can be compensated by the head plate.
Height adjustment: from 8.7 cm to 30.0 cm

GHI D15 formwork shoring system steel prop

End Frame 10
To be assembled as sectional bracing of the frame support to ensure the square shape. 

Always installed at the top and at the base.
Installation height at the top: 225px
installation height at the base: 400px

 GHI D15 formwork shoring system steel prop

Frame 100
The frame are tension-resistantly connction with the tightly built-in wedges (quick- action connectors.)
Pins with gravity flips are provided for attaching the diagonals.
Design height of frame: 100 cm or 133.5 cm.

 GHI D15 formwork shoring system steel prop

Used for bracing both types of frame within the tower at right angles to frame plane.
The lower end with its claws is fixed to the horizonal bottom bar of one frame, the upper end fixed to the hinged pin of the opposite frame.

GHI D15 formwork shoring system steel prop

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Q:Do you have a 400*16 model of steel support
Yes, the support system is not limited to the material specifications, only with the force, and the role of the relevant
Q:How much is the triangle angle support window, bearing?
Load on the surface of the plate and the manufacturing process of angle steel; load distribution on angle steel
Q:Why subway steel erection erection to the design elevation of 800
First -0.4m; -4.3 m; third -7.8m; -11.0 m; fifth -14.2 M.
Q:When to ask for formwork support
Structural requirements of formwork support systemPillar support requirements1, the bottom of the column should be solid wood plate, and in the vertical and horizontal direction of the sweeping rod.2, the column bottom supporting structure must be able to withstand the upper load, when the floor strength is insufficient, the lower column shall not be removed in advance, and should keep the upper column and the lower column in a vertical line.
Q:How to adjust the ratio of steel support to X stable stress and strength design value
2, in the middle part of the component or other points to support, reduce the calculation length;3, improve the grade of steel;
Q:What is the steel plate support
Steel pipe support structure figure 1 as shown. The utility model is characterized in that the movable end head is similar to a drawer structure, and is composed of two parts of a movable end and a movable end. By the end of the channel plate, a telescopic rod, etc. the stiffening rib plate assembly welding end part into activities. The channel steel telescopic rod is arranged at the movable end to accommodate the steel pipe, and the telescopic function can be realized under the action of the hydraulic jack.
Q:How to strengthen the steel support with shear wall
The Changli days to build steel shear wall reinforcement formwork supporting wall can be smooth surface
Q:In the case of the project under the circumstances of steel support
This is not necessarily, which is based on the bidding of the technical standards and the subsequent construction of a special program.
Q:What is the meaning of steel support flange connection
One end of the fixing end is a movable end, and the middle section is a different standard pipe section
Q:How much is the glass floor cost. That's the kind of steel frame
The use of the environment, load-bearing, non slip performance, steel selection, etc.,

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