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Construction Support Steel Props of Scaffolding System

Construction Support Steel Props of Scaffolding System

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Specifications of Steel Props:

  1.  Steel Prop consists of internal pipe, external pipe, prop sleeve, nut, pin, top and bottom plate.

  2.  Steel Prop is widely used as support system in beam, slab, formwork, concrete and floor support.

  3.  Steel Prop can be surface treatment red oil painting or powder coated or galvanized to further resist rust, cracking and corrosion, has no pollution or harm to the environment and human body, which make sure of its low damage and longer life span.

   4.  Steel Prop has fewer components, easy and quick assembly.

   5.  Steel Props has high bearing capacity, as steel pipe material is Q235, thickness can be 1.8mm to 3.0mm, diameter 40-48mm,48-56mm,48-60mm. According to SGS test report, one prop with 2.2mm of thickness, 48-60mm diameter can load 1.8tons, which is heavy duty  Steel Props .

   6.We can meet all kinds of steel props , Italian tye, Spanish type for South Amercia, Middle East type. aole the requiremnets, such as U head, fork head, rosette head, plate, etc.


Technical parameters

Model Number: adjustable steel prop

Material: Q235 steel tube raw material

Surface Treatment: Galvanized,Dip Painted,Powder coated

Color: silver,dark red,yellow,blue,green and more colore

Application: building construction shoring props for inside concrete wall support

tube thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5/3.0mm

adjustable length: 1600-2900/1800-3200/2000-3600/2200-4000mm as your request

base plate size: 120*120*5mm or as your request

Working life: 4-6 years normally

inner tube diameter: 40mm,or 48mm

outer tube diameter: 48mm,or 56/58/60mm

Construction Support Steel Props of Scaffolding System Construction Support Steel Props of Scaffolding System

Packaging & Delivery

In bulk or steel pallet. props will be bundle with wooden pallet or bare package in container one 20ft container can load steel props 1800pcs to 2500pcs.

20 to 30 days to main port of China after order confirmation


Q:Are steel props suitable for supporting temporary stairs or ramps?
Indeed, steel props prove to be a fitting option when it comes to supporting temporary stairs or ramps. These adjustable telescopic supports are commonly utilized in construction to provide temporary backing to structures. Their design allows for versatility, as they can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired height and angle, making them an ideal choice for supporting temporary stairs or ramps. Steel props are renowned for their robustness and stability, enabling them to bear heavy loads. Crafted from high-quality steel, they guarantee durability and reliability. Furthermore, these props incorporate safety features like locking pins or collars to prevent accidental collapse or movement. When considering the support of temporary stairs or ramps, steel props offer a solid and secure foundation. Their positioning and adjustment are simple tasks, ensuring that the stairs or ramps remain level and stable. This proves particularly crucial for ensuring the safety of individuals using the stairs or ramps. Moreover, steel props can be conveniently installed and dismantled, making them highly suitable for temporary structures. They can be swiftly adjusted or removed as necessary, allowing for easy reconfiguration or relocation of the stairs or ramps. In summary, steel props are an appropriate choice for supporting temporary stairs or ramps due to their strength, stability, versatility, and ease of use. They provide a secure and reliable solution for temporary structural support, ensuring the safety and functionality of stairs or ramps.
Q:What are the maximum load capacities for different steel prop sizes?
The maximum load capacities for different steel prop sizes vary depending on various factors such as the specific steel prop design, material strength, and length. It is crucial to refer to the manufacturer's specifications or consult with a structural engineer to determine the exact maximum load capacity for each steel prop size.
Q:What are the maintenance requirements for a steel prop?
Regular cleaning and inspection are the primary maintenance requirements for a steel prop. To ensure optimal performance and long lifespan, it is crucial to keep the propeller free from debris, saltwater, and other contaminants. It is advised to wash the propeller regularly with fresh water after each use and utilize a mild detergent to eliminate any dirt or salt buildup. Furthermore, it is vital to inspect the propeller regularly for any indications of damage, such as dents, cracks, or bent blades. If any damage is noticed, it must be promptly addressed by a professional technician or propeller repair specialist to prevent further complications and potential failure. Moreover, it is recommended to periodically lubricate the propeller shaft to minimize friction and wear. The use of a marine-grade grease or lubricant can safeguard the propeller against corrosion and ensure smooth operation. Finally, it is of utmost importance to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for maintenance and servicing. Each steel propeller may have specific care instructions, and following these guidelines will help maintain the propeller's performance and integrity. Regular professional inspections and services are also advised to efficiently identify and resolve any underlying issues.
Q:Can steel props be used in tunnel construction?
Indeed, tunnel construction can make effective use of steel props. These props are extensively employed in a diverse range of construction endeavors, including tunnel construction, to furnish provisional reinforcement to excavated regions. Their adjustability allows for easy installation, and they offer steadfast support to the tunnel walls and roof throughout construction. Manufactured to endure tremendous loads, these props guarantee the stability and security of the tunnel structure. The benefits of steel props are manifold, encompassing remarkable load-bearing capacity, effortless installation, and adaptability in adjusting both height and length. Consequently, they represent a fitting selection for tunnel construction ventures necessitating temporary support.
Q:Can steel props be used for supporting temporary fencing around hazardous areas?
Yes, steel props can be used for supporting temporary fencing around hazardous areas. Steel props are strong and durable, making them suitable for providing stability and security in hazardous environments.
Q:How are steel props installed?
Steel props, also known as telescopic props or acrow props, are commonly used in construction to support temporary structures or to provide additional support to existing structures. The installation process for steel props involves several steps: 1. Preparation: Before installing steel props, it is crucial to assess the load-bearing requirements and the specific needs of the construction project. This includes determining the height and spacing of the props, as well as selecting the appropriate prop size and capacity. 2. Positioning: Once the props are ready, they need to be positioned correctly. This involves placing the base plate on a stable and level surface, ensuring that it can withstand the load it will bear. The base plates should be positioned perpendicular to the load-bearing surface to ensure stability. 3. Adjusting length: Steel props are typically adjustable in height to accommodate different construction requirements. To adjust the length of the prop, the inner tube is extended or retracted by rotating the outer tube. It is important to ensure that the prop is properly locked in place at the desired length to prevent any movement during construction. 4. Securing: Once the desired length is achieved, the prop needs to be securely fixed in place. This is often done by using a locking pin, clip, or bolt that fits into pre-drilled holes in the outer tube. The locking mechanism should be tightened sufficiently to prevent any movement or slippage during construction. 5. Load distribution: When multiple props are used, it is essential to distribute the load evenly among them. This helps to ensure stability and prevent any excessive stress on individual props. Load distribution can be achieved by using suitable timber or steel beams to transfer the load from the structure to the props. 6. Regular inspection: After the installation, it is crucial to regularly inspect the steel props to ensure their continued stability and safety. This includes checking for any signs of wear, damage, or movement. Any damaged or compromised props should be replaced immediately to avoid potential accidents. Overall, the installation of steel props requires careful planning, proper positioning, and secure fixing to ensure their effectiveness in supporting construction projects. Following the correct installation procedures and conducting regular inspections are essential for maintaining a safe and stable construction environment.
Q:What is the size and wall thickness of the steel support inside and outside?
KBG sheathed and buckling type electric cold galvanized steel conduit, made of high quality cold-rolled steel strip, with high precision and high frequency welded pipe welding machine, double-sided galvanized protection, uniform thickness, smooth weld pipe, smooth edge burr, thread safe and fast.With the characteristics of thin Daihou light weight, convenient transportation. Smooth weld. The product of KBG galvanized pipe and galvanized tube KBG. KBG joint use. The product for bending can be matched KBG elbow. The outer diameter of the product is divided into 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, the wall thickness is 1.2mm, the standard length is 4000mm.JDG fastening connection galvanized steel wire electric cooling tube, made of high quality cold-rolled steel strip, welding a molding by high-frequency, double-sided galvanized protection, uniform thickness, smooth weld pipe, smooth edge burr, thread safe and fast.
Q:What are the different types of steel props?
There are several types of steel props commonly used in construction projects. These include adjustable steel props, push-pull props, tilt props, and telescopic props. Each type is designed to provide temporary support and stability to various structures during construction or renovation work.
Q:Can steel props be used for temporary support during tank installation?
Yes, steel props can be used for temporary support during tank installation. Steel props are commonly used in construction to provide temporary support to structures, such as walls, ceilings, and floors. They are adjustable in height and can be easily installed and removed, making them ideal for temporary applications. When installing a tank, steel props can be used to provide additional support to ensure the tank is stable and secure during the installation process. However, it is important to ensure that the steel props are properly designed and installed by professionals to ensure the safety of the installation process.
Q:What are the considerations for the use of the axial force gauge to test steel support?
The axial force of steel support axial force tester, determined before installation must be reserved size, and timely consultation with relevant units to be considered.x0d2 in support of production) in the absence of support to ensure stability measures under the condition of steel support should not use the steel string type axial force meter

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